The Meaning of Bimbo: What It Is and How To Use It

What does it mean if someone is referred to as a bimbo? This article will teach you about the meaning of bimbo and how to use this word.

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The term bimbo is often used as an offensive word to describe a woman. What does this word mean, and what does it mean if someone is referred to as a bimbo? 

This article will cover how the word bimbo can be used in a sentence, its meaning, its origins, and synonyms and antonyms. Keep reading to learn more about what a bimbo is!

What Does the Word Bimbo Mean?

According to Collins English Dictionary, the word bimbo is a noun that refers to an attractive but unintelligent woman. Stereotypically, this term refers to a woman who wears heavy makeup and gains lots of popularity but who is not smart. While she is an attractive woman, she is excessively interested in what is on the outside versus the inside. Bimbo has two syllables (bim-bo), and the pronunciation of the word bimbo is ˈbɪmbəʊ.

According to Oxford Reference, people first used ther bimbo in the 1920s to call either gender stupid or childish. This term stems from the Italian bambino, meaning a child or male baby, and it was used in Italian American theater. The term bimbo was used in the 1920s in a Broadway song called “My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle” by Grant Clarke and Walter Donaldson.

This variant of bambino evolved over time. In the 1980s, bimbo began to refer to a promiscuous or stupid woman in the wake of political sex scandals. Now, if a person wants to refer to a dumb and hot male stereotype, they would use the term himbo.

How Can Bimbo Be Used in a Sentence?

Even though the word bimbo is rude, it is still useful to know how to use it in a sentence. Study these example sentences containing the word bimbo, and then try writing your own!

Example #1: A Bimbo in a Relationship

The beautiful but unintelligent woman and the large stupid man were in a loving relationship. The people who knew them called them the bimbo and the himbo.

In this first example, both an unintelligent man and an unintelligent woman are referred to using their respective derogatory terms. 

Example #2: What Does a Bimbo Think?

They thought that the girl was a bimbo for believing that werewolves actually came out under the full moon. 

In this example, people think the girl is a bimbo because of her innocent and incorrect ideas. 

Example #3: A Bimbo Goes to College

People thought it was nonsense and baloney when Jett, the supposed bimbo, was admitted to Princeton University.

Here, people find it surprising that the bimbo was admitted to a prestigious university because bimbos are supposedly unintelligent.

Example #4: A Supposed Bimbo

They thought the actress was a bimbo because of the roles she played, but in an interview, she revealed that she loved “Shootin’ and huntin’ a poisonous snake, and was more of a fishin’ type than a New Yorker.”

Here, people think the woman is a bimbo because she plays bimbos on television. However, her interviews show that she is more than meets the eye.

Example #5: Bimbo as an Insult

The bitter divorcee called the woman that supposedly stole her husband a bimbo and a floozy.

In this example, the bitter woman uses the term bimbo as an insult because she is jealous of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

What Are Synonyms of Bimbo?

Several terms replace the word bimbo in a sentece. Because bimbo is a rude slang term, it can be useful to know different words that mean bimbo, like the ones from this list provided by Power Thesaurus

Some of these words have different connotations; some might emphasize unintelligence, while others lean toward the overtly sexual traits of a bimbo. 

  • adulteress
  • airhead
  • babe
  • barbie
  • bawd
  • bitch
  • blondie
  • broad
  • call-girl
  • chick
  • chippie
  • chippy
  • courtesan
  • cutie
  • dame
  • doll
  • doxy
  • drab
  • dumb blonde
  • fallen woman
  • featherbrain
  • floozie
  • fool
  • fornicatress
  • girl
  • harlot
  • honey
  • hoochie
  • hooker
  • hottie
  • hussy
  • hustler
  • jade
  • jezebel
  • loose woman
  • minx
  • nympho
  • prostitute
  • quean
  • slattern
  • slut
  • streetwalker
  • strumpet
  • tart
  • tramp
  • trollop
  • wanton
  • wench
  • whore
  • working girl

What Are Antonyms of Bimbo?

If you are trying to describe a person who is the opposite of a bimbo, you can use one of the below antonyms of bimbo from Power Thesaurus. If you need to describe a buttoned up and prudish woman, you can refer to the below list. 

  • asexual female
  • bluenose
  • faithful female
  • fanatic
  • goody two-shoes
  • goody-goody
  • grundy
  • killjoy
  • maiden
  • mannerist
  • monogamous female
  • moral zealot
  • moralist
  • nice nelly
  • old maid
  • pedant
  • pietist
  • prig
  • priggish person
  • prude
  • prudish
  • purist
  • puritan
  • puritanical
  • religionist
  • religious female
  • schoolmarm
  • spinster
  • victorian
  • wowser
  • zealot


The word bimbo is a derogatory slang term for an attractive but unintelligent female. This originally Italian word is considered offensive and was originally used in the early 20th century. Be careful if you choose to use bimbo to describe someone because it is offensive.


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