What Is the Abbreviation for Bachelor of Science?

Looking for the abbreviation for bachelor’s degree? You’ve landed in the right place. This page is all about a Bachelor of Science: how to abbreviate it, write it, and use it in context. We’ll look at possible synonyms, the origin of the degree, and give examples where Bachelor of Science degree is used and abbreviated correctly. 

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Although there is no one rule when it comes to abbreviation, the following are the common ways to abbreviate a Bachelor of Science in English:

  • B.S.
  • BS
  • B.Sc.
  • BSc

The Latin abbreviation is:

  • S.B
  • SB
  • Sc.B.

In the United Kingdom and Australia, the most commonly used abbreviation for a Bachelor of Science is B.Sc. However, in American universities, people typically abbreviate Bachelor of Science as B.S.

It is worth noting that referencing the category of academic degree program does not require capitalization.

For example:

You can take about bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, or doctoral degrees without capitalizing them. 

Degree abbreviations can be used to identify degree programs, as well as individual graduates.

For example:

The students pursuing the following programs can apply for scholarship opportunities: BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), MS (Master of Science), MSW (Master of Social Work), MPH (Master of public Health), MBA (Master of Business Administration), and MFA (Master of Fine Art). 

Please find a Ph.D. or Ed.D to teach the class on public administration. An M.Sc, B.Sc or BSE will be suitable as a teaching assistant for the electrical engineering course. 

In many instances, the general terms such as bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate are enough to indicate the programs of study, but the abbreviations may be used to differentiate between two bachelor’s programs. 

For instance:

DMD students are eligible to take the class, but BHS and BS students need to take a prerequisite.

Academic abbreviations are also used to identify the holder of the degree. Such identification may appear on official documents or academic citations.

For example:

Clarke Wellington, PhD

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Definition and History of Bachelor’s of Science

Wikipedia defines a Bachelor of Science as an undergraduate degree that’s awarded to scholars who have successfully completed a 3-5 year degree course.

In 1860, the University of London became the first institution to offer a Bachelor of Science degree. In earlier days, subjects like mathematics, botany, and physics were studied within the Bachelor of Arts program.

The designation of a particular major to a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree depends on the university. For instance, some colleges and universities may award a B.Sc. degree in economics, while others may award a B.A. degree in economics. Some may allow the students to choose the preferred program.

In the United States, many liberal arts institutions exclusively award BA degrees, while others offer BS degrees only. Many universities offer both bachelor’s degrees. The BS is ideal for students hoping to pursue a Master of Science degree and/or a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD).

In North America or Australia, a Bachelor of Science degree is typically a four-year course. Academic degree programs such as mechanical engineering, mathematics, computer science, and economics typically take four years. However, some universities offer a B.S. as a three-year program. In other countries, some programs, such as medical science, take five years to complete.

Normally, degree programs are capitalized when using the full degree’s name.

For example:

He enrolled as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student. After that, he transferred his credits to the Master of Fine Arts program.

He earned a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) in London.

He is studying to earn a Master of Law degree at the university. 

The Attorney General is the holder of a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and has a storied reputation in criminal justice.

The university offers several courses, such as a BSc in Information Technology, BSc in Applied Science, BSc in Computer Science, etc. 

Additional Examples in Context

Some teachers pursuing Master of Education degrees are holders of BSc in General Studies.

Some programs in the social sciences include the Bachelor of Science in Economics and the Bachelor of Arts in History.

You can further your university studies as a Doctor of Science or a Doctor of Medicine if you received a bachelor’s degree in your undergraduate program.

Some universities may have a Bachelor of Music program, while others have a BSc in Music.

If you receive a Bachelor of Science degree in economics at the undergraduate level, you can pursue a master’s degree later.

Published Examples of Abbreviations

“The two types of bachelor’s degrees typically offered are B.A. degrees (Bachelor of Arts degrees) and B.S. degrees (Bachelor of Science degrees). If you choose to earn a B.A., the majority of your coursework will typically be in the arts, such as social sciences, humanities, or fine arts. Students who earn a B.S. degree take the majority of their courses in life, physical or mathematical sciences.”


A B.A. degree is reflective of the liberal arts tradition guiding many colleges, Schendel says, which emphasizes philosophy, literature, history, social sciences, art, and foreign language study. While a B.A. isn’t devoid of math and science, it doesn’t have the same emphasis on these subjects as a B.S.

—US News 

You can specialize in any subject area you could imagine. Fields of study are available for all degree levels: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. You can choose from: health care, business administration, biomedicine, and biomedical research, economics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, law, journalism, liberal arts, accounting, criminal justice, or architecture.


The Division of Science offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degrees in several programs and disciplines. Brief descriptions of each degree program are given below. To learn more about a particular program, using the links below.

—The City College of New York

Synonyms for Bachelor’s Degree

  • BA
  • BS
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Baccalaureate



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