The Meaning of Vertices: What It Is and How To Use It

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Did you ever learn about the parts of a shape in geometry class? If you did, you probably learned about vertices! In this article, we will go over several definitions of the word vertices. Then, you can read through example sentences containing the word vertices and additional information about this concept.

What Does Vertices Mean?

Vertices is the plural form of the word vertex, which refers to the highest point of something, according to Dictionary. Vertex also has several other definitions in different fields. (People might think that the plural of the word vertex is “vertexes,” but this is incorrect.)

In geometry, a vertex is a point where two line segments or edges meet. The number of spots where lines meet will determine the number of edges and the number of faces a polygon or solid shape has. For example, 2D shapes and 3D shapes both have straight edges connected by a corner point (the vertex), but only 3D shapes have numerous flat faces.

In zoology and anatomy, the vertex refers to the highest point on a person or animal’s head. This is also true in craniometry. In astronomy, a vertex is a place in the celestial sphere where a group of stars is heading toward or from.

How Can We Use Vertices in a Sentence?

The word vertices has several definitions, as you have just learned. As you read the below examples of vertices, see if you can identify which definition is used. Then, after you feel confident with your knowledge of the word vertices, see if you can use the word vertices in a sentence yourself!

Example #1: How Many Vertices?

The number of vertices a shape has differs depending on if it is a 2D shape or 3D shape.

Question: What does the word vertices mean in the above sentence?

Answer: The word vertices refers to points where two line segments meet.

Example #2: It’s the Climb

After nine long hours of climbing, we finally reached one of the vertices of the mountain. However, we were disappointed to find a valley covered in fog, not a breathtaking view.

Question: What does the word vertices mean in the above sentence?

Answer: The word vertices refers to the highest points of something.

Example #3: Counting Vertices

The children learned to identify a quadrilateral, hexagon, polyhedron, octahedron, and tetrahedron by the number of vertices they have. They wrote the answers on their worksheets.

Question: What does the word vertices mean in the above sentence?

Answer: The word vertices refers to points where two line segments meet.

Example #4: Multiple Vertices

As we trekked up the hill to our new school, we found that there were multiple vertices. The sidewalks would get very steep and then go downhill several times.

Question: What does the word vertices mean in the above sentence?

Answer: The word vertices refers to the highest points of something.

What Are Translations of Vertices?

English is not the only language that uses vertices. In fact, people in other countries who speak different languages have their own words for vertices. For example, if you are studying mathematics or geometry in another country, studying this list of translations for the word vertices from Nice Translator can prove useful. 

  • Catalan: vèrtexs
  • Kannada: ಶೃಂಗಗಳು
  • Vietnamese: đỉnh
  • Lithuanian: viršūnės
  • Hungarian: csúcsok
  • German: Eckpunkte
  • Bengali: উল্লম্ব
  • Turkish: köşe köşeleri
  • Telugu: శీర్షాలు
  • Urdu: عمودی
  • Greek: κορυφές
  • Bulgarian: върхове
  • Latvian: virsotnes
  • Finnish: kärjet
  • Marathi: शिरोबिंदू
  • Danish: Højder
  • Tamil: செங்குத்துகள்
  • Swahili: wima
  • Ukrainian: вершини
  • Thai: จุดยอด
  • Spanish: vértices
  • Serbian: врхови
  • Korean: 정점
  • Hebrew: קודקודים
  • Icelandic: hornpunktar
  • Swedish: häckar
  • Gujarati: verપંગ
  • Slovenian: vrhovi
  • Russian: Вершины
  • Italian: vertici
  • Czech: vrcholy
  • Malay: simpang
  • Portuguese (Portugal): vértices
  • Arabic: الرؤوس
  • Hindi: कोने
  • Romanian: vârfuri
  • Croatian: vrhovi
  • Chinese (PRC): 顶点
  • Norwegian: hjørner
  • Basque: bertikal
  • Portuguese (Brazil): vértices
  • Dutch: hoekpunten
  • Indonesian: sudut
  • Welsh: fertigau
  • Amharic: ethrests
  • Polish: wierzchołki
  • Malayalam: ലംബങ്ങൾ
  • Estonian: tipud
  • Slovak: vrcholy
  • Filipino: mga vertice
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 頂點
  • Japanese: 頂点
  • French: sommets

What Are Synonyms of Vertices?

Since the word vertices has multiple definitions, it can be very useful to know words that you can use in place of it. Below, you’ll find numerous synonyms of the word vertex that you can pluralize to form a synonym of the word vertices. 

  • acme
  • aiguille
  • angle
  • apex
  • apexes
  • apices
  • apogee
  • bloom
  • brink
  • brow
  • cap
  • climax
  • crest
  • crown
  • culmination
  • edge
  • elevation
  • eminence
  • end
  • extreme
  • extremity
  • finial
  • flower
  • head
  • height
  • heights
  • heyday
  • high
  • high noon
  • high point
  • highest point
  • hill
  • hilltop
  • inselberg
  • leaf node
  • limit
  • maximum
  • meridian
  • mount
  • mountain
  • mountaintop
  • ne plus ultra
  • node
  • pate
  • peak
  • peaks
  • pinnacle
  • pitch
  • point
  • pole
  • prime
  • ridge
  • roof
  • spire
  • summit
  • summits
  • tip
  • tiptop
  • top
  • top point
  • upper extremity
  • utmost
  • vertexes
  • very top
  • zenith

What Are Antonyms of Vertices?

To refer to the bottom of something rather than the top, you can use this list of antonyms of vertex. It can be powerful to know many different opposites options for a certain word. 

  • base
  • basis
  • beginning
  • bottom
  • commencement
  • dene
  • feet
  • flange
  • floor
  • flooring
  • foot
  • footing
  • foundation
  • fountainhead
  • funds
  • fundus
  • grounding
  • grounds
  • least
  • minimum
  • nadir
  • opening
  • plateau
  • rock bottom
  • start
  • surface level
  • valley


The word vertices is the plural of vertex. The word vertex can refer to the highest point of something, or it can refer to a point where two line segments meet in geometry. Since the word vertex can have multiple meanings, it is useful to know synonyms for this multifaceted word. Do you know how many vertices are in different shapes?



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