Moonstone Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How To Use It

There are tons of rocks in the world, but very few of them are as interesting or important as moonstones — this is what they are!

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Moonstone isn’t just like any other stone. While most rocks can just be overlooked as anything else, the moonstone crystal is one of the most beautiful and impactful kinds of rock in the world. These precious minerals and crystals are incredibly symbolic and meaningful gemstones, which can have huge implications as a charm in the modern world. 

If you’ve ever seen a moonstone and thought that there might be more going on than meets the eye, then this article is for you.

Here is everything you need to know about moonstone uses, meanings, and history worldwide.

What Is a Moonstone? 

The moonstone is a significant stone in the world of charms, chakras, and crystals. It is the birthstone of people born in June and is a gem that is highly associated with clarity, healing properties, and psychic protection. Moonstone jewelry is familiar and powerful in these worlds and is known in these circles to provide unique kinds of intuition and purpose to people. 

When it comes to the actual physical makeup, the most defining feature is the stone’s adularescence, which is a beautiful shimmering quality in the way it looks and refracts light. To many people, this sheen has the same visual qualities as a full moon, which is what the stone gets its name from. This pearly and milky exterior makes the moonstone highly popular in the world of jewelry, and it is commonly seen in moonstone pendants, necklaces, and gifts. 

The scientific makeup of the moonstone is relatively atypical for most stones, with it being an orthoclase stone. It is made up of sodium potassium aluminum silicate, which gives the stone its incredibly opalescent looks.

Despite its reasonably uncommon physical makeup, it is commonly found in many places worldwide. These places include New Mexico in the United States, Australia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Norway, Switzerland, Myanmar, Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, and India. 

What Are the Most Common Types of Moonstones? 

Depending on where the moonstone is found and what compounds and chemicals are inside it, the moonstone can look different. These different looks can offer different meanings in the zodiac and chakra use. 

One of the most common moonstones is the cat’s eye moonstone. This is one of the most exciting-looking and powerful stones of this category, and its incredibly smooth and hazy look gives a significant feeling of moonlight and moonbeams.

This specific kind of stone has been treasured and valued by Romans, Greeks, and shamans over the history of the world. This lovely bit of nature has consistently been seen as incredibly valuable and unique. 

Other moonstones include the rainbow moonstone, blue moonstone, white moonstone, gray moonstone, peach moonstone, and more. These stones can range from being opaque to being almost entirely see-through, and all of them can have lots of beauty and purpose in the context of people using them to cure anxieties and do dream work. 

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Moonstones? 

There are lots of different associations with the moonstone and its spiritual powers. One of the most common connotations to this stone is its ability to tap into the people’s divine femininity that keeps these stones close to themselves.

It is said to support fertility, decrease negativity, and receive the support of the moon goddess, Selene. It is commonly used within the context of lovers who seek to increase their own ability to control their emotions and work as the yin and yang for each other. 

The metaphysical properties of the moonstone also show up in a lot of different contexts. It connects deeply with the crown chakra and third eye chakra, which are often used to help people look more clearly within themselves.

A new moonstone will enable someone to use it as a lucky stone or sacred crystal since it is known to tap into the magic of the moon itself. Having such a powerful and peaceful connection can lead to much more positivity and stability in a person’s life. 

It was used commonly as a decorative stone and spiritual asset in Greek and Roman times. Through this period of history, the moonstone found its initial place of significance in the western world.

In the Art Nouveau period of European history, the moonstone entered the spotlight once again as a defined and prevalent precious stone to wear and engage with. These civilizations and belief systems helped pave the way for the modern use of moonstones within our cultures today.

Why Are Moonstones Important? 

Moonstones are some of the most important stones in the world today. They have a rich heritage in countless cultures, metaphysical purposes, and large degrees of importance in many spiritual belief systems.

Suppose you are looking to get jewelry that will have a significant degree of impact on your exterior looks and your inward spirituality and depth of character. In that case, the moonstone is one of the best precious stones to associate yourself with. 

If you want to find something else that’s more your style, don’t hesitate to look around for more precious stones. They are shared globally, and you can quickly look up the ones that are more in line with your birthstone, star sign, or even just fashion preferences.

No matter what you’re looking for, there are countless online and in jewelry shops that can help you find exactly what you need. 


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