The Plural of Roof: Here’s What It Is and How to Use It

Have you ever been trying to use the plural word for roof and wondered, “Wait, is it roofs or rooves?”  Knowing the correct plural form of many words can be tricky and roof is no exception. In this article, you are going to learn everything you’ve ever needed to know about the word roof such as its definition, history, origin, which word is the correct plural form, synonyms, and examples of the word in a sentence.

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What is the Definition of the Word Roof

  • A roof is a structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle. 
  • The top inner surface of a covered area or space; the ceiling. 
  • Used to signify a house or other building, especially in the context of hospitality or shelter. 
  • Cover with a roof. 
  • Function as the roof of. 

History and Origin of the Word

The word roof originates from the Old English word hrof. This word is unique to the English language and no connections are made outside of Germanic. The roof of the mouth was first used in late Old English and in 1860 the “raise the roof” was born. Interestingly enough the verb tense of roof was used in the early 15th century as roofed or roofing. 

Which Is Correct, Rooves or Roofs?

The most common plural form of roof is roofs. Rooves is most commonly seen used as an analogy with other uncommon plural words such as hooves. Rooves is not used regularly enough to be considered as the most correct form. 

What Are Two Types Of Roofs?

There are many different types of roofs and roofing materials. Shingles are the most common type of roof material and they can be made out of several different substances such as tile, asphalt, wood, and slate. The most eco friendly type of roofs are made from solar tiles or green roofs. Solar tiles not only protect the building, but also produce energy. This kind of roof is very costly, but many find it pays for itself in the long run. On the contrary green roofs use plants to cover a structure so they are not costly at all but require a lot of work to maintain. 

Not only do you have to consider the material you want your roof made out of but also its shape. There are thirteen different shaped roofs that all vary between different pointed, flat, and dome-shaped. Two specific types are Saltbox roofs and Pyramid roofs. Saltbox roofs are very visually appealing and most commonly found on one-story homes. Pyramid roofs are most often found on small structures such as garages or pool houses. The look of this kind of roof is obviously a pyramid shape. 


  • Ceiling – top of a room, maximum
  • House – human habitat, family ancestry, business establishment
  • Canopy – overhanging covering
  • Covering – top

Examples Of the Word In Context

  • Juan Gomez and Matt Cruz, both employees of Montgomery W. Winslow Inc., a roofing company remove the remnants of a roof on a home owned by Michael Troy in Cape Coral. Troy came home Tuesday from the hospital with his wife and saw that his roof was removed without permission. Montgomery W. Winslow Inc. and ABC Supplies are donating labor and supplies to give the Troy’s a new roof. – USA Today
  • Since your roof is out of sight most of the time, it’s also out of mind for most people. However, damaged shingles are a common sight after storms, which can cause bigger problems like leaks, flooding and mold damage. – USA Today
  • Pitchers have been complaining for years about having to pitch at Chase Field with the roof open, saying the ball doesn’t carry as well when the roof is closed.- USA Today 
  • As a commercial roofer, we obviously were extremely busy in the days, weeks and months following Hurricane Irma, as were other roofing companies in town- USA Today 
  • Michael Troy, 65, of 3231 Santa Barbara Boulevard, brought his wife, Crissy Troy, home from the hospital on Tuesday to find their home’s roof torn off.- USA Today 
  • The owner of the Red Barn bar on Highway 111 in Palm Desert is using the building’s roof to vent frustration with politicians and California’s governor. – USA Today
  • To put that cost in perspective, one roofing source estimated the cost of a “square” — 100 square feet of roofing materials — at about $90 for asphalt shingles and about $1,500 for slate.- USA Today 
  • Then a second storm blew through. And far from being fixed, the roof let water into the bedroom, kitchen, living room and hallway, damaging floors, walls and ceilings, the Makovics said. –USA Today  
  • Tourists at a game reserve in South Africa must have been astonished to gaze back at their lodge and see an elephant on its roof. – USA Today 
  • In the case of global warming, white roofs looked to be the low-hanging no-brainer. Things are getting too hot? Simple, paint the roofs white so that they reflect more sunlight, and presto chango, things cool down a bit.- National Geographic 
  • “This is a way a company in the community comes together and provides in a practical, meaningful way for someone in need in the community,” said Holton Walker, the general manager at Cenvar Roofing.- 
  • “I was right there in the street one day, walking and thinking and looking and thought, ‘Well, I’m going to have to buy a bunch of shingles or two at a time in order to get this whole roof fixed up, because the money and stuff, it’s not what it used to be and the Lord answered our prayer,’ Rucker said.-
  • They said they wouldn’t change a thing, but financially, it’s been hard. The children are their priority, not their leaking roof. Eugene has to climb on the roof and put stuff down every time it rains, while battling back problems and emphysema.-