Word That Start With ‘Qi’

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This list of words that start with ‘qi’ will help you in word games such as Scrabble, Upwords, WordHub and Words With Friends.

Here is a list of nine English words that start with ‘qi’, broken down by the number of letters in each word.

8-letter words that start with ‘qi’

qindarka – Qindarka refers to a discontinued subdivision of the Albanian currency the lek. The lek was divided into 100 qindarka.

7-letter words that start with ‘qi’




6-letter words that start with ‘qi’

qintar – This is a variant spelling of ‘qindar’ (see below).

qindar – A qindar is a now-discontinued coin worth one hundredth of a lek, the currency of Albania. The plural of qindar is qindarka or qindars.

qiviut – Qiviut is the name of the inner wool of the muskox, a goat-like animal native to the Arctic.

3-letter words that start with ‘qi’

qis – This is the plural form of ‘qi’ (see below). It is rarely used.

2-letter words that start with ‘qi’

qi – This word refers to the concept of the vital life force in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. It can also be spelled ‘chi’ or ‘ki’.

Nouns that start with ‘qi’

Here is a selected list of nouns that start with ‘qi’:




Verbs that start with ‘qi’

There aren’t any verbs in the English language that start with ‘qi’.

Adjectives that start with ‘qi’

There aren’t any adjectives in the English language that start with ‘qi’.