Pink Roses Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How To Use It

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From red roses to white roses,violet roses to yellow roses, the world is full of beautiful roses in a wide variety of gorgeous colors. 

While many people view these lovely flowers as nothing more than a sweet gesture, you might be surprised to learn that each color of rose has a unique meaning. For example, pink roses — do you know the special meaning and background behind these coveted flowers? 

In this guide, we’re exploring the alluring world of flowers to uncover the meaning behind pink roses. So, if you’ve ever wondered what pink roses mean or when you should gift them to others— keep reading.  

What Is the Definition of Pink Roses?

Pink roses are generally used to convey to others a feeling of admiration, grace, gratitude, joy, as well as comfort; however, the exact meaning behind pink roses lies varies from shade to shade.

Below you will find the meanings behind the various shades of pink roses:

  • Hot pink roses — A hot pink shade of rose is most commonly used to say congratulations or thank you to others and represents a feeling of joy, general happiness, and appreciation of others. 
  • Medium pink roses — Arguably the most widely used rose, medium pink roses have various meanings from their romantic intentions as well as first love. Pink roses can also be used as a get-well-soon gesture or to say sorry for your loss and even congratulations. 
  • Pale pink roses or light pink roses — As their softer color may suggest, light pink or pale pink roses are an outstanding symbol of gentle admiration.
  • Dark pink roses — Giving a dark rose to others is the perfect way to say thank you! 

Did you know that not only the hue of the pink rose defines its true meaning, but also its physical properties such as the look, size of the bouquet, and shape?

For instance, a thornless pink rose is used to show love at first sight, whereas a budding pink rose means youth, beauty, innocence, and purity. A single pink rose, on the other hand, is most commonly used to show love at first sight. 

What Are the Meanings Behind Other Colors of Roses?

Now that we have delved deeper into the meaning of the different shades or hues of pink roses, let’s take a look at all the other colors of roses and the meanings behind them, shall we?

  • Yellow roses — Often coined as the happiest of hues when it comes to roses, this type of rose is an outstanding way to say you are a great friend! 
  • White roses — Most aptly known as “the bridal flower,” the white rose is used to show innocence, as well as new love.
  • Black roses — Though black roses can be used to inspire others to start a new chapter in their life and make great changes, they are primarily seen at events centered around mourning, such as funerals and wakes. 
  • Orange roses — One of the brightest hues of rose, the orange rose is used to convey feelings of fascination. 
  • Red roses — One of the most iconic shades of rose, the red rose conveys feelings of desire, passion, romance, and true love; and, as such, has become the iconic Valentine’s Day flower.
  • Green roses — Though you may not have run across this shade of rose, they do exist! Green roses are used to symbolize fertility, spirituality, richness, and bounty. 
  • Lavender roses — Aside from the traditional red rose, lavender roses are said to be the most romantic hue of rose that one can give another. These light purple-toned roses have been known to signify adoration, fascination, enchantment, wonder, and even love at first sight. 
  • Peach roses — Used to convey feelings of gratitude and thanks. 
  • Blue roses — Most commonly used to symbolize originality and mystery; use this color of rose to let someone know you think they are unique and you appreciate every aspect of their personality. 

What Are Translations of Pink Roses?

By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of the meaning behind our word of the day, but do you know how to say “pink roses” in a different language? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some common translations of pink roses:

  • Afrikaans — pienk rose
  • Arabic — الورود الوردية 
  • Bulgarian — розови рози
  • Chinese (simplified) — 粉红色的玫瑰 
  • Croatian — ružičaste ruže
  • Czech — růžové růže
  • American English — pink roses
  • Danish — lyserøde roser
  • Dutch — roze rozen
  • Finnish — vaaleanpunaiset ruusut
  • French — roses roses
  • German — rosa Rosen
  • Greek — ροζ τριαντάφυλλα
  • Italian — rose rosa
  • Japanese — ピンクのバラ
  • British English — pink roses
  • Korean — 분홍색 장미
  • Norwegian — rosa roser
  • Polish — różowe róże
  • Portuguese — rosas rosa 
  • Russian — розовые розы
  • Spanish — rosas rosas
  • Swedish — rosa rosor
  • Thai — กุหลาบสีชมพู
  • Turkish — pembe güller
  • Ukrainian — рожеві троянди
  • Vietnamese — hoa hồng hồng


In short, the meaning behind the pink rose varies depending on the shade of color; from a simple thank you to get well soon and even I love you a dozen times over — so be sure to always reference your trusty pals over at the word counter, so you don’t convey the wrong message! 


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