The Meaning of TTS: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the meaning of the abbreviation TTS is? This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need on the acronym TTS, including its meaning, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the acronym TTS stand for?

According to Search Mobile Computing, the acronym TTS stands for “text to speech.” Text to speech is a type of assistive technology in which a mobile phone or other device can read typed text out loud. This can be useful for people who are visually impaired, or to assist those who struggle with reading. Text to speech can help people who are learning to read match sounds to words, and it can also help people to focus on what they are reading as they follow along, according to Understood. This can also be useful for editors who are reading books or articles – sometimes the brain can trick us into thinking something is correct, but when we hear it aloud, we recognize typos or grammatical errors.

According to The Free Dictionary and Acronym Finder, the acronym TTS can also stand for a plethora of other things, however these meanings may be less common. One should always exercise caution when using an acronym that has multiple meanings and ensure their intent is clear. Make sure that the other person knows that the acronym you are using stands for before sending, otherwise they may be very confused.

  • Transparent Touch Screen
  • Telegraphic Transfer Selling (currency rate)
  • Total Technical Support (various companies)
  • Temip Tcl Scripting
  • Task Transfer Sheet
  • Thermo Time Switch
  • Tool Tip Style
  • Temperature Test Set
  • Total Technology Solution (software)
  • Telemetry Test Simulator
  • The Transplantation Society (Canada)
  • Target Tug Squadron
  • Time to Sleep
  • Targeting-Tracking System (gaming)
  • Through-The-Scope (esophageal balloon dilator)
  • True Total Sulfur
  • Tracked Transit System
  • Transdermal Therapeutic System
  • Transportation Technical Services (est. 2003)
  • Telephone Technical Support
  • Technical Training Specialist
  • Travel to Scanplane (MRI scans)
  • Teka Teki Silang (Indonesia crossword)
  • Test Technology Symposium
  • Technology Transfer Society
  • Temporary Threshold Shift (hearing)
  • Torrance Transit System (California)
  • Technical Training Squadron (USAF)
  • Tertiary Trauma Survey (medical examination)
  • Table Top System
  • Time-Temperature-Sensitization
  • Trouble Ticketing System
  • Time to Stabilization
  • Travel Time System (various locations)
  • Trouble Tracking System (Hekimian)
  • Tape Tracking System
  • The Transit System (Texas)
  • Time to Service
  • Toeristiek Travel Search (tourism; Netherlands and Belgium)
  • Teacher Training School
  • True to Size (merchandise fitting)
  • Triple Transient Suppression
  • Tabletop Simulator (gaming)
  • Timed Transition System
  • Transactional Tracking System
  • Trunk Traffic Simulator
  • Ticker Tape Server
  • Tactical Training Strategy
  • The Thespian Society (Philippine Normal University)
  • Tilt Tray Sorter (baggage handling systems)
  • Through the Stargate (gaming)
  • Transition to Support
  • Transaction Tracking System
  • TIRKS Table System (Alcatel)
  • Taipei Trade Shows (Taiwan)
  • Tenure Track System (various locations)
  • Timber Stringer- Timber Deck (engineering)
  • Thru Tubing Solutions (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Total Travel Service, Inc.
  • Through-the-Sensor
  • Technical Test Specification
  • Transmission Test Set
  • Twin Transfusion Syndrome (medical)
  • Tank Thermal Sights
  • Two Tier Scheduling
  • Transition to Supervision
  • Time to Send
  • Tactical Training Simulator (US DoD)
  • Temporary Technical Services, Inc.
  • Time Temperature Superpositioning
  • Teletypesetter
  • Training the Street, Inc (New York, NY financial instruction)
  • Trinity Theological Seminary (various organizations)
  • Transistor-Transistor Logic, Schottky Barrier
  • Total Training Solutions
  • Task Tracking System

How does text to speech work?

Text to speech used a computer generated voice that can be sped up or down. This computer generated voice can have many different qualities, including accent, gender, or age. Many text to speech tools highlight the words as they are being read aloud, which can help early readers identify words.

According to Explain That Stuff, the first mechanical speaking machine was invented by Austro-Hungarian inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1769. He used bellows and bagpipe components to try and produce a human sounding voice. People tried to improve upon this base invention until 1928, when Homer W. Dudley invented the Voder, which was an electronic speech synthesizer that was operated via a keyboard. In 1953, an American scientist named Walter Lawrence created PAT, a format synthesizer that was able to talk by combining formant frequencies. The most famous text to speech software, Siri, was released in 2011 by Apple on its iPhone smartphone.

How can the acronym TTS be used in a sentence?

The acronym TTS can be used to describe anything that is performing a text to speech function. In this example, Natalie is both listening to and reading a book on her eReader device. Lucy, her roommate, walks into her room.

Lucy: What are you doing?

Natalie: Reading.

Lucy: What was that noise?

Natalie: I like to have the TTS on while I read, it helps me focus. OTherwise I just start thinking about other stuff and before you know it, I’ve read a whole chapter but haven’t absorbed any of it. Listening to it as I go really helps!

Lucy: Wow, that’s such a great idea! I should do that for some of the articles I have to read for school. I can never seem to focus on those. 

Natalie: You should! There’s a ton of apps out there that can do it for you – you can even choose the voice!

Lucy: I am absolutely going to have a hot British guy read me these boring chemistry problems.

Overall, the acronym TTS most commonly stands for text to speech. While the acronym has a plethora of other meanings, TTS is the most popular. TTS is a type of software that allows smartphones, computers, tablets, and other devices to read typed text aloud. This can be useful for people who are visually impaired, learning to read, have dyslexia, or struggle to focus while reading, as well as editors who are looking to catch typos or grammatical errors.