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Photoshoot vs. photo shoot?

Photoshoot and photo shoot are both compound words and nouns that describe an event where a photographer takes a series of photographs.

Beck and call or beckon call?

When it comes to figuring out the difference between ‘beck and call’ or ‘beckon call,’ the correct idiom to use is ‘at someone’s beck and call.’

Lead vs. led?

Led is the past participle of the verb lead, but it sounds the same as the metal lead.

Alot or a lot?

The English phrase “a lot” indicates a large quantity or the degree and extent of something. Alot is a misspelling of "a lot" and not a real English term.

Former vs. latter?

Former and latter are opposite terms that describe people, places, or things in the past.

Simile vs. metaphor?

Metaphors and similes are forms of figurative language because they are figures of speech and thought.

Ethics vs morals?

Morals are personal standards of bad vs good behavior.

Advice vs. advise?

The word advise is a verb defined as the act of providing guidance, information, or an opinion.

Lose vs. loose?

The word lose is a verb that describes the act of loss, destruction, or failure.