The Meaning of AF: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of AF? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation AF, including its definition, usage, and more!

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What does the term AF mean?

According to Live About, Cambridge English Dictionary, and Urban Dictionary, the acronym AF stands for as fuck. This term is used with an adjective and is implemented to show that someone is the maximum level of that description. This, like other slang terms,  is commonly used in a text message or on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others. This is often written with lowercase letters. Internet slang words should only be used in casual settings and never in formal or professional situations – use it with a peer, not a boss.. Especially because this contains a swear word, you should make sure to only use it in informal situations. It could be considered an inappropriate comment if used in the wrong context. Young adults and teenagers often use this shorthand in memes.

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation AF can stand for much more than just “as fuck.” There are various possible meanings of the acronym. While these other unique definitions are still valid, they are far less common and should be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions, make sure that you provide the reader with the proper context so that there is no confusion and they can decipher the intended meaning. Make sure to provide proper context whenever using an acronym or abbreviation that has more than one potential definition. Try making flashcards or quizzes to memorize the various definitions!

  •  Attack Flamingo (band)
  •  Alternative Frequency
  •  Animal Forest (game)
  •  Arkitektförbundet
  •  Augmentation Force(s)
  •  After Future (Dragonball gaming)
  •  Aretha Franklin (singer)
  •  Autofocus
  •  Applicable Fare (airlines)
  •  Artemis Fowl (book series, movie)
  •  Aeon Flux (TV show)
  •  Agromart Foundation (Sri Lanka)
  •  Alliance Forums
  •  As Fed (actual weight of cattle feed)
  •  Alternative Forum (Suriname)
  •  Arthacharya Foundation (Sri Lanka)
  •  Auto-Focus
  •  Airway Facilities
  •  Award Fee
  •  Across Flats
  •  Activity Finish
  •  Accounting and Finance
  •  Auxiliary Carry Flag
  •  Ahrens Fox (Fire Truck manufacturer)
  •  Addams Family (TV show)
  •  Arbejdsformidling (DK)
  •  Affiliate
  •  Animation Factory
  •  Automatic Following
  •  Asia Foundation
  •  Almond Flour
  •  Aichi Forge (Georgetown, KY)
  •  Agriculture Forest (zoning category)
  •  Anglo-French
  •  Administration and Finance (various organizations)
  •  Afghanistan
  •  Ampere Frame
  •  Assured Forwarding (Differentiated Services Code Point)
  •  Allowance Factor
  •  Athlete’s Foot
  •  Artemis Fowl (book)
  •  Agreed Framework (between United States and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
  •  Acre Foot
  •  American Field (dog breed registry)
  •  Assured Forwarding
  •  Air Filter
  •  Active Flow
  •  American Fractional (tools)
  •  Acre-Feet
  •  Alternating Field (demagnetization)
  •  Activity Factor
  •  Attack Force
  •  Amahoro Foundation
  •  Affix
  •  Store(s) Ship
  •  Aft Fuselage
  •  Australia Fair (national anthem)
  •  Anaerobic Filter
  •  Acronym Finder ( website)
  •  After Forever (band)
  •  Amiga Format (magazine, now defunct, for Amiga computers)
  •  Allocations Familiales (French, family benefits office)
  •  Alabama & Florida Railway Company
  •  Africa (regional designation of the Peace Corps)
  •  Astoria Financial Corporation (stock symbol)
  •  Alleged Father (DNA testing; paternity determination)
  •  Automatic Focus (camera)
  •  Afghani (currency of Afghanistan)
  •  Asian Female
  •  American Flag
  •  American Fork (city in Utah)
  •  Amplify and Forward
  •  Authority Figure
  •  American Freightways
  •  Admiral of the Fleet
  •  Auxiliary Feed
  •  Address Field
  •  Adjust Fire
  •  Appropriated Fund
  •  Approximate Factorization
  •  Ancestry File (genealogy)
  •  Auto-Feed
  •  Akademiska Föreningen (Lund, Sweden)
  •  Architecture Foundation (various locations)
  •  Air Force
  •  African Affairs (US State Department)
  •  Amphibious Force (US DoD)
  •  Advanced Function
  •  American Forests
  •  Atom Films
  •  Alchohol Free
  •  Air Freight
  •  Amniotic Fluid
  •  Auxiliary Funds
  •  Artificially Feeding/Fed
  •  Abercrombie & Fitch
  •  Address Family (sockets)
  •  Akademikernes Fellesorganisasjon
  •  Availability Factor
  •  Ad Finem (Latin: to the end)
  •  Academy Fantasia (various locations; reality TV show)
  •  Absorption Fraction
  •  Anti-Flag (band)
  •  Anarchist Federation (UK)
  •  Arthritis Foundation
  •  Armed Forces
  •  After Funimation (Dragon Ball)
  •  Arcade Fire (band)
  •  Anisotropic Filtering
  •  Adoptive Father
  •  Air Freshener
  •  Acronym Fatigue
  •  ATM Forum
  •  Al Fine (Italian: to the end)
  •  Atrial Fibrillation (also seen as Afebrile)
  •  Allied Force (flight simulator game)
  •  Audio Frequency
  •  Always Fresh
  •  Ammunition Factory (Pune, India)
  •  As Freak
  •  Application Function
  •  Autofrettage (metal fabrication technique)
  •  Availability of the Fiber Cable
  •  Airframe
  •  Added Factor
  •  Anal Fissure (disease)
  •  Artists First (entertainment)
  •  Applied For
  •  Atomic Fluorescence
  •  Anime Fantasy
  •  Antenna Factor
  •  After Ford (Brave New World)
  •  As Found
  •  Aviation Fuel
  •  Auto-Flash
  •  Aunt Flo (slang for menstrual period, related to pregnancy, miscarriage, ovulation and used in TTC communities)
  •  Architectures and Framework
  •  Alliance Française
  •  Artists Forum, Inc.
  •  Acceleration Factor
  •  Amazing Fantasy (comic books)
  •  Anti-Ferromagnetic (also seen as AFM)
  •  Artifact (gamin, Final Fantasy)
  •  Association Football (blog)
  •  Air France (airline code)
  •  Atrial Flutter
  •  Assets Forfeiture
  •  Actum Fide (Latin: done in faith)
  •  Alliance Francophone (French language organization; various locations)
  •  Afghan Film
  •  Agnostic Front (punk/hardcore band)
  •  Anglia Farmers (UK)
  •  Auto-Framed

How can the acronym AF be used in a sentence?

AF can be used in many different sentences in the English language. Using words and abbreviations in a sentence is a great way to memorize their definitions. Try using this acronym of the day in a sentence today! Below are several examples of AF.


Person 1: Do you wanna go grab a slice of pizza? I’m bored af. 

Person 2: OMG me too! Yeah, let’s go!


Person 1: Do you understand how to make this bibliography? I don’t understand Ms. Hall’s instructions.

Person 2: Me neither. It’s confusing af.

Person 1: I agree! Let’s ask her tomorrow in ASL sign language class.


Person 1: I tried tying the knot with Jamie, but she refused my proposal and now she won’t even return my calls.

Person 2: Damn. Savage af. Do you want to come crash on my couch for a few days?

Overall, the abbreviation AF means “as f*ck.” It is often used by young people to increase the intensity of an adjective.


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