Contraindicated Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How To Use It

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Do you know what the difference is between an absolute contraindication and a relative contraindication? Are you familiar with the word contraindication at all? Not to worry — we’re here to help!

In this article, we’re exploring the word contraindication to uncover its definition, usage, and more. So if you have ever been curious as to what the meaning is behind this commonly used medical term — keep reading. 

What Is the Definition of Contraindicated?

According to Medline Plus, the medical definition of contraindication is any particular symptom or medical condition that would make a specific medical treatment potentially ill-advised. 

Moreover, a contraindication can be either relative or absolute. All medication contraindications are first identified by the manufacturer before they are later verified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

Relative Contraindication

A relative contraindication is any particular condition that makes a certain procedure or treatment inadvisable; however, when the benefits outweigh the risk, it is acceptable to do so. 

  • For instance, when breastfeeding, various medications can pass on to the infant via breast milk; however, the majority of them have no currently known adverse effects on the well-being of the newborn. 

Additionally, while x-rays may be contraindicated in pregnancy due to the developing fetus, they may be absolutely necessary under certain conditions. 

Absolute Contraindication

An absolute contraindication is a situation that makes a certain procedure or treatment absolutely inadvisable. 

  • For example, due to the danger of Reye syndrome, aspirin is generally contraindicated in children. 

What Are the Synonyms and Antonyms of Contraindicated?

By now, you should feel as though you have a much better grasp of the word contraindicated, but if you still need some help in understanding its meaning, learning synonyms and antonyms are the way to go. 

In short, synonyms are words that have the same or similar meanings. With this in mind, synonyms of contraindicated include: 

  • Disallowed
  • Warned against 
  • Admonished 
  • Ill-judged
  • Imprudent
  • Inappropriate
  • Unsuitable
  • Dissuaded 

In contrast, an antonym is a word with an opposite meaning to another word. Antonyms of contraindicated include:

  • Acceptable
  • Accepted
  • Approved
  • Authorized
  • Congruous
  • Correct
  • Conventional
  • Kosher
  • Formal
  • Official 

How Can You Use Contraindicated in a Sentence?

Our word of the day can be a little tricky to use in a sentence. Not to worry, though — here are a few example sentences for you to study below:

“My healthcare provider and I weighed out the pros and cons, and though it was a contraindication, it was relative, and as such, we decided it was best to proceed with the treatment.” 

“I heard a public health announcement today that a low-grade fever is not a contraindication for routine vaccinations.”

“Sir, that particular treatment is an absolute contraindication for any patient with hypersensitivity like yourself, and I can not allow you to move forward with the treatment.” 

“Honestly, man, I have never cracked open a medical dictionary, but I think it’s clear as day, that is a contradiction, and you need to steer clear!” 

“Please ask your doctor —the significance of the contraindication will vary with the drug and dose.”

“The label on the back of the medication listed contraindications and one of them included liver impairment so I would proceed with caution.”

“I have a medical contraindication to the vaccine, yet my employer insists I should go and get it regardless since it is not absolute.” 

“I am fully aware that you are just trying to get in better shape; however, you know full well that patients with heart disease should not be doing situps and pushups on their hospital room floor, sir!” 

“Apparently, a cold isn’t a contraindication to surgery.”

“I can’t find anything concerning interactions or contraindications.”

“There are a few absolute contraindications when taking this drug, so please be sure to get with your primary care provider for guidance prior to use.”

What Are Translations of the Adjective Contraindicated?

Wondering how to say contraindicated in a different language? We’ve got you covered — here are some translations of contraindicated below:

  • Afrikaans — Teen Aangedui
  • Arabic — بطلان
  • Bulgarian — Противопоказан
  • Chinese (simplified) — 禁忌
  • Croatian — Kontraindicirana
  • Czech — Kontraindikováno
  • Danish — Kontraindiziert
  • Dutch — gecontra-indiceerd
  • Finnish — Aiheinen
  • French — Contre-indiqué
  • German — kontraindiziert
  • Greek — Αντενδείκνυται
  • Italian — controindicato
  • Japanese — 禁忌
  • Korean — 금기
  • Norwegian — Kontraindiziert
  • Polish — Przeciwwskazane
  • Portuguese — Contraindicado
  • Russian — Противопоказано
  • Spanish — Contraindicado
  • Swedish — Contraindicated
  • Thai — ห้ามใช้
  • Turkish — Kontrendike
  • Ukrainian — протипоказаний
  • Vietnamese — chống chỉ định

Since our word of the day and warned against often go hand in hand, we went ahead and provided the translations for warned against as well: 

  • Afrikaans — gewaar sku teen
  • Arabic — حذر
  • Bulgarian — предупредени срещу
  • Chinese (simplified) — 警告
  • Croatian — upozorenje protiv
  • Czech — varoval před
  • Danish — advarer mod
  • Dutch — gewaarschuwd tegen
  • Finnish — varoitettu
  • French — mis en garde contre
  • German — gewarnt vor
  • Greek — προειδοποίησε κατά
  • Italian — messo in guardia contro
  • Japanese — 警告
  • Korean — 에 대해 경고했다.
  • Norwegian — advart mot
  • Polish — ostrzegał przed
  • Portuguese — advertido contra
  • Russian — предупрежден против
  • Spanish — advertido contra
  • Swedish — varnade för
  • Thai — เตือนไม่ให้
  • Turkish — karşı uyardı
  • Ukrainian — застерігають від
  • Vietnamese — cảnh báo chống lại 


A contraindicated treatment is something that is advised against due to a certain condition, as the combination of the treatment with the condition could prove ill-fated. A contraindication may be relative or absolute. What’s the difference, you ask? 

In short, an absolute contraindication is a situation that makes a certain treatment absolutely inadvisable. A relative contraindication, on the other hand, is a condition that makes a certain treatment possibly inadvisable. 


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