Abbreviation For Coordinator: What Is It and When Is It Used?

If you’re looking for information about the abbreviation for the word coordinator, look no further. We’ll explore the meaning of the word coordinator and dig deeper into the origin of the word. We’ll also review how it’s used in a sentence, related words, and instances where the abbreviation is appropriate. 

Let’s get started. 

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What Is the Abbreviation?



There is one common abbreviation for the word coordinator:

Coord. or COORD

If you’re abbreviating the plural, you can use:

Coords. or COORDS

The abbreviation for the word coordinator may be used in titles, advertisements, or shorthand notes.

The Meaning of the Word

A coordinator refers to a person who coordinates.

Specifically, the word often describes someone responsible for bringing order to a business, organization, or government.

For example:

He was the coordinator of government business.

The coordinator will oversee the construction of the new bridge.

The project coordinator met with the advisory committee to chart the way forward.

The word also refers to a person who negotiates or leads a process to ensure work is done effectively. In addition, a coordinator can be a facilitator.

The New York Times advertised for the client coordinator position.

The word can also be used in the context of grammar to describe a word or phrase that connects sentences, words, or clauses—for example, a coordinating conjunction. 

According to Wikipedia, a coordinator refers to a facilitator, often someone with responsibilities that include liaising between units or departments. 

For example:

The Secretary of the Senate is the coordinator of legislation in the Senate of the United States.

The court assigned the family a parenting coordinator, who will act as a liaison for the child support services case.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word coordinator means someone entrusted to lead teams and ensure they work towards achieving a common objective. 

For example:

She appointed a coordinator in charge of resource management to organize the teams and complete the project.

Some titles combine other words with the word coordinator to describe a job more clearly. 

For example:

Patrick is the defensive coordinator of the volleyball team.

The offensive coordinator has been relieved of his duties until the next season.

Synonyms for Coordinator

  • Enabler
  • Organizer
  • Arranger
  • Facilitator
  • Promoter
  • Supporter
  • Backer
  • Designer

The Origin of the Word

The origin of the word coordinator can be traced back to 1849. The word is derived from the English word coordinate, which originated in the 1640’s. In turn, the word coordinate evolved from the Medieval Latin word coordinatus.

Examples of the Word in Context

“Nicholas Reed-Krase, Blue Ventures’ Community Health Programme Coordinator, has written an article for The Huffington Post about our recent successful collaboration with Projet Jeune Leader”.

—The Huffington Post

“Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has a ready mix of personnel groupings at his disposal when breaking down an opposing defense.”

—The Boston Herald

When planning a wedding, it’s important to work with a wedding coordinator to prevent last-minute mishaps.

Everything about the corporate event was out of this world. The event coordinator and the human resources department did a fantastic job.

Jane works as an information service coordinator in charge of information technology at the national institute. She specializes in reporting systems.

The coordinator for the local health dept. organized a health and human services (HHS) training session for the staff in the mental health unit. The training covered topics like health services, psych services, standard operating procedures (SOP), and data processing in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The coordinator worked with the national center to develop the training materials and FAQ. 

The acting unit coordinator has strict rules about disclosing the health information of patients, as per the Department of Health guidelines.

 Examples of the Abbreviation in Context

HIRING: Office Coord. with administrative and managerial experience.

The project coord. expressed concern over the shrinking budget.

The health care coord. took the CEO on a tour of the hospital. 

Ask the public health COORDS whether they need a medical POC at the hospital. 

“Coaching Experience | Arkansas (Asst. HC, Offensive Line, Recruiting Coord.)”