The Meaning of TTM: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever wondered what the acronym TTM stands for? This article will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the abbreviation TTM, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation TTM stand for?

According to Urban Dictionary, the internet slang term TTM stands for “talk to me.” This term is commonly used in a way that is similar to the terms “call me” or “hit me up.” People use the abbreviation TTM over social media and via text message to ask another person to call them, text them, or simply talk to them. This can be used to gain information from others, to make plans, or to have a casual chat.

The abbreviation TTM is also a financial term. According to Investopedia, TTM stands for trailing 12 months in the financial industry. This term refers to the past twelve months or one year of performance data from a company. Companies use this to report their financial figures. This 12 month period does not necessarily have to coincide with a calendar year or a fiscal-year ending period. Companies use these numbers to look back on their financial performance, net income, metrics, and earnings ratio over the last twelve months. It is interesting to see how a company’s performance may have changed in a full year.

TTM is an important data analysis period that analysts use to determine a wide variety of financial data on different companies. Some analysts report these numbers quarterly and others report tham annually. Investors might even seek TTM results when they are looking to invest in the stock of different companies. Many companies use TTM numbers to measure their growth within the past year and see how their company is performing in comparison to previous times. Companies report TTM data on a balance sheet which is often updated quarterly to comply with GAAP, or generally accepted accounting principles.

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation TTM can stand for much more than “trailing twelve months” and “talk to me!” While these other definitions are accepted, they are far less common than the two main definitions and should therefore be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate meanings, make sure that proper context is provided so that the reader is not confused. This should be a standard practice whenever you decide to use an acronym that has multiple meanings.

  • Target Threat Manager
  • Telstar Tecnologia Mecánica SL (Spain)
  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Trichotillomania (impulse control disorder to pull out one’s hair)
  • Tilting Tumbling Machine
  • To the Max
  • Technologie Transfer Marburg eV (Germany)
  • Time To Market
  • Temporary Traffic Management
  • Taconic Transgenic Models (laboratory animals)
  • Troubleshooting Manual
  • Through the Mail (autographs)
  • Tightrope Technologies Motorsport (Ireland)
  • Transtheoretical Model
  • Tiny Task Manager
  • Tecnologie Trasporti Mare (Italian shipping magazine)
  • Through Transmissive Media Modules
  • Tennis de Table de Montgermont (French: Montgermont Table Tennis; est. 1983)
  • Test Traffic Measurement (Service)
  • Table Top Meeting
  • Textile Technology Management
  • Timely Topics in Medicine
  • Test, Tren, Mast (steroids)
  • Teman Tapi Mesra (Indonesian song)
  • To the Moderator
  • Tutor Training Manual
  • Tommy the Matchmaker
  • Time to Myself
  • Transform-Task Method
  • Total Tumor Mass
  • Tata Motors Inc.
  • Tam Tam Mandingue
  • Traditionelle Thai Massage (German: Traditional Thai Massage)
  • The Time Machine
  • Telescopic Trailer Mast
  • Tulsa TV Memories
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Test Traffic Measurements
  • Transceiver Timing Module
  • Tetrathiomolybdate
  • Timber Stringer–Metal Deck (engineering)
  • Total Therapeutic Management
  • Target Trajectory Mapping
  • Touching the Monolith (podcast)
  • Till This Moment
  • Threat Training Manual (US DoD)
  • Time Transfer Message
  • Texas Transportation Museum (San Antonio)
  • Tactical Tasking Message
  • The Tactile Mind (publisher)
  • Tour of the Tucson Mountains
  • Time-Triggered Methods
  • Total Trust Management
  • Targeted Temperature Management (health care)
  • Tensile Testing Machine (metallurgy)
  • Tranquility Training Method
  • Transition and Transformation Methodology (various organizations)
  • Theater Transportation Mission
  • Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
  • Telegraphic Transfer Middle Rate (foreign exchange market)
  • The Third Manifesto
  • Thai Traditional Medicine (Thailand)
  • The True Maker
  • Toyota Tsusho Metals (London, UK)
  • Telecom Test and Measurement
  • Tri Town Marine (Harrington, ME)
  • Test Manual
  • To the Moon
  • True for Transactional Modeling
  • Training Target Material (US DoD)
  • Train the Trainers Manual
  • Technical Task Manager
  • Trans Thai-Malaysia Ltd (pipeline company)
  • Terrorism Threat Monitor
  • Turntablist Transcription Methodology (musical notation)
  • Time Transfer Modem
  • Tactical Target/ing Material
  • Tex to MathML (translator)
  • Ten Ton Music (UK studio)
  • TESS (Tactical Engagement Simulation System) Training Missile
  • Test Tube Miller (laboratory device)
  • Timing Test Measurement (Symmetricom)
  • Tiny Tin Men (miniature wargaming blog)

What are synonyms for the acronym TTM?

While there are not many terms that provide the same meaning as the financial implications of TTM, there are many different ways that one can say the social media or chat speak definition of TTM, talk to me. It is very useful to know many different synonyms for slang terms because there are many circumstances in which it is inappropriate to use these informal abbreviations, like in a business email or formal letter. This list of synonyms for talk to me is from Thesaurus.

  • prate
  • divulge
  • sing
  • parley
  • communicate
  • squeak
  • chant
  • gossip
  • verbalize
  • drone
  • ventriloquize
  • rhapsodize
  • spout
  • intone
  • utter
  • tell all
  • articulate
  • confess
  • pronounce
  • prattle
  • chat
  • gabble
  • yak
  • patter
  • chatter
  • run on
  • use
  • express
  • voice
  • tell
  • describe
  • persuade
  • comment on
  • give voice to
  • flap one’s tongue
  • talk one’s leg off
  • spill the beans
  • drawl
  • squeal
  • speak
  • influence
  • reveal
  • say
  • gab
  • palaver
  • babble
  • converse
  • soliloquize
  • notify
  • broach

How can the abbreviation TTM be used in a sentence?

People will often use TTM to refer to trailing twelve months in business settings. For example, someone might ask:

“Ray, could you send me the most recent balance sheet? I want to look at our TTM numbers.”

People would use TTM via text message to mean “talk to me.” For example:

Hey dude, TTM when you have a sec – let’s figure out the plan for this weekend!”

Overall, the abbreviation TTM most often either stands for “talk to me” or “trailing 12 months.” These abbreviations are used on chat speak and on social media as well as in the financial world.