The Meaning of o7: What It Is and How To Use It

This article will give you all of the necessary information on the term o7, including its meaning, origin, sentence examples, and more!

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What does o7 mean?

Often, o7 is a text-based emoticon used to represent a salute, according to Cyber Definitions. This is commonly used by players of the online game EVE Online, a space based MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In this game, players may communicate to each other via text and many have adopted o7 to mean a salute. They have also popularized the use of o/ to represent a person waving, according to Crossing Zebras.

In o7, the o is meant to represent someone’s head, and the 7 is meant to represent a bent arm held up to one’s forehead in a saluting motion. For o/, the o is once again meant to represent a person’s head, while the / represents an arm sticking up, waving. Urban Dictionary states that o7 can also be represented as 07.

Both of these symbols are rarely used among other gaming communities but are very common among EVE players. Both o7 and o/ have a similar meaning. They are used as a friendly greeting among players who do not intend to be hostile toward one another. o/ is casual, where o7 is more formal, as in real life. A wave is a friendly gesture, but a salute is a sign or respect.

Players in EVE consider themselves to have pride, as well as respect for other players, which is exemplified in the use of o7. Often in online gaming, people are very intense and even rude or disparaging toward others. However, in eve, the usage of o7 and o/ as signs of respect show that the players have discipline and class, presenting respect to the other players.

O7, when capitalized, can also be used as an acronym to refer to a type of star. According to CCBC, classes of stars are arranged to show a change in strength of their representative spectral lines. The classes are O, B, A, F, G ,K and M, each divided into ten subclasses represented by the numbers zero through ten. Thus, the spectral type O7 is the abbreviation for the eighth subclass of O class stars.

O-7 containing a dash is usually used to refer to the seventh officer paygrade in the United States Military, according to Federal Pay. This grade begins at less than two years experience with a pay of $9140.10 per month. These officers also receive $304.67 per drill. Ranks paid on the O-7 pay scale  include the Brigadier General in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps, or a Read Admiral Lower Half in the Coast Guard and Navy.

Finally, 07 Pimp is a song by Soundcloud artist GG Peney.

How can one use o7 in a sentence?

One can use o7 in largely the same way that they would use other emoticons or emojis, like a smiley face represented by 🙂 or :), or a tongue sticking out face represented by 😛 or :P. It is often used as a greeting. The text exchange could go something like the below:

Player One: Welcome aboard!

Player Two: Happy to be here, Cmdr! o7

No one would use o7 in real life, and would likely just salute with their hand if they were face to face with someone.

What is the origin of o7?

According to Crossing Zebras, these were created from a need in the game EVE to communicate and be personable. It is assumed that the other players will be threatening, so a need for nice communication was born. This is also used in other games like Elite Dangerous. Some frequent commentors on Elite Dangerous’ Reddit page include u/tehorangespark and u/jimmychoosshoes.

Before gaming, people were often wary of people they met in person on the street, and the wave and salute gestures were a way to show that no one meant the other any harm, since the people must take their hands off their weapons to do both gestures, particularly if they are military. In order to show other players in EVE that one means no harm, they may open their chat with an o7 or an o/. EVE has a large number of players who are both active and retired military, which may be where the terms arrive.

In EVE, players are dropped into the middle of space, and can participate in free play, choosing their own path from a plethora of options. Players can participate in both PvP (person versus person) and PvE (person versus environment) battles in the “sandbox” of the game.

Players can choose many different professions and activities in EVE, including war, politics, trading, exploration, and piracy, and can play with hundreds of thousands of other players across thousands of star systems. The game has many different universes, including other games like EVE: Valkyrie, Gunjack, Gunjack 2, and more.

EVE was developed by CCP Games, short for Crowd Control Productions. They were founded in 1997 and are a leading indie game developer. They are best known foe EVE online, and DUST 514, which is a game set in the EVE universe made for PlayStation 3., and EVEL Valkyrie for PlayStation 4 They have also developed the games Sparc, and the Gunjack Series. They are based in Reykjavík, Iceland. It is the world’s #1 trending online space MMO, or massively multiplayer online, game. CCP Games also hosts EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas, two in-person gatherings for players of EVE.

What are other common internet emoticons?

Some other common internet emoticons are below alongside their definitions. These are commonly used as slang terms on sites like Reddit in their subreddit forums, or on other social media or gaming forums.

·   : ) or : -) – These are both used to represent smiley faces.

·   (: or (-: – These are used to represent left hand smiley faces.

·   : ( or : -( – Both of these can be used to represent frowning faces.

·   >: ( or >: -( – These can be used to represent angry faces, with the > representing angry eyebrows

·   ; ) or ; -) – These are used to represent a winking face.

·   : P or : -P – These are used to represent a tongue sticking out face.

·   XD – This is used to represent a person laughing, with closed eyes and a big smile.

·   >:) or >:-) – These can be used to represent an evil or devilish grin.

·   :O or :-O – These are used to represent surprise, with the O representing a big wide open mouth.

·   :/ or :-/ – These are used to represent an indifferent expression.

·   lol – This can either be used as a lowercase “LOL,’ meaning “laughing out loud,” or can be used to show a person with their hands in the air.

Overall, o7 is used to represent a salute in online gaming, specifically in the online video game EVE. It is used as a friendly, respectful greeting, and is used to show the other player that the person means no harm.