Words That Start With X: Your Scrabble Cheat Sheet

Words That Start with X

Everyone wants an extensive vocabulary. Whether you’re playing games (like Scrabble or Words with Friends) or writing a term paper, knowing more words can always come in handy. As for unique and delightful words, those starting with X can’t be beat. That’s because fewer English words start with X than with any other letter in the alphabet! So, if you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, begin by learning a few words that start with the letter X.

We’ve created this list of words for you, organized by the number of letters in each word. Many of these words have more than one meaning. For simplicity, we’ve only listed one definition for each word. Keep in mind, this word list doesn’t contain every English word that starts with X; however, it’s a useful introduction to this very special letter.

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Here are some words that start with X [2-19 letter words]


19-Letter Word

xenotransplantation- Noun | Medical specialty involving the transplantation of organs, tissues, or living cells from one species to another

15-Letter Words

xenomorphically- Adverb | Pertaining to a mineral grain that did not develop a typical crystalline form (a xenomorph) 

xerographically – Adverb | Pertaining to a dry photographic or photocopying process

xeroradiography – Noun | A type of x-ray, developed in 1950, in which the image is recorded on reusable paper plates

xylotypographic – Adjective | Printed from wooden blocks or wooden type

14-Letter Words

xenophobically – Adjective | Pertaining to fear of foreigners or outsiders

xenotransplant – Noun | Transplant of organs, tissues, or living cells from a donor of a different species than the recipient

xylopyrography – Noun | Writing or drawing with a hot poker on wood

13-Letter Words

xanthochroism – Noun | Unusual yellow pigmentation in animals

xenodiagnosis – Noun | A diagnostic method that uses an intermediate host to test for pathogens

xerophthalmia – Noun | A lusterless, dry condition of the eyeball, often resulting from a Vitamin A deficiency

xerophthalmic – Adjective | Exhibiting signs of xerophthalmia

xiphiplastral – Adjective | Pertaining to xiphiplastron

xiphiplastron – Noun | The posterior or fourth lateral plate of a turtle’s shell

xiphophyllous – Adjective | Botanical term for plants with sword-shaped leaves

12-Letter Words

xanthochroid – Adjective | Having fair hair and pale skin

xanthophylls – Noun | Plant pigments that cause yellow and orange coloration during autumn

xanthopterin – Noun | Pigment that occurs in yellow butterfly wings and in mammal urine

xiphisternum – Noun | The lowermost part of the sternum

11-Letter Words 

xenodochium – Noun | Medieval hostel or hospital for pilgrims, the poor, or the sick

xenogenetic – Adjective | Pertaining to offspring that display characteristics unlike either parent

xenoplastic – Adjective | Pertaining to distantly related people

xerographic – Adjective | Pertaining to xerography

xerothermic – Adjective | Both dry and hot

xylocarpous – Adjective | Bearing hard or woody fruit

xylographer – Noun | Person who makes xylographs (primitive engravings)

xylophagous – Adjective | Feeding on wood, often used to describe insects or larvae

xylophonist – Noun | Person who plays the xylophone

10-Letter Words

xanthopsia – Noun | A visual deficiency that causes objects to appear yellow

xenobiotic – Noun | A chemical compound that is foreign and unrecognizable to a living organism

xenoglossy – Noun | Ability to speak a language without having learned it, especially in a trance state 

xenophobia – Noun | Fear of or prejudice against foreigners

xenotropic – Adjective | Exclusively replicates or reproduces within cells of a species different from the host

xerography – Noun | Dry photographic or photocopying process

xylography – Noun | The process of making primitive woodcuts or engravings

9-Letter Words

xenoblast – Noun | A metamorphic mineral that gets its shape from neighboring crystals

xerophile – Noun | An organism that can thrive in extremely dry conditions

xenograft – Noun | Tissue graft or organ transplant from a donor of a different species

xenomania – Noun | Obsession or fascination with foreign countries and cultures

xeriscape – Noun | Landscape engineered to conserve water in arid climates

xylometer – Noun | Tool used to measure the specific gravity of wood 

xylophone – Noun | Percussion instrument

8-Letter Words

xanthate – Noun | Salt or ester of xanthic acid 

xanthene  – Noun | A yellow compound used to create fluorescent dyes

xanthine – Noun | A compound found in tissues and fluids

xanthous – Adjective | Yellow-colored

xanthoma – Noun | Yellow patch or nodule on the skin caused by lipid-filled cells  

xenogamy – Noun | Fertilization by the pollen of a genetically different plant

xenolith – Noun | A rock fragment found within another piece of igneous rock 

xylocarp – Noun | Fruit with a hard, woody shell

7-Letter Words

xanthan – Noun | Natural gum used as a binding agent in food products

xenopus – Noun | African clawed frog often used in medical research

xerarch – Adjective | Originating in a dry place

xerasia – Noun | Disease that causes dry, brittle hair

xerosis – Noun | Dryness, especially dryness of the skin, eyes, or tissue

xerotes – Noun | Dryness, especially dryness of the body

xerotic – Adjective | Dry, affected by xerosis

xiphoid – Adjective | Sword-shaped or pertaining to the lowermost part of the sternum

xylitol – Noun | Artificial sweetener derived from plant tissue

6-Letter Words

xenial – Adjective | Pertaining to hospitality, especially between a guest and host from different cities

xenium – Noun | Gifts given to a guest or foreign diplomat

xeroma – Noun | Dry eyes, especially caused by Vitamin A deficiency 

xoanon – Noun | Rough, primitive image carved in wood

xylene – Noun | A flammable chemical used in plastics, dentistry, and medicine

xyloid – Adjective | Woody or resembling wood

xyloma – Noun | A tumor on a plant 

xylose – Noun | A sugar commonly found in straw, corncobs, and other plants

xyster – Noun | A surgical tool for scraping bones

xystos – Noun | Architectural term for a covered portico (also spelled xystus)

5-Letter Words

xebec – Noun | A Mediterranean sailing vessel

xenia – Noun | A botanical term for the effect of a secondary strain of pollen on the seed or fruit after pollination

xenic – Adjective | Containing an unidentified material, usually bacteria

xenon – Noun | A chemical element 

xeric – Adjective | Dry

xerox – Verb | To copy, using a xerographic process

xerus – Noun | African squirrel

xylan – Noun | A biopolymer found in the cell walls of plants

xylem – Noun | Vascular tissue in plants that forms the woody element of the stem

xylic – Adjective | Pertaining to xylene

xylol – Noun | A type of solvent

xylyl – Noun | A radical formed by removing a hydrogen atom from xylene

4-Letter Words

xyst – Noun | Architectural term for a covered portico

3-Letter Words

xed – Verb | Signed with an “X”

xes – Noun | Plural of “X”

xis – Noun | Plural of xi, the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

2-Letter Words

xi – Noun | The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

xu – Noun | Vietnamese currency

By looking at this list, you may be able to identify some common prefixes. Words that start with “xantho” often have something to do with the color yellow. Words beginning with “xeno” may involve foreigners, foreign bodies, or foreign species. Understanding these linguistic patterns can help you to intuit what a word means, even when you don’t have a dictionary handy.

That being said, you’re unlikely to encounter most of these words in everyday conversation. Words that start with X aren’t too common.  Still, you can use them to add some excitement to your vocabulary. If you decide to memorize this listyou’ll be able to form more Scrabble words than ever before. No word finder or crossword puzzle will be able to stump you. From xu to xenotransplantation, you’ll always be prepared with the right X-word for any occasion.

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