The Meaning of SML: What It Is and How To Use It

This article will give you all of the information you need on the acronym SML, including its definition, origin, example sentences and more!

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What does SML stand for?

SML is an acronym with many possible meanings. Most commonly, it is a textspeak acronym that stands for “screw my life” or “story (of) my life,” according to 7ESL. Screw my life is used similarly to the more vulgar and more popular acronym FML, which stands for “f— my life.” These acronyms are both used as a reaction when a “fail” or something bad happens to someone and they are angered or frustrated by the situation. It is usually used for humorous effect, when someone can see the comedy in their situation.

“Story of my life” can also be abbreviated SOML, and according to Urban Dictionary, is used when a negative thing happens to someone, especially if said thing happens often, like getting a parking ticket or burning breakfast.

SML also has a variety of other textspeak or chat speak meanings, including “smile” and “so much love” or “send my live.” One should be careful when using SML, because the phrase has so many meanings. The user should aim to be clear which usage they are intending.

SML is also a texting slang in Tagalog, the language spoken in the Philippines. It stands for “share mo lang,” and according to Urban Dictionary, is used as slang to mean “I don’t care” or “so what.” The term is used as a sarcastic comment if someone is talking about something one does not care about.

Aside from internet slang, SML has many other meanings, according to Abbreviations. These are less common in texting and social media, but still have important uses, in many examples by a programmer or other type of engineer.

  • Standard & Poors Small Cap 600 Index (Stock Exchange)
  • Security Market Line (Stock Exchange)
  • Standard Meta Language (Computing)
  • Simple Markup Language (Computing)
  • Service Management Layer (Telecom)
  • Spatial Manipulation Language (Language & Literature)
  • Simple Macro Language (Programming Language)
  • Saturday Morning Live (News)
  • Strasser Marigaux Lemaire (French)
  • MVS Storage Management Library (Computing)
  • Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas (Airport)
  • Synchronized Markup Language (Computing)
  • Sebastian Miniature Listing
  • Skin Markup Language (Language & Literature)
  • Super Mario Logan (YouTube)
  • Smith Mountain Lake
  • Small, Medium, Large (Sizes)
  • Shoals Marine Laboratory (Science)
  • Singlesource Multi Language (Language & Literature)
  • See Ming Lee
  • Super Mario Land (Gaming)
  • Student Mathematics League
  • Self-Managed Learning
  • Secondary Mortgage Lender

How can SML be used in a sentence?

SML can be used in a variety of ways when texting due to its plethora of meanings. First, Steve is out sick from school for a day. He texts his friend Dan to see what he missed.

Steve: Did I miss anything in calculus?

Dan: Only a pop quiz that I absolutely bombed, SML.

Steve: Yikes. For the first time, I’m happy I have the flu.

Here, Dan uses SML to mean “screw my life.” He uses the phrase because he knows he failed the pop quiz they were given in calculus, and that it will bring down his grade. Next, Kai texts their partner Jude.

Kai: Hi! How has your day been? I miss you!

Jude: I miss you too. I got another parking ticket, SML. I never remember to move my car for street sweeping!

Kai: Oh no! We’ll have to set up a reminder, it’s tough to adjust to working from home.

Here, Jude uses SML to mean “story of my life.” They use the phrase here because they consistently receive parking tickets. Finally, Ashley is talking to her cousin Maria who lives in the Philippines. Maria has rambled on about a long dramatic story from her school.

Maria: And then Alyssa told Shannon that Ryan was cheating on her with her best friend from grade five and–

Ashley: Maria, one question.

Maria: Yeah?

Ashley: SML?

Maria: You’re the worst, let me finish!

Here, Ashley uses the Tagalog slang meaning of SML “share mo lang” to mean “so what” or “who cares.”

Is SML casual or formal?

SML is a casual acronym that should only be used in non-professional settings between friends and family. This slang term should never be used in business negotiations, professional emails, or other formal settings and is exclusively casual. Below is an example of a situation in which it is inappropriate to use the acronym SML, with a revised version.

Stacia got into a car accident on the way to work and is going to be late. The store is not open yet and no one will be there to answer the phone, so she emails her boss Katy.


Katy I got into an accident on my way there, SML! Imma be suuuuper late, gotta deal w insurance n stuff. Sry I’ll b there as soon as I can! -Stacia


Hi Katy,

Unfortunately I was just involved in a car accident and I am going to arrive a bit late today. My car is totaled and myself and the other driver need to contact our insurance. I will be there as soon as I can and I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.



While SML makes sense in context in the first email, it is highly inappropriate to use the piece of slang with one’s boss.

What are other related acronyms to SML?

SML has many similar acronyms in internet culture. These synonyms are listed below alongside their definitions.

  • FML – F— My Life
  • SOML – Story of My Life
  • SMH – Shaking My Head
  • FOL – F— Our Lives
  • HML – Hate My Life
  • WTF – What The F—
  • WTH – What The Heck
  • IHML – I Hate My Life
  • LNF – Life’s Not Fair

Overall, SML is a piece of internet slang that can stand for “screw my life” or “story of my life. It is also a common expression in the Philippines that can be used to mean “so what” or “who cares?” The term has additional meanings when texting, like “smile” and “sending my life,” so users should be careful to make clear which meaning they intend when using SML.