The Meaning of ONG: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the slang term ONG means? This article will provide you with all of the necessary information on the phrase ONG, including its meaning, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation ONG mean?

According to Distractify, the abbreviation ONG stands for “on God.” This typically has a similar meaning to “I swear to God,” and could emphasize that someone is behind honest or telling the truth. It could also mean “that’s on God,” meaning it is out of that person’s control and it is up to God. Most commonly, the first definition is what someone means when they use the abbreviation ONG – Urban Dictionary also states that on God is used to mean someone agrees with something. This is commonly used over text message, or over social media sites like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

For some, they might perceive ONG as a misspelling of OMG – the internet slang acronym OMG which stands for “oh my God” is much more popular than ONG, so someone might be confused if they see the abbreviation ONG in a situation where OMG could also be used. This is why people should always be very careful and deliberate when using acronyms, and ensure that the reader will know what they are talking about.

The Free Dictionary and Acronym Finder also list a plethora of alternate definitions for the acronym ONG. This is yet another example of why one should ensure the context and meaning of the acronyms they are using is clear. Many of these other definitions are less common, but still accurate, so if you are going to use one of them make sure to be clear about your meaning.

  • Ohio National Guard
  • Operation No Gangs (Texas)
  • Organizzazione Non Governativa (Italian: Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO)
  • Ongeveer (Dutch: approximately)
  • Organisation Non Gouvernementale (French: Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO)
  • Optical Networking Group
  • Organizacion No Gubernamentales (Spanish: Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO, plural: Organizaciones No Gubernamentales)
  • Organizatiile Neguvernamentale (Romanian: Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO)
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas (Business & Finance)
  • Office Next Generation (Microsoft Office, Business & Finance)
  • Optical Network Gateway
  • Organização Não-Governamental (Portuguese: Non-Governmental Organization, or NGO)
  • Overnight Guest (Business & Finance)
  • Mornington, Queensland, Australia – Mornington Is (Airport Code)

‘Ong’ is also a surname in Filipino and Indonesian cultures.

How can the abbreviation ONG be used in a sentence?

The abbreviation ONG can be used over social media, or when texting a close friend. Below is an example of a way in which ONG can be used while texting. Here, Macie and Marjane are texting because Marjane got made fun of that day for shaving her face. Macie is the only one who knows that Marjane shaves.

Marjane: I just don’t know how they found out… you can be honest with me Macie, did you tell?

Macie: OMG no! ONG, I swear I didn’t tell anyone. You know all your secrets are safe with me.

Is the acronym ONG casual or formal?

The acronym ONG is considered a piece of extremely casual internet slang. This acronym should only be used in casual conversation, and should never be used in professional or formal settings. Using internet slang and other acronyms in situations like business negotiations, formal letters, or business emails can make one come off as unprofessional and too casual for the situation. In the below example, someone sues ONG when it is not appropriate. This is followed by a revised version of the same message. In this example, Trevor is replying to an email his boss Lindy sent accusing him of snooping through other peoples’ lunches and taking things from them.


Hey Lin, 

ONG I didn’t take anything from anyone’s lunches. I swear. I’m not a thief, and u know me well enough 2 know that. I don’t care that I happened to have a lunch made up of stuff they were missing – it’s a coincidence, I brought all that stuff from home. U can check the cameras, u can check my fridge, IDC but I didn’t do it.



Hi Lindy,

I can assure you I am not a thief – of lunches, or otherwise. I packed my lunch yesterday morning and put it in the breakroom fridge upon arrival. If you would like, I am happy to review the cameras with the security team, and can also send you a photo of my fridge and cabinets to prove that I brought all of my belongings from home. Let me know how I can be of assistance in this situation.



What are synonyms for the acronym ONG?

There are a few different words and phrases that one can use in place of “on God,” meaning “swear to God.” There are fewer synonyms for its usage meaning agreement, but there are many one can use to assert one’s truthfulness. These are listed below from Thesaurus. Someone might use a synonym to expand their vocabulary or to avoid repeating themselves. In the case of a casual acronym like ONG, they might use one of these synonyms to make their statement more formal or professional.

  • Affirm
  • Assert
  • Depose
  • Testify
  • Vow
  • Attest
  • Avow
  • Covenant
  • Maintain
  • Plight
  • Promise
  • State
  • Trust
  • Vouch
  • Warrant
  • Cross one’s heart
  • Depend on
  • Give one’s word
  • give witness
  • Have confidence in
  • Make an affidavit
  • Pledge oneself
  • Rely on
  • Say so
  • State under oath
  • Swear by
  • Swear up and down
  • Take an oath

Overall, the abbreviation ONG stands for “on God.” This term is used to mean “I swear to God,” or to assert agreement with someone else. This might be interpreted as a misspelling of OMG, which stands for “oh my God.” It also has a wide variety of other meanings, but this is far less common.