The Meaning of PPU: What It Is and How To Use It

What does the abbreviation PPU stand for? This guide will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the acronym PPU, including its definition, usage, sentence examples, and more!

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What is the definition of PPU?

According to Dictionary, Cyber Definitions, and Cola Today, the acronym PPU is often used on internet marketplace sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to mean “pending pick up” or “porch pick up.” Someone will mark an item pending pick up if they have already technically sold it to a buyer, but said buyer has not picked it up yet. This way, if for some reason the buyer does not show up, the listing is still active and the item can go to the next interested buyer. Then, the seller does not have to repost the item and gain interest a second time. Someone will mark an item porch pick up if they plan to leave it outside for a contactless pickup. This way, the buyer and the seller never need to interact. Particularly if the buyer has paid online or the seller is not going to be home, coordinating a sale to be porch pickup only is convenient for both parties. Both of these meanings of PPU might be seen in item listings or descriptions. 

According to Acronym Finder and The Free Dictionary, the acronym PPU also has numerous other definitions. While these are less common than porch pick up or pending pick up, they are still valid definitions. However, one should be careful when using one of these alternate definitions, Make sure that the reader is provided with proper context so that they are not confused when reading the acronym.

  • Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Prime Power Unit
  • Parallel Processing Unit
  • Power Processing Unit (solar electric propulsion)
  • Power Protection Unit
  • Prvi Partizan Uzice (Serbian ammunition company)
  • Packet Pick-Up (racing events)
  • Picture Processing Unit
  • Pixelpushers United (pixel art commune)
  • Primary Place of Usage
  • Price Per Unit
  • Pre Purification Unit
  • Peripheral Processor Unit
  • Pre Processor Unit
  • Post Processing Unit
  • Pixel Processing Unit
  • Public Protection Unit (UK)
  • Peripheral Processing Unit
  • Palestine Polytechnic University
  • Pre Processor Utility
  • Preproduction Unit
  • Peoples Potential Unlimited (record label that reissues vinyl records)
  • Programme de Prévention Urbaine (French)
  • Professional People in Urbe
  • Pre Production Unit
  • Production Prototype Unit
  • Police Protection Unit (Zimbabwe)
  • Portable Production Unit
  • Physical Planning Unit (Grenada)
  • Procurement Policy Unit (UK)
  • Position Pick-off Unit (aviation)
  • Peace Pledge Union (UK)
  • Please Pick Up
  • Postpartum Unit
  • Physics Processing Unit
  • Praktisk-Pedagogisk Utdanning (Norwegian: Practical Pedagogical Education)
  • Pay Per Use
  • Powerplay Unit (hockey)
  • Portable Pilot Unit (Microsoft)
  • Protocol Processing Unit
  • Plastic People of the Universe (band)

How can PPU be used in a sentence?

The acronym PPU can be used when a buyer is communicating with a seller via an online marketplace. The buyer might DM the seller, or “direct message” them, to get more details on a certain item. In this first example, the seller is going to use the acronym PPU to stand for “pending pick up.”

Buyer: Hi! I am interested in the large collection of used Barbie dolls. I have a 6-year-old and two 3-year-old girls who I know would go crazy over them. Are those dolls still available?

Seller: Hi! The dolls are currently PPU. However, the buyer has not provided me with their payment information yet, and they were supposed to pick them up an hour ago but they have not arrived. If they do not pick them up by tonight, I will let you know and we can coordinate an exchange.

Buyer: Great! Thank you so much!

Here, the seller uses the term PPU to tell the seller that while the items are technically sold, their pickup is pending and there is still a chance she may be able to purchase the items. In the next example, the abbreviation PPU will be used to mean porch pick up. The same seller and buyer interact the next day.

Seller: You’re in luck! The other purchaser never showed up. The dolls are yours! 

Buyer: Amazing! I can come pick them up this afternoon. Does that work for you? Oh, my girls are going to be so excited!

Seller: I won’t be home, but you can just Venmo or PayPal me the cost of the dolls and I’ll leave the bin outside for PPU. Then you can come by whenever it is convenient.

Buyer: Great. I just sent you the payment. Thank you!

Seller: Thank you!

What are other acronyms one might see on an internet marketplace?

According to Cola Today, there are many slang terms that one may see on an online marketplace site that could be unfamiliar. Below, a selection of these terms are defined.

  • ISO – In Search Of – A buyer is looking for a specific item.
  • OBO – Or Best Offer – The seller is willing to accept higher or lower than the advertised price depending on the interest from buyers.
  • NWT – New With Tags – The item being sold is brand new with the tags still on
  • NWOT – New With Out Tags – The item being sold is brand new but does not have tags on.

Overall, the acronym PPU typically stands for either pending pick up or porch pick up if someone sees this phrase on an internet marketplace site like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace. This acronym can also stand for other things, but these are the most common. An item is pending pick up if it has been sold but not picked up yet, and an item may be labeled as porch pick up if the seller wants to coordinate a contactless transaction with the buyer. Slang terms like PPU might be difficult to decipher if you do not frequently shop on online marketplaces.