The Meaning of Poggers: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the term poggers means? This guide will provide you with its definition, etymology, example sentences, and more!

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What Does the Term Poggers Mean?

The term poggers is a slang term. This can be used as an adjective to mean awesome or excellent. This term is also used as an exclamation or interjection to denote excitement or amazement. Poggers can also be used as a verb to refer to someone who is referencing the PogChamp Twitch emote by opening their mouth in excitement. The emote originally has a man wearing a surprised look (Gooteck’s face) and was used as a positive term.

Many variations on the term poggers exist in gaming. These include PogChamp, PogU, OkayChamp, WeirdChamp, pog, and other common alternatives. The original Twitch emote was removed in the beginning 2021, but it was then replaced by various different emotes used by the Twitch chat during a stream. A stream is when a Twitch streamer, or user who posts content, live streams content, often of themselves playing video games.

This internet slang term is very popular on live streaming platforms. Streamer Gootecks became a meme that spurred this slang term on camera during a blooper reel. emote was removed when Gootecks was involved in the January 2021 civil unrest surrounding the Capitol riots. He garnered controversy on his YouTube channel when he defended the conservative who attacked the Capitol known as the #MAGAMartyr death.  

This expression of excitement was picked up by an inexplicable love on the internet, though it is a strange word. It is now used all over the internet in places like TikTok, 4Chan, and more. The poggers face or poggers emoji are also popular on the Discord app like the Pepe family.

Pog is also a 90s comic game using cardboard tokens from bottle caps. The 90’s game Pog was played with tiny circles of cardboard and is set to make a comeback for a nostalgia moment.

How Did the Term Poggers Originate?

The term pog was originally used as an acronym. This stood for play of the game, meaning the best move played in the game. Therefore, it became used to respond to positive things. However, this origin has not been proven. The term PogChamp(pog champion,) which is commonly used on Twitch accounts, originated in 2010. Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez and Mike Ross posted an outtakes video that contained many different silly expressions that inspired Twitch emotes. These two gamers are professional Street Fighter competitors. 

Twitch emotes also include the emote of Pepe the Frog (the surprised frog image having a shocked emotion created by Matt Furie; this image of Pepe with the surprise face is very popular). This type of emoticon was removed from being used in the comment section of live stream videos due to the right political movements the Twitch player was following. 

What Are Other Twitch Emotes?

There are hundreds of emotes on the site Twitch. See if you know the meanings of any of the below emotes from TwitchEmotes.

  • bleedPurple
  •  HassaanChop
  •  UWot
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  •  BibleThump
  •  OpieOP
  •  LUL
  •  PRChase
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  •  FBPass
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  •  BCWarrior
  •  NewRecord
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  •  WhySoSerious
  •  Jebaited
  •  BatChest
  •  panicBasket
  •  GlitchCat
  •  HolidayLog
  •  KevinTurtle
  •  RedCoat
  •  NotATK
  •  JonCarnage
  •  KappaPride
  •  TheTarFu
  •  PermaSmug
  •  PeoplesChamp
  •  PowerUpR
  •  AsexualPride
  •  OptimizePrime
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  •  FBChallenge
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  •  NomNom
  •  SabaPing
  •  CurseLit
  •  CaitlynS
  •  PogChamp
  •  FBCatch
  •  MaxLOL
  •  MercyWing1
  •  PunchTrees
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  •  PinkMercy
  •  R)
  •  FBRun
  •  CarlSmile

What Are Synonyms for Poggers?

If someone is unfamiliar with Twitch, they might not know what the term poggers means. It’s best to use a synonym, like the ones listed below.

  •  remarkable
  •  beautiful
  •  amazing
  •  astonishing
  •  marvelous
  •  fabulous
  •  outstanding
  •  wonderful
  •  terrific
  •  excellent
  •  exceptional
  •  great
  •  awesome
  •  mind-blowing
  •  cool
  •  intense
  •  impressive

What Are Antonyms of the Term Poggers?

It can also be useful to know English antonyms for the word poggers. While there may be Twitch emotes or internet slang that means the opposite of poggers, people might not know what you’re talking about. Try using one from this list

  • cheesy
  • fallacious
  • sad
  • downer
  • substandard
  • blah
  • inferior
  • lousy
  • dissatisfactory
  • defective
  • gross
  • abominable
  • unsatisfactory
  • crappy
  • cruddy
  • awful
  • garbage
  • unacceptable
  • grody
  • inadequate
  • dreadful
  • diddly
  • slipshod
  • erroneous
  • amiss
  • crummy
  • stinking
  • bummer
  • beastly
  • bad
  • grungy
  • off
  • icky
  • the pits
  • deficient
  • atrocious
  • rough
  • raunchy
  • cheap
  • bad news
  • careless
  • incorrect
  • faulty
  • junky
  • godawful
  • synthetic
  • poor
  • imperfect
  • not good

Overall, the term poggers means good, great, or awesome. This comes from Twitch, the online gaming channel. The emote originates from an online blooper reel. The epic pogchamp meme has been used as a reaction of surprise in a theatrical manner since the emote first dropped using the emoji button. 


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