The Meaning of POC: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what all of the meanings of POC are? This guide will assist you in using this acronym in your day-to-day life.

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There are plenty of meanings for the acronym POC and plenty of ways to use this phrase in your daily conversations. Learn more below!

What Does POC Stand For?

Person of Color

According to Merriam-Webster, the term POC stands for person of color or people of color. This is an umbrella term used to refer to non-white people, often when discussing civil rights and racial injustice. In the United States, people of color face racism and discrimination. Therefore, fighting for the rights of POC such as Black people, African Americans, Latinx people, Asian, and Indigenous people is important. 

People seek to find common ground as well as validate their separate experiences. Similar to the label POC is WOC, which stands for women of color. This slang is often used on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to refer to people with different ethnic backgrounds.

Proof of Concept

POC can also stand for proof of concept, also called a proof of principle. This prototype is often used in a business proposal or demonstration by project managers to show the different purposes of the minimum viable product and the market demand to potential investors. 

Proof of concept process might include short films made by filmmakers, example deliverables, calculations that show the usability or ROI of the final product, and more.

What Else Can POC Stand For?

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation POC has more than the definitions person of color or proof of concept. Take a look at the below list and see how many you know!

  •  Potential Officers Course (UK)
  •  Progressive Offset Control (Celeris)
  •  Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic
  •  Project Officer Coordinator (FEMA)
  •  Product of Conception (genetics testing)
  •  Preliminary Operational Capability
  •  Point of Correction
  •  Point of Care
  •  Proceeds of Crime (Canadian legal term)
  •  Proyectos de Obra Civil (Spanish)
  •  Partial-Order Coding (phase encoding)
  •  Permanent Orienteering Course
  •  Platoon Operations Center
  •  Ports of Call (computer game)
  •  Push to Talk Over Cellular (cellular telephony)
  •  Parent of Child
  •  Piece of Cr*p (milder version of POS)
  •  Purchase Order Change (EDI)
  •  Pack of Chihuahuas (band)
  •  Person of Conscience
  •  Philippine Olympic Committee
  •  Police Operations Center (various locations)
  •  Personnel Operations Center
  •  Plan of Correction
  •  Player-Owned City (role-playing clan)
  •  Point of Care (healthcare industry)
  •  Pu`u `O`o Cone (Hawai’i)
  •  Public Outreach Committee (various organizations)
  •  Pissed Off Chick
  •  Pentecostals of Cary (Cary, NC)
  •  Polar Cod (FAO species name code )
  •  Person On Call

Even More Meanings of POC

Of course, with such common letters, the meanings of POC don’t end there! Check out these lesser-used meanings of POC.

  • Piece Of Cake
  •  Passage of Conflict
  •  Point of Control (finance)
  •  Portable Object Compiler
  •  Point Of Contact
  •  Pile Of Crap
  •  Procurement Order Cycle
  •  Plano Oficial de Contabilidade
  •  Power over Coaxial
  •  Potomac Officers Club (Washington, DC)
  •  Payload Operations Center
  •  Pulmonary Opacity Code
  •  Privately Owned Conveyance
  •  Position of Comfort
  •  Point of Concept
  •  Point of Control
  •  Prosthetic Orthotic Center (various companies)
  •  Paid Outside of Closing (real estate)
  •  Professional Officer Course
  •  Particulate Oxidation Catalyst (automotive emissions reduction)
  •  Post Office Code
  •  Person of Concern (UN)
  •  Port of Convenience
  •  Ptt over Cellular
  •  Program Operator Communication
  •  Passion of the Christ (movie)
  •  Processor Outage Control (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
  •  Pissed Off Customer
  •  Proof of Citizenship
  •  Psychological Operations Company
  •  Pittsburgh Opera Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
  •  Prisoner of Conscience
  •  Project Overview Committee
  •  Parameter Order Change
  •  Playout Center
  •  Preliminary Operational Concept
  •  Pride of Cleveland
  •  Metal Powder Cutting (welding)
  •  Power Open Close 
  •  Power of Connecting
  •  Paid on Call (firefighting)
  •  Pastor on Call
  •  Proto-Oncogene
  •  Performance Objectives and Criteria
  •  Public Operators Code
  •  Particulate Organic Carbon
  •  Purchase Order Confirmation
  •  Percent of Original Charge
  •  Point of Connection
  •  Proof Of Concept (determine the feasibility of the idea)
  •  Point of Clarification
  •  Property of Canada
  •  Proof of Claim (insurance industry)
  •  Port O’Connor (Texas)
  •  Port Of Call
  •  Pirates of the Caribbean (movie)

Other Racial Equity Terminology

You might hear many different terms when discussing race and racial inequality. It might seem like there are many different terms to learn, but this list from Racial Equity Tools can be especially useful in educating yourself for future conversations. Take a look at this list and see how many you know!

  • Internalized Dominance
  •  Settler Colonialism
  •  Anti-Racist Ideas
  •  Black Lives Matter
  •  Racial Healing
  •  Liberatory Consciousness
  •  Structural Racialization
  •  BIPOC
  •  Accountability
  •  Indigeneity
  •  Racism
  •  Cultural Appropriation
  •  Racist Policies
  •  Marginalization
  •  Cultural Misappropriation
  •  Decolonization
  •  Microaggression
  •  Xenophobia
  •  Individual Racism
  •  Targeted Universalism
  •  Ally
  •  Implicit Bias
  •  Structural Racism
  •  Racialization
  •  Assimilationist
  •  Tokenism
  •  Multicultural Competency
  •  White Fragility
  •  Whiteness
  •  Cultural Racism
  •  White Supremacy Culture
  •  Restorative Justice
  •  Racist Ideas
  •  White Privilege
  •  Racial and Ethnic Identity
  •  Racial Identity Development Theory
  •  Institutional Racism
  •  Anti-Racism
  •  Critical Race Theory
  •  Racial Capitalism
  •  Bigotry
  •  Discrimination
  •  Systemic Racism
  •  Racist
  •  Intersectionality
  •  Power
  •  Collusion
  •  Privilege
  •  Anti-Racist
  •  Movement Building
  •  Racial Justice
  •  Ethnicity
  •  Centering Blackness
  •  Inclusion
  •  Racial Inequity


Overall, the term POC stands for either person of color or proof of concept. Clearly, there are tons of ways POC can be defined, so make sure you use context clues to understand how it’s being used in a sentence.


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