The Abbreviation for Township: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Wondering how to abbreviate the word township? We’ll start by defining the word and discussing how to abbreviate it. Next, we’ll look into ways of using township as an abbreviation. Then, we’ll focus on the synonyms, history, and origin of the word township. Read on!

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What Is the Abbreviation?



There are many ways to abbreviate Township. The most common abbreviations are:

  • Twp. 
  • Twsp.


Twp is the most commonly used abbreviation; however, there are several instances where twsp can be used in sentences, too.
The abbreviation for township is normally used for real estate and government documents.
For example:

  • The Twsp. of Georgian Bay has beautiful islands and white sands. It’s also a good spot for a holiday with lots of activities, such as canoeing.
  • The government has built a bridge connecting the two twps. to ease travel and movement.
  • There is an increase in trade in the small township.
  • Most people from the north settled in the township.

In academic or formal writing, the abbreviation for township should not be used.  

What Does Township Mean?

The word township is a noun and refers to a geographical area that is run by its local government. A township defines its own identity, separate from any other city, municipality, or village. 

For example:

Washington Township is located in New Jersey. describes a North American township as both “a division of a county with some corporate powers” and “a district six miles square.” 

A township can also mean a kind of settlement. For instance, in South Africa, it refers to “a suburb or city of predominantly black occupation, formerly officially designated for black occupation by apartheid legislation.”

For example:

The United Nations is planning to create township settlements in response to the devastating earthquake.

Origin of the Word

Historically, in Britain, a township was a manor or parish, and the English word evolved from the Old English tunscipe. Later, it also referred to a territorial division, small town, or village, which formed part of a large parish. In Australia and New Zealand, a township meant a small town.  Use of the word in the U.S. and Canada first appeared in 1685. The South African usage, as an “area set aside for non-whites,” dates from 1934. 

Synonyms for Township

  • City
  • County  
  • Field  
  • Locality  
  • Neighborhood  
  • Section
  • Sector  
  • Square  
  • State
  • Territory  
  • Zone
  • Belt  
  • Block  
  • Division  
  • Domain  
  • Dominion  
  • Enclosure  
  • Kingdom  
  • Parcel  
  • Patch  
  • Plot  
  • Precinct  
  • Vicinity  
  • Ward  
  • Principality  
  • Quarter  
  • Sphere  
  • Stretch  
  • Tract  
  • Turf  

Examples of the Word in Context

“Days ahead of National Doughnut Day—a made-up food holiday where businesses give away free fried treats—a suspect identified as an actor jumped over the counter at a Dunkin’ in South Brunswick, New Jersey, and took a doughnut without paying, the Township’s police department tweeted on Tuesday.” 

—USA Today

“The Township has all of the municipal powers available to Utah municipalities under the Utah Municipal Code with the exception of certain taxing powers.”

—Emigration Canyon Metro Township

“Perry Township is located in Southeastern Lawrence County, Pennsylvania approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh.”

—Perry Township

“The South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, signed off last week on the decision to send the army into the Cape Flats, a sprawling area of townships that is a legacy of the repressive and racist apartheid regime’s policy of separating white and non-white communities.”

—The Guardian

“Speaking about Monday when the couple visited Nyanga Township in Cape Town, the duke replied: ‘Yesterday was great and to start in Nyanga was amazing.’”

—The Daily Mail

Examples of the Abbreviation in Context

  • The Dept. of Children in the Twp. of Topeka is worried about the high number of abandoned children. 
  • The mtn. range is the largest in South Africa and crosses multiple twsps.
  • This hwy leads to the Twp. of Smithsville.
  • 5540 Red Creek Rd., Rockville Twsp., FL 
  • The twp. only has one post office.”
  • Lexington is one of the oldest twsps. in the U.S.

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