Straight Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How to Use It

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Straight (streɪt, streyt) is an interesting word. Not only does it refer to moving uniformly in one direction, but when used as a colloquial term, our word of the day describes heterosexual people. 

Confused? Not to worry — we’re here to help!

In this article, we’re exploring the word straight to uncover its definition, synonyms, usage, and more. So, if you’re curious about this peculiar term — keep reading. 

What Is the Definition of Straight?

According to the Britannica Dictionary, the adjective straight can be defined as not having curves, bends, or angles and exactly vertical or horizontal. For instance, think of things like; a straight line, straight hair, going straight back, straight roads, or even the straight part of a racecourse.

When used as an adverb, the word straight means without detour or delay. For example, if you go straight to your friend’s house, you go there immediately. 

The word can also mean honest, direct, or heterosexual (as in a straight woman or a straight man). Other word forms of straight are as follows:

  • Straightly
  • Straightness
  • Straights
  • Straighter
  • Straightest

What Are the Synonyms and Antonyms of Straight?

Synonyms and antonyms are not only useful to avoid repetition when speaking or writing, but these tools also provide a great way to memorize new words.  

A synonym is a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word. With this in mind, the synonyms of straight include:

  • Heterosexual person 
  • Flat as a pancake 
  • Undiluted
  • Fuddy Duddy
  • Stick in the mud
  • Drug-free 
  • Behind the times
  • Socially acceptable
  • Old fashioned 
  • Buttoned down
  • Strait-laced
  • Uptight
  • Pooterish 
  • Straight-lined 
  • Law-abiding
  • With straight lines
  • Proper order
  • Like an arrow
  • Hetero 
  • In a standing position 
  • On one’s feet 
  • In a row
  • Fair and square 
  • In order
  • In a line
  • Plain speaking
  • Out front
  • On the level 
  • Point blank
  • Shipshape and Bristol fashion
  • Spick and span
  • Neat and tidy
  • In apple-pie order
  • Well kept
  • In good shape
  • Put to rights
  • Straightaway 
  • As straight as an arrow
  • Pricked up
  • Stand up 
  • Of same height 
  • Parallel with the ground
  • Dead flat
  • As sober as a judge
  • Off the sauce
  • Off the booze
  • On the wagon
  • Out and out
  • Lined up
  • Properly positioned
  • No nonsense
  • Free of drugs 
  • Took the pledge 
  • Well thought out
  • One after the other 
  • On the trot
  • Back to back
  • In succession 
  • Straight from the shoulder
  • Plain spoken

In contrast, an antonym is a word that has an opposite meaning. Antonyms of straight include:

  • Winding 
  • Circuitous
  • On and off
  • Roundabout
  • Meandrous
  • Sinuous
  • Out of order
  • Screwlike
  • Coiling
  • Queer
  • Zigzag
  • Curved
  • Curvy
  • Off the wall
  • Gyrating
  • Bent
  • Crooked 
  • Pie eyed 

How Can You Use Straight in a Sentence?

Our word of the day can refer to someone’s sexuality as well as something that’s linear and not bent. 

With this in mind, let’s check out a few sentence examples to help you feel comfortable making the word straight a part of your everyday vocabulary:

I won the jackpot the other day at the casino —and with a straight flush, no less!

When I went to the bar, I ordered my whiskey straight up, but the bartender gave it to me mixed with Cola.

Yes, I am fully aware that you’re of the opposite sex… but as I said, I’m not straight.

The comedian delivered a hilarious joke with a perfectly straight face.

Cindy set the record straight after making her famous homemade cookies — she is definitely the best baker in the office!

Timothy, please just give me a straight answer; do you prefer me with curly hair or straight hair? 

Give it to me straight — which political party are you rooting for?

Did you know that the word straight derives from the past participle of strecchen, meaning to stretch?

After staying up three straight days and nights, I finally completed my research paper on sexual orientation.

Please look straight ahead at all times when you’re behind the wheel.

I told Toby to drive straight but he keeps deviating from the path.

No way my dad goes for this idea. He’s a straight Democrat, and this goes against everything he stands for! 

It’s a straight choice — you either pick him or me.

Straight off the bat, I am not particularly fond of your shoes, but don’t worry — I am a fashion designer and can help to upgrade your look!

Look, I can’t handle any more lies. So, please just tell me — are you being straight with me?

What Are Some Translations of the Word Straight?

Now that you understand what our word of the day means, you might be interested in learning the many different ways to say straight. So, to satisfy your curiosity, we’ve compiled a short list of common translations for you to review below:

  • Dutch — recht 
  • European Spanish — recto 
  • Finnish — suora 
  • Russian — прямой 
  • Spanish — recto 
  • Swedish — rak 
  • Thai — ตรง
  • Turkish — doğru çizgi
  • Ukrainian — прямий
  • American English — straight  
  • Arabic — مُسْتَقيم 
  • Brazilian Portuguese — reto 
  • Chinese (simplified) — 直的 
  • Croatian — ravan 
  • Czech — rovný 
  • Danish — lige
  • Vietnamese — thẳng
  • Japanese — まっすぐな 
  • Korean — 똑바른 
  • Norwegian — rett 
  • Polish — prosty równy
  • European Portuguese — reto 
  • Romanian — drept
  • British English — straight
  • French — droit pas courbé
  • German — gerade 
  • Greek — ευθύς 
  • Italian — dritto

A Final Word

Although our word of the day may seem like a pretty straightforward term with an easy-to-understand definition, the truth is that this is anything but the case. Why? 

Simply put, the term straight can refer to a number of different things, including someone’s sexuality, an uncrooked line moving uniformly in one direction, as well as an object possessing no bends, curves, or twists — that’s why!  

So, if the word straight ever crosses your path, be sure to pick up on context clues to ensure that you understand the correct usage being conveyed. 


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