The Abbreviation for Manager: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Are you looking for an abbreviation for manager? Would you like to know the meaning of the word manager, instances where it is used as an abbreviation, and its origin and history?

Let’s start by listing the different abbreviations for the word, then looking at its definition and meaning.

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What Is the Abbreviation for Manager?

There are two common abbreviations for the word manager.

These are:

  • Mgr
  • Mngr.  

The abbreviations for the plural are:

  • Mgrs. 
  • Mngrs.  

General manager is often abbreviated as GM. 

For example:

The GM will attend the customer relationship management meeting.

All mgrs. report to the CEO.

The new employee reports to the regional mngr. 

When to Use the Abbreviation

The abbreviation of manager may be used for titles, business cards, and nameplates. It’s also commonly found within magazine headlines, bulletins, and newspapers where space is limited.  

Outside of the circumstances listed above, the word should be written in full. Just like other English abbreviations, the shortened version should be avoided in academic or formal writing.

The Definition of the Word

It’s a manager’s duty to oversee and lead a group; a manager will also plan for and ensure functioning work systems.  

According to, a manager is, “a person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it.” In any group that deals with resources, such as a family or a theater, a manager presides over the decision-making with regards to the way those resources are utilized.  

A manager can also be defined as a person who trains and organizes a sports team. In addition, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a manager as, “a student who in scholastic or collegiate sports supervises equipment and records under the direction of a coach.”

For example:

She’s the manager of the basketball team.

The Origin and History of the Word

The word manager originated from the Latin manus, meaning “hand.” 

It’s also derived from the Italian word managgiare, which means “to handle.”

According to, the definition, “one charged with conducting a house of business or public institution,” dates from 1705.

Synonyms for Manager

  • Administrator
  • Officer 
  • Official
  • Organizer
  • Boss
  • Director
  • Producer  
  • Superintendent
  • Controller  
  • Executive
  • Supervisor 
  • Comptroller  
  • Conductor
  • Governor
  • Exec
  • Handler
  • Head
  • Proprietor
  • Overseer
  • Headperson
  • Slavedriver
  • Straw boss 
  • Zookeeper

Examples of the Word in Context

“Interestingly, leaders with many years of managerial experience were not as distressed by the time they spent helping employees with personal problems compared to inexperienced leaders. This may be because seasoned managers are likely to have dealt with many of these kinds of requests and, as a result, may have developed the skills and confidence to manage them properly.”
—Harvard Business Review

“A New York wealth manager who overbilled clients and diverted firm funds to inflate his salary by millions of dollars plans to plead guilty to fraud charges.”

“A 93-year-old gunman upset about water damage in his Las Vegas apartment wounded a maintenance manager in an office before being arrested, police said as they released video of the attack.”

“It’s been a year of transition at Loretto Telecom. But after hiring Jason Shelton as general manager Oct. 1, the telco is primed to thrive. Previously, Shelton served as general manager at GTel Teleconnections in Germantown, New York.”
—Tennessee Broadband Association

Additional Common Business Abbreviations

  • BTW | By the way
  • CEO | Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO | Chief Financial Officer
  • CIO | Chief Information Officer
  • Constr | Construction
  • CMO | Chief Marketing Officer
  • COO | Chief Operating Officer
  • CTO | Chief Technology Officer
  • CTR | Click through rate
  • Dept | Department 
  • HR | Human Resources
  • KPI | Key Performance Indicator
  • Mgmt | Management
  • OS | Operating System
  • QA | Quality Assurance
  • QC | Quality Control
  • RFP | Request for Proposal
  • SAAS | Software as a service
  • VP | Vice President
  • YTD | Year to date