The Meaning of Yellow Lightsaber: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the meaning of the yellow lightsaber? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the yellow lightsaber and more!

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What does the yellow lightsaber mean?

In the Star Wars canon, Yellow lightsabers are most commonly used by Sentinel Jedi, as opposed to Guardian or Consular Jedi, per Fandom. The game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic states that Sentinels are edi who “ferret out deceit and injustice” and “strike a balance between the physical and mental disciplines of the Jedi Order.” In this game, the Sentinel class is defaulted to having a yellow lightsaber. This color holds significance to the Jedi order, and coils symbolize an unwavering devotion of protection.

According to Star Wars Latin America, Emperor Palpatine, a key villain of the franchise, feared the yellow lightsaber. Lightsabers start off colorless due to the Kyber crystals they are made with, and only take on a color once they have been gathered and a bond between the crystal and the saber’s user has been formed. This lightsaber is most commonly seen in the Jedi Temple Guards’ pikes on the Star Wars animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The temple guards have double-bladed yellow sabers, which are even more uncommon than a single-bladed one. 

According to Ultrasabers, the yellow lightsaber is thought to be uncommon because there are few Jedi Sentinel in existence, and the ones that are out there usually occupy themselves with clandestine or non-combat duties. This means they would not deploy their sabers very often. These lightsabers are very powerful. 

What is a lightsaber?

According to Fandom, a lightsaber is a laser sword which is the main weapon that can be wielded by the Jedi, Sith, and other Force-sensitives. A lightsaber’s color is determined by the energy of its kyber crystal, which is the energy source of the lightsaber. Red crystals are usually associated with the Sith and the dark side, who wield red lightsabers. Blue and green are often associated with Jedi like the famous Luke Skywalker of Tatooine. Different people use different color lightsabers in the Star Wars canon created by George Lucas, now owned by Disney. Darth Vader’s is crimson, Mace Windu’s amethyst, Princess Leia’s is blue, Kylo Ren’s is red, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s is blue, Yoda’s is green, Mandalorians might carry a black or white Darksaber, Ben Solo’s is aquamarine, and Qui-Gon Jinn’s is green. Different characters all carry different color lightsabers that hold different significance. Below is a list of all of the different known lightsaber crystals.

  •  Velmorite
  •  Lambent
  •  Stygium
  •  Etaan crystal
  •  Kathracite
  •  Incineration
  •  Corusca
  •  Eralam
  •  Meetra Surik Crystal
  •  Meditation crystal
  •  Bondara’s Folly
  •  Jenruax
  •  Blackwing Crystal
  •  Dahgee
  •  Firkrann
  •  Danite[6]
  •  Kun’s Blood
  •  Sunrider’s Destiny
  •  Dantari crystal
  •  Damind
  •  Rubat
  •  Windu’s Guile
  •  Amplification
  •  Lignan crystal
  •  Life Drain
  •  Allya’s Redemption
  •  Compressed energy crystal
  •  Synth-crystal
  •  Sigil
  •  Qixoni
  •  Ruusan
  •  Katak
  •  Cunning of Tyranus
  •  Dawn of Dagobah
  •  Sapith
  •  Allya’s Exile
  •  Kasha
  •  Nextor
  •  Mantle of the Force
  •  Upari
  •  Lava crystal
  •  Kenobi’s Legacy
  •  Dragite
  •  Ghostfire crystal
  •  Phond
  •  Enhancement jewel
  •  Baas’ Wisdom
  •  Ultima-pearl
  •  Krayt dragon pearl
  •  Barab ingot
  •  Permafrost crystal
  •  Rainbow gem
  •  Lorrdian
  •  Ankarres Sapphire
  •  Hurrikaine
  •  Bane’s Heart
  •  Solari
  •  Corrosion
  •  Opila
  •  Luxum
  •  Durindfire
  •  Kaiburr
  •  Focus
  •  Adegan crystal
  •  Heart of the Guardian
  •  Pontite
  •  Bnar’s Sacrifice
  •  Relacite
  •  Impact
  •  Ulic’s Redemption
  •  Vexxtal
  •  Bondar
  •  Mephite

Lightsabers are mostly used in combat, which is the preferred fighting method of lightsaber wielders. Throughout the Star Wars franchise and the millennia in which the movies take place, a lot of different combat styles were refined. Currently, there are seven classic forms of combat that serve as the standard. There are also other numerous fighting methods that have advanced skill levels. Light Sabers are also used in different rituals, such as the knighting ceremonies of the Jedi Order. In the ceremony, a Padawan has their Padawan braid severed by the lightsaber held by their Jedi Master.  Lightsabers can also be used for practical applications such as cutting through materials or using the light source of the glowing plasma blade. 

Who uses a yellow lightsaber?

Only a few different characters throughout the Star Wars franchise use a yellow lightsaber. The bounty hunter Asajj Ventress bought hers on the black market, and Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano also used a yellow blade. Knights of the Old Republic character, Bastila Shan, used a yellow lightsaber. According to Screen Rant, In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers), the character Rey played by Daisy Ridley carries a yellow lightsaber. Some people believe that this means Rey is a Jedi Sentinel, who is a warrior that has balance between physical combat and the Force. Rey’s lightsaber color could also be considered to be in line with the purpose of the Jedi Temple Guard. Most characters carry red, blue, or green lightsabers, but there are also orange, purple, yellow, and even black lightsabers. A person can also choose to play with a yellow lightsaber in video games including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Overall, the yellow lightsaber is usually associated with the Jedi Sentinel, but not exclusively. This is an uncommon blade color, and there is a mystery to them. Their history is fairly unknown, but the star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey, uses a yellow lightsaber. It may seem like a lot of information because there are so many different lightsabers and films to watch, but take it one step at a time. Soon, you will be a Star Wars expert in no time.


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