The Meaning of STG: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need on the internet acronym STG, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more! Read this article to find out more.

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What does STG stand for?

STG is an acronym that most commonly means “swear to God,” according to Collins Dictionary. This piece of internet slang is used for emphasis, or to assert that someone is telling the truth, according to Urban Dictionary, and is most commonly used in text messaging or on social media. This initialism also has a couple of variants, including S2G, in which the “to” is replaced by the number two, and ISTG, which stands for “I swear to God,” according to Dictionary.

STG has other different meanings, though these are less common. When using STG, ensure that your context and meaning are very clear – you don’t want thinking you meant the slang term “swear to God” when you meant “short term goal”! These other definitions of STG are provided by Cyber Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms and Acronym Finder.

  • Sterling (silver)
  • STG (Sciences, Technology and Globalization) Corporation Pty LTD
  • Stage (NASA)
  • Sonar Technician Surface (US Navy)
  • St. George (Amtrak station code for St. George, UT)
  • Short Term Goal
  • Special Task or Tactics Group
  • Storage
  • Shooting Game
  • Slaves To Gravity
  • State Transition Graph
  • Sigma Tau Gamma
  • Shoot ‘Em Up (video game)
  • SubTheGamer
  • Stormgevär (Swedish assault rifle)
  • Security Threat Group (corrections)
  • Special Technical Group (USENIX Association)
  • Shiny Toy Guns (band)
  • Steam Turbine Generator
  • Stereographic
  • Space Task group
  • Strategic Thought Group plc
  • Soft Tissue Graft
  • Science, Technology, and Globalization (degree)
  • Special Transitional Grant
  • Steel Through Girder (engineering)
  • Standard Trading Group (Tempe, AZ)
  • Standards Task Group
  • Scanning Thermogravimetry

Is STG casual or formal?

STG is an extremely casual phrase and should never be used in professional settings. While some of the acronym’s meanings may have a place in the workforce or other professional or formal settings, one should still be careful when using STG that the recipient understands the intended meaning and it is abundantly clear.

Below is an example in which using STG would be very inappropriate, followed by a revised version of the same email. Fiona received a failing grade on an essay because her professor thought she was committing plagiarism. When she sees the grade in her online gradebook, Fiona emails her.


Hi Dr. Smythe, 

Ummm NGL I’m super confused at my grade for last wk’s essay. A 0?! For plagiarism?! I STG I didn’t plagiarize anything! I can show u all my proof, all my sources n everything. I promise I didn’t plagiarize or cheat plz let me prove it 2 u. I need this class 2 graduate.



Hi Dr. Smythe,

I was just notified that my grade for the essay that was due last week was posted to the gradebook, and when I checked my grade I was confused to say the least. I can assure you, I did not plagiarize. I can show you each and every one of my sources and where they were quoted in the paper, as well as the revision history from my document. Please let me know how we can work together to fix this; I would never cheat or plagiarize my work. Thank you for your time.


Fiona G.

Especially in a circumstance as serious an academic integrity the use of chat and text lingo is highly inappropriate. Fiona should write a professional, calm, direct email– this way, she is more likely to be taken seriously by her professor.

How can STG be used in a sentence?

The internet abbreviation STG can be used in many different ways to emphasize when someone is desperate to be believed. In this example, Fatin was out sick from school. Leah texts her about what happened in their mock trial club.

Leah: OMG, Fatin. U r gonna be so bummed that u were out sick 2day.

Fatin: Why?!?

Leah: Basically Stacy had a complete meltdown and went off on Dani. She said she was the worst president the club’s ever had, all she cares about is making herself look good, that she’ll never be a lawyer. Then she ripped up all the mock trial docs and walked out. It was insane!

Fatin: No way!

Leah: STG!

Here, Leah uses the acronym STG to show Fatin that though her story may be unbelievable, it is the truth. People can use STG in numerous different ways when they are asserting things that are less than believable. For example:

STG, I saw a UFO last night!

I saw Tyler and Brandi making out behind the bleachers, STG!

My cat just said “hello” to me– STG!

What are synonyms for STG?

There are many different ways in which one can emphasize the truth of their statement. Below is a list of words and phrases with the same meaning as “swear to God,” from Word Hippo and Thesaurus.

  • I solemnly promise
  • I’m not lying
  • You have my word
  • I swear up and down
  • Maintain
  • Take an oath
  • I hereby declare
  • I decree
  • Honestly
  • Give witness
  • Cross my heart
  • Swear on my life
  • I’m telling the truth
  • Attest
  • Depose
  • Warrant
  • Vow
  • Swear
  • Testify
  • Pinky promise
  • Promise
  • Guarantee

Overall, the acronym STG stands for “swear to God.” This phrase is used to emphasize the truth of a statement or assertion. This phrase has a couple of variants, S2G and ISTG, and is frequently used in texting or on social media. This phrase should only be used in casual conversation.