The Meaning of Soz: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know how to use the term soz? This guide will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the internet slang term soz, including its definition, usage, synonyms, useful text conversations, and more!

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What does the slang word soz mean?

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, Urban Dictionary and other dictionary apps, the term soz is an informal abbreviation for the word sorry. This is often used in writing and is used to refer to something that is not serious or important. This term is most popular in British English and Australian English. One would commonly see the term soz used on social media or via text message. One might  put the reason for their being sorry before or after an em dash and the word soz. For example, one could say, “I forgot to bring the book I was going to loan you – soz!” or “Soz for not texting you back – I fell asleep!”

According to The Free Dictionary and Acronym Finder, “soz” is not only a slang term, but also a variety of different acronyms. While the meaning “sorry” is the most common particularly in British English and Australian English, one may encounter these acronyms. SOZ can stand for any of the below terms.

  • Serum Opsonized Zymozan
  • Slovenska Oglasevalska Zbornica (Slovenian: Slovenian Chamber of Advertising)
  • Small Occluded Zones
  • Spirit of Zopilote (trawler)

How can the interjection soz be used in a sentence?

The word soz can be used in many different circumstances to express an apology to someone. This is most commonly used on social media or via text message. In the first example below, Anika is talking to Kit about their homework for the night via instant messenger.

Anika: Do you know what we have to do for English tonight? I missed class. I was in the nurse’s office because my insulin was low.

Kit: Ah, soz, I don’t! I got to school late this morning. My mum’s car wouldn’t start.

Anika: Oh no! No worries, I’m sure Katie wrote it down. I’ll let you know what she says.

Kit: Thanks!

Here, Kit uses the phrase soz to say that she is sorry that she doesn’t know what their English homework for the night is. In this next example, Anika and Kit will use the word soz when planning a fun girls night.

Kit: Do you think your mom would let us all sleep in your basement?

Anika: Ugh, soz, the basement flooded and it’s super gross down there. We probably shouldn’t use it.

Kit: No problem! I’m sure my mom would let us use our attic. I just have to dust it – which she should be happy about!

What is the origin of the word soz?

It is difficult to determine the exact birth of the abbreviation soz for sorry, according to 7 ESL. With many different internet slang terms, it is nearly impossible to know exactly where they came from or who said it first. Similarly to the abbreviations OMG, LOL, or BRB, we know that they came into popularity as abbreviated ways to say words and phrases, but we do not know exactly who invented it or said it first. However, since this term is so popular in the UK, we can infer that it was probably birthed on social media or in text messages in the United Kingdom somewhere.

Is the internet slang soz casual or formal?

The abbreviation soz is a very informal way to say sorry. It is considered a slang term and is therefore only appropriate to use in casual situations, like via a text message with friends or family. It is not appropriate to use the word soz in more formal settings, like business emails, negotiations, letters, or other scenarios in which it is best to be professional. Below is an example of a situation in which it would be very inappropriate to use the term soz, followed by a revised version of the same message. Here, Rebecca is emailing her boss Emily because Emily let her know that she left the store open the night before. 


Hey Em,

OMG, soz! I wuz rushing out of there n I must’ve 4gotten I’m so so sry!! It won’t happen again.



Hi Emily,

Please let me offer my profuse apologies. I was hurrying home and in my rush, I forgot to pull the keys out of the door. This will not happen again. I am incredibly sorry for the potential damage this could have caused. 



In such a serious situation, Rebecca should maintain proper email etiquette and use professional language to show Emily, her boss, that she understands the severity of the situation.

What are synonyms for the word soz?

There are many different ways one can let someone know that they are sorry. If one wished to use a phrase that was more formal than the term soz, they could use a synonym. A synonym is a word or phrase that means the same thing as another word or phrase. This list of synonyms for soz is provided by MacMillan Dictionary Thesaurus.

  • I’m sorry
  • I regret to inform you
  • Pardon
  • My humble apologies
  • My sincere apologies
  • My deepest apologies
  • I beg your pardon
  • Excuse me
  • Forgive me
  • I’m afraid
  • If only
  • Unfortunately
  • I hate to say
  • Excuse me
  • I’m ashamed to admit
  • I’m sorry to say
  • I’m on my knees
  • I’m sad to say

Overall, the trending English language slang term soz means “sorry.” This is a British internet slang term that is a shortened, informal version of an apology. It is usually used for minor or unimportant things, and should never be used in professional or formal situations.