The Abbreviation For Miscellaneous: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Are you looking for the common abbreviation for miscellaneous? Look no further. We’re going to explore the word in this article—how to abbreviate it, how to define it, and how to use it. We’ll also share some examples to give you a deeper understanding of the word. We’ll look at the history and synonyms of the word, as well.



There is only one English abbreviation or the word miscellaneous:

  • Misc.

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What Does Miscellaneous Mean?

According to, some definitions for this word are:

consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character:
a book of miscellaneous essays on American history.

having various qualities, aspects, or subjects:
a miscellaneous discussion.

For example:

The box contains a host of miscellaneous items, such as a breakfast bar, a key holder, a DVD, a remote control, and a credit card bill. 

The word miscellaneous may also be used to refer to a variety of ingredients or a list containing items with diverse characteristics. For example, miscellaneous tuition fees might include registration fees, health services, boarding fees, insurance, and any other kind of diverse, academic-related fees.

The fees for the current calendar year include boarding fees and laboratory charges, which are classified as miscellaneous.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word miscellaneous means, “consisting of a mixture of various things that are not necessarily connected with each other.”

Other examples:

The pharmacy has misc. items, such as gloves, medicine, and needles.

The social media feed is filled with miscellaneous postings by different people.

Miscellaneous income is calculated from non-salary sources, like rent, farming, and pension.

When Jane left her apartment, she auctioned household items, including furniture, clothing, and miscellaneous items.

The collectors enjoyed gathering miscellaneous pieces of art and grouping them by different categories.

Synonyms for Miscellaneous

  • various
  • varied
  • different
  • assorted
  • mixed
  • diverse
  • disparate
  • sundry
  • variegated
  • heterogeneous
  • jumbled
  • confused
  • indiscriminate
  • motley
  • multifarious
  • farraginous
  • divers
  • cluttered
  • chaotic
  • disarranged
  • multiplex
  • disheveled
  • disordered
  • messy
  • littered
  • muddled
  • disarrayed
  • myriad
  • manifold
  • multiple

The History of the Word

The word miscellaneous entered the English language in the 17th century. It evolved from the Latin word miscellus, which means “mixed.” Before miscellus, the word can be traced to the Proto-Indo-European root meik, which meant “to mix.”

When to Use the Abbreviation

The abbreviation of the word miscellaneous is often found in official documents for organizations and governments. It’s regularly used in account statements to refer to additional expenses. In addition, you’ll frequently find a misc. category on a form or chart. 

Examples of the Word in Context

“Consulate will henceforth not entertain applications for Miscellaneous Services through third parties/agents. Such applications can either be submitted by an applicant in person, through post or through close relatives with an authorization letter.”
—Consulate General of India in Houston

“On December 31, 2019, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that he had directed the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) to eliminate the subminimum wage for tipped workers of all employers covered by the Minimum Wage Order for Miscellaneous Industries and Occupations.”
—The National Law Review

“‘The Hickenlooper administration continued the practice of the Republican and Democratic governors before and used federal flex funds from the 2003 Bush tax cuts to cover miscellaneous state expenses,’ said Melissa Miller, the former governor’s campaign spokeswoman.”
—The Canon City Daily Record

“These are miscellaneous costs that don’t fall into a column elsewhere on this list.”

“Miscellaneous deductions are tax breaks that generally don’t fit into a particular tax category.  They can help reduce taxable income and the amount of taxes owed.”
—Internal Revenue Service

Examples of the Abbreviation in Context

The income and loss statement included misc. items and other normal expenses. These will be attached alongside tax documents.
The balance sheet has a list of misc. liabilities and assets.