The Abbreviation for Management: What Is It and How Is It Used?

Want to know the abbreviation for management? Let’s understand the word by establishing its origin, definition, and synonyms. We’ll look into the abbreviation for management and how it’s used in a sentence. You’ll learn when and how the word should be used in day-to-day English.

Let’s get started. 

The following are the common abbreviations of the word management:

  • Mgmt.
  • MGMT
  • MGT
  • mngmt

The most common abbreviation is Mgmt.   

Like most other abbreviations, the abbreviation for management should not be used in academic writing and formal documents. 

The abbreviation for management usually appears in shorthand communications such as memos and notes.

For example, a manager’s note to an employee might say:

Please be ready to present your report in our mgmt. meeting—5 p.m. in the conference room. 

Similarly, a CEO might send the following memo to employees:

Staff Memo:

Following the conclusion of the fiscal year, the financial officer will brief you on the decision of the MGMT in regards to overtime payments.

Thank you.

For brief and concise communications, abbreviations may be useful. Some official documents and titles may have the abbreviation instead of the whole word. 

For instance, someone’s role could be listed as COO of Land Mgmt. within a company. If any particular abbreviation for management is used in a text, maintain uniformity to avoid confusion. If you’ve used one abbreviation, continue using it to avoid confusion. 

For example:

Correct: Students taking a course in project management will get skills in human resource mgmt, strategic mgmt, financial mgmt, and much more.

Incorrect: Students taking a course in project management will get skills in human resource mgt, strategic mgmt, financial mngmt, and much more.

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The Definition of the Word

The word management is a noun and means the process of dealing with or a way of controlling people or things. It’s related to the word manage. 

According to the Business Dictionary, management is, “the organization and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives.” It’s not only used in human resources, but also for factories, finances, marketing, and in many other business contexts. A modern company can achieve its objectives and effectively communicate its policies to staff through thoughtful management.   

The CEO chairs a management meeting every Thursday.

Another definition is a group of persons or body in an organization vested with powers and responsibilities to make decisions and oversee the functions of the enterprise.  

For example:

The tech company had a flat management structure, where everyone participated in important decisions. 

According to Wikipedia, the word management means directing and controlling a group of people in an organization to achieve a particular goal. Management in an organization may refer to any group or  person who coordinates the efforts of people in order to accomplish desired outcomes. 

History and Origin of the Word

According to, the word stems from the Latin word manus, or “hand.” The English word management comes by way of the Italian word maneggiare, meaning “to handle,” and the Old French manège, or “horsemanship.” The word management entered the English language in the 1590’s. 

Synonyms for Management

  • generalship  
  • leadership  
  • relationship 
  • engineering 
  • logistics 
  • machination  
  • manipulation  
  • coadministration  
  • co-direction  
  • co-management  
  • administration 
  • authority 
  • board 
  • executive 
  • bosses, brass 
  • directorate 
  • directors  
  • employers  
  • execs  
  • executives 
  • head
  • mainframe  
  • upstairs 
  • executive suite  
  • front office 
  • micromanagement 
  • person upstairs 
  • top brass  

Examples of the Word in Context

“Kroger is cutting hundreds of local management jobs nationwide as it continues to struggle with digital and discount rivals, Amazon, and Walmart.”

“Companies in the U.S. scored the highest in both ‘overall management’ and in ‘incentives management.’ Japan, which had the best score in ‘targets management,’ and Germany tied for the second-best overall management practices. Brazil and China scored the worst.”
—Business Insider

Additional Common Business Abbreviations

  • BTW | By the way
  • CEO | Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO | Chief Financial Officer
  • CIO | Chief Information Officer
  • Constr | Construction
  • CMO | Chief Marketing Officer
  • COO | Chief Operating Officer
  • CTO | Chief Technology Officer
  • CTR | Click through rate
  • Dept | Department 
  • KPI | Key Performance Indicator
  • QA | Quality Assurance
  • QC | Quality Control
  • RFP | Request for Proposal
  • YTD | Year to date