The Meaning of 411: What It Is and How To Use It

What does the number 411 mean as a slang term and an angel number? Keep reading to learn everything about the meaning of 411.

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Have you ever heard someone use the number 411 before and wondered what it meant? This article will teach you how to use the number 411 as slang and an angel number. Finally, you will learn different ways to say 411 depending on the language and setting!

What Does 411 Mean?

Dictionary states that the number 411 is a slang term that means information of knowledge. People use this number as a noun in informal settings. Using 411 to mean “information” is slang, which is inappropriate for formal or professional settings. 

Make sure that you reserve using 411 for casual chats with close friends and family, and do not use it at work or in other formal situations.

The Meaning of Angel Number 411

According to A Little Spark of Joy, 411 can also be an angel number. This number is not only used to discuss worldly information but can be a sign of spiritual information! In numerology, angel numbers are numbers or number sequences that a person sees often that has a meaning from the angels. So, this number is an angel message from your spirit guides representing powerful messages from the divine realm.

If you see one number frequently, pay attention. This can be your angel number and a message from your guardian angels. Numbers have a powerful spiritual meaning regarding your life purpose, so do not ignore this sign from a higher power. 

The angel number 411 means change, abundance, and ascension. If you see angel number 411 frequently, this can signify that you are on the right path toward your life’s purpose. Angel number 411 is a sign that new opportunities and new beginnings are on the horizon and that your hard work will pay off. 

When you see angel number 411, take this as a spiritual awakening to listen to your inner self and cast out negative energy to become your higher self. You will only overcome your challenges if you are your true self. 411 can also be a sign in your love life. 

Since 411 is a number about change, this can be a sign that you either need to move on to a new relationship or commit to your soulmate. This number resonates with positive energy and will always lead you down the right path for your soul mission. If you see 411 in your daily life or on tarot cards, this might be your angel number. 

What Is the Origin of 411?

Using the number 411 to mean information comes from the telephone number 4-1-1. People can dial this number for directory information. Therefore, when talking about information, people began using 411 as slang. 411 has been a trending slang term since the early to mid-1980s, according to Dictionary.

What Are Translations of 411?

411 is an American telephone number that people use to get information. Hence, this slang term is only used in American English. If you are trying to refer to information in another language, try using one of these information translations from Nice Translator

If you are looking for information about navigating a new city in a non-English speaking country, this list of translations of information will prove very useful. 

When you look at this list, you may notice that many of these translations of the word information look and sound quite similar to one another. This is likely because they have the same root and language of origin. Based on their spelling, can you infer which words have the same language of origin from the list below?

  • Chinese (PRC): 信息
  • Portuguese (Portugal): em formação
  • Portuguese (Brazil): em formação
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 信息
  • Turkish: bilgi
  • Indonesian: informasi
  • Serbian: информације
  • Catalan: informació
  • Polish: Informacja
  • Italian: informazione
  • Romanian: informație
  • Slovak: informácie
  • Lithuanian: informacija
  • Hindi: जानकारी
  • Norwegian: informasjon
  • Malay: maklumat
  • Slovenian: Informacije
  • Spanish: información
  • Danish: Information
  • Latvian: informācija
  • Urdu: معلومات
  • Croatian: informacija
  • Marathi: माहिती
  • Malayalam: വിവരം
  • Finnish: tiedot
  • Basque: informazio
  • Filipino: impormasyon
  • Hungarian: információ
  • Dutch: informatie
  • French: information
  • Telugu: సమాచారం
  • Swedish: information
  • Korean: 정보
  • German: Information
  • Tamil: தகவல்
  • Ukrainian: інформація
  • Bengali: তথ্য
  • Czech: informace
  • Bulgarian: информация
  • Kannada: ಮಾಹಿತಿ
  • Welsh: gwybodaeth
  • Thai: ข้อมูล
  • Greek: πληροφορίες
  • Amharic: መረጃ
  • Russian: Информация
  • Swahili: Taarifa
  • Hebrew: מֵידָע
  • Gujarati: માહિતી
  • Japanese: 情報
  • Estonian: teave
  • Icelandic: upplýsingar
  • Arabic: معلومة
  • Vietnamese: thông tin

What Are Synonyms of 411?

411 is a slang term. Therefore, it is not always appropriate to use in formal or professional situations. If you are in a situation where it is inappropriate to use a slang term, you can use one of the below synonyms of information from Power Thesaurus

Researching synonyms is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn words that have different levels of formality or connotation. How many of these synonyms of information are you familiar with? 

  • advice
  • announcement
  • briefing
  • bulletin
  • clue
  • communication
  • counsel
  • data
  • detail
  • details
  • direction
  • dirt
  • disclosure
  • dispatch
  • documentation
  • documents
  • dope
  • dossier
  • education
  • enlightenment
  • entropy
  • erudition
  • evidence
  • fact
  • facts
  • figures
  • files
  • guidance
  • illumination
  • info
  • input
  • inside story
  • instruction
  • intelligence
  • item
  • know
  • knowledge
  • learning
  • literature
  • lore
  • lowdown
  • material
  • message
  • news
  • notice
  • notification
  • particulars
  • piece of information
  • propaganda
  • record
  • records
  • report
  • reports
  • science
  • scoop
  • specifics
  • statement
  • statistics
  • tidings
  • understanding
  • warning
  • wisdom
  • word


411 is a slang term for information. This usage comes from the telephone number 411, which is a directory of information. 411 is also an angel number. If you see the number 411 in your daily life, this may mean that the guardian angels have a powerful spiritual message for you. Do you know your angel number?


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