The Abbreviation for Parkway: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Do you want to learn the right way to abbreviate parkway? Let’s explore the meaning of the word and its abbreviations. We’ll also be looking at some common synonyms and examples of the word and abbreviation in context. Finally, we’ll list some United States Postal Service (USPS) abbreviations to help ensure that your letters end up making it to the correct destination. 

Let’s get started by looking at some common abbreviations for parkway: 

  • PKWY
  • PKYPKWY is the most common and widely recognized abbreviation for the word, and it is the standard abbreviation according to the USPS. It can be capitalized or written with lowercase letters.


For example:

207 Clarence Pkwy 

Los Angeles, CA 90045

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What Does Parkway Mean?

According to, the word parkway can be defined as follows:

Parkway [pahrk-wey]


●      a broad thoroughfare with a dividing strip or side strips planted with grass, trees, etc.

●      Chiefly New York State and Western New England. a strip of grass, sometimes planted with trees or shrubs, between a sidewalk and curb.

For example:

The parkway leading up to his house is really beautiful.

After the accident, she pulled off the parkway and onto a side street. 

Synonyms for Parkway

The History of the Word

The earliest traceable use of the word in print comes from the 1800’s.

“Hence the most important improvement made of late in the general plan of cities has been the introduction or increase in number and breadth of parkways.”
American Cyclopedia, 1875

Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway (completed in 1874) is often credited as being the very first thoroughfare called a parkway. Landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the creatives behind Central Park, developed the first parkways in the United States, including Eastern Parkway. The term parkway developed because urban carriage-riders sought out scenic thoroughfares. Since people enjoyed driving carriages, then later cars, through green spaces and parks, the term parkway came about.

When to Use the Abbreviation

The abbreviation commonly occurs within documents about urban planning and architecture. You’ll also find it on addressed envelopes, forms, maps, and other official documents, since it is widely recognized. 

One might also find Pkwy. being used in titles or headlines where space is limited. 

Examples of the Word and Abbreviation in Context

“Further down the parkway, there is a great view of the Linn Cove Viaduct (MP 304.4) from the Linn Cove Visitors’ Center (MP 304).”
—Travel Awaits

“Through his kitchen window in St. Paul’s Como neighborhood, John Perozino has watched the vacant building across the street deteriorate. The lower windows of 1554 Midway Pkwy. are boarded up.”
—Minnesota Star Tribune

“Suitland Parkway was built during World War II to connect the area that would become Andrews Air Force Base to downtown D.C. and the Pentagon. The parkway’s placement bisected the historic Barry Farm community in Ward 8.”
—WAMU, American University Radio

“Delayed road work, ramp closures on Veterans Pkwy set to begin | SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Officials in Chatham County say the weather should finally be nice enough so they can work on the ramps on Veterans Parkway.”

Additional United States Postal Service (USPS)  Landmark and Street Name Abbreviations

ALY Alley

ANX Annex

BCH Beach

BND Bend

BRG Burg

BRK Brook

BYP Bypass

BLF Bluff

BTM Bottom

CLB Club

CMN Common

CRES Crescent

CRK Creek

CRSE Course

CRST Crest

CSWY Causeway

CTR Center

EXPY Expressway

FLD Field

FLT Flat

FRD Ford

FRG Forge

FRK Fork

FWY Freeway

GDN Garden

GLN Glen

GRN Green

GRV Grove

GTWY Gateway

HBR Harbor

HOLW Hollow

HVN Haven

HWY Highway

INLT Inlet

JCT Junction

KNL Knoll

LCK Lock

LDG Lodge

LGT Light

LNDG Landing

MDW Meadow

MNR Manor

MSN Mission

MTN Mountain

NCK Neck

ORCH Orchard

PLN Plain

PLZ Plaza

PRT Port

RADL Radial

RDG Ridge

RIV River

RNCH Ranch

RPD Rapid

RTE Route

SHLS Shoals

SHR Shore

SMT Summit

SPG Spring

STRM Stream

SQ Square

TRCE Trace

TRL Trail

TPKE Turnpike

TUNL Tunnel

VLG Village

VLY Valley

VW View

WLS Wells

XING Crossing