The Meaning of Nymphomaniac: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever wondered about the definition of nymphomaniac? This article will provide you with all of the info you need on the word nymphomaniac, including its definition, etymology, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the word nymphomaniac mean?

According to Collins English Dictionary and the American Heritage Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word nymphomaniac is a noun that means a female or woman who has excessive sexual desire, usually so much so that it is considered a disorder. The male equivalent is satyriasis, which is rarely used to describe males. Someone who is a numphomanias might have an inability to refrain from sex, a high libido, or a compulsion for sex. This might even refer to someone with a sex addiction. The suffix cal can be added to nymphomania to form the adjective nymphomaniacal (adj.). Maniac is changed to mania to form the noun nymphomania.  Nymphomania is five syllables – nym-pho-ma-ni-ac, and the pronunciation of nymphomaniac is nɪmfəmeɪ-nē-ăk. Nymphomanical is pronounced nɪmfə-mə-nī-ə-kəl.

Many different languages also contain words that mean nymphomaniac. All of these words also describe an intense enthusiasm or revolutionary ardor for something. You may notice that some of these words look and sound similar to the word nymphomaniac. These are called cognates. A cognate, which is a word that looks and sounds similar while retaining the same meaning across languages, are often formed when two words have the same root or language of origin such as Latin or Greek. This list of translations of nymphomaniac is provided by Word Sense.

  •  Danish: nymfoman‎ (common)
  •  French: nymphomane‎ (fem.)
  •  Rusyn: німфома́нка‎ (fem.)
  •  Polish: nimfomanka‎ (fem.)
  •  Norwegian – Bokmål: nymfoman‎ (masc.)
  •  Russian: нимфома́нка‎ (fem.)
  •  Finnish: nymfomaani‎
  •  Czech: nymfomanka‎ (fem.)
  •  Swedish: nymfoman‎ (common)
  •  Greek: νυμφομανής‎ (fem.), μητρομανής‎
  •  Spanish: ninfómana‎ (fem.)

How can the word nymphomaniac be used in a sentence?

The word nymphomaniac can be used in many different sentences in the English language. Using words in a sentence is a great way to memorize their definitions and start to incorporate them into your vocabulary. You can also try making flashcards and quizzes to test your own knowledge. Try using this word of the day in a sentence today! Below are a few different examples of nymphomaniac to help get you started.

Lars Seligman showed all of the symptoms of being a nymphomaniac – she was a whiz in bed, and the young woman seemed to have a dual personality. At work, she was quiet and demure as she studied fly-fishing and Fibonacci numbers, but as soon as it came to relationships she became a nymph.

The geriatric nymphomaniac did lines of cocaine, drank alcohol, and had sex on the marble countertop of the nearby cabana with the pool boy. Her sexual behavior and addiction to sexual intercourse was nearing a neurotic condition.  

The mental healthcare professionals gave her a clinical diagnosis of nymphomania. They tried to curb her sexual urges and excessive masturbation through medication that was recommended in the statistical manual of mental disorders , but they came to a consensus that her excessive sexual drive and abnormal sexual desires were one of the medical conditions and compulsive disorders that could not be cured by medication. Her hypersexual disorder and sexual addiction put her in distress and psychotherapy couldn’t do anything to help. 

The class at Princeton University had forums on nymphomania and its various word forms. They studied a tale of a nymphomaniac and the history of the disorder, as well as its popularity. They also explored how nymphomaniacs have been portrayed in popular media, quotes from literary works, and vocabulary lists to expand their knowledge. 

What are synonyms and antonyms for nymphomaniac?

There are a plethora of different words that someone can use in place of the word nymphomaniac. These words which have the same definition as the word nymphomaniac are called synonyms. Synonyms are a great way to expand your vocabulary and an easy way to avoid repeating yourself in speech or written work. This list of synonyms for the word nymphomaniac is provided by Power Thesaurus.

  •  grisette
  •  trollop
  •  athanasian wench
  •  lightskirt
  •  hedonistic
  •  strumpet
  •  lady of light virtue
  •  fornicatress
  •  sadist
  •  exhibitionist
  •  killer
  •  lecherous
  •  nymphet
  •  lorette
  •  giglot
  •  easy lay
  •  trier
  •  hysteromaniac
  •  freak a leak
  •  loose woman
  •  casanova
  •  floozie
  •  hood rat
  •  rapist
  •  leering
  •  disgracer
  •  bugger
  •  ho-bag
  •  fallen woman
  •  tramp
  •  trull
  •  cumguzzler
  •  sexual deviant
  •  cum dumpster
  •  hoochie
  •  floozy
  •  coprophiliac
  •  jade
  •  fuckstress
  •  bawd
  •  doxy
  •  easy woman
  •  clitoromania
  •  wanton
  •  cumwhore
  •  sexual pervert
  •  slut
  •  jay
  •  dishonest woman
  •  fetishist
  •  debauchee
  •  blowsabella
  •  wench
  •  jezebel
  •  clitoromaniac
  •  demimondaine
  •  libertine
  •  hooker
  •  misbehaver
  •  amorosa
  •  hedonist
  •  hoe
  •  ho
  •  satyr
  •  alley cat
  •  cocotte
  •  necrophiliac
  •  chippy
  •  amorette
  •  light-o’-love
  •  cumhole
  •  flirt-gill
  •  harridan
  •  erotomaniac
  •  immoralist
  •  depraved
  •  jillflirt
  •  deviant
  •  whore
  •  debaucher
  •  broad
  •  voluptuary
  •  sex fiend
  •  drab
  •  gill
  •  hypersexuality
  •  nympho
  •  flirtatious
  •  cumslut
  •  quean
  •  lascivious
  •  amoret
  •  frail sister
  •  sybarite
  •  hussy
  •  streetwalker
  •  gillian
  •  harlot
  •  article
  •  eager beaver
  •  tart

There are also many different words that mean the opposite of the word nymphomaniac. These opposite words are called antonyms. Learning antonyms for different words is also a great way to expand your English language vocabulary. This list of antonyms for the word nymphomaniac is also provided by Power Thesaurus.

  •  mary
  •  decent
  •  maid
  •  unspoiled
  •  new
  •  damsel
  •  virginal
  •  moral
  •  untainted
  •  spotless
  •  untouched
  •  uncorrupted
  •  perfect
  •  unmarked
  •  naive
  •  unused
  •  unexplored
  •  intact
  •  unpolluted
  •  unspoilt
  •  undefiled
  •  vestal
  •  first
  •  lassie
  •  immaculate
  •  unadulterated
  •  continent
  •  undamaged
  •  sinless
  •  unchanged
  •  maiden
  •  innocent
  •  purest
  •  clean
  •  pristine
  •  girl
  •  abstinent
  •  unblemished
  •  unstained
  •  celibate
  •  flawless
  •  virtuous
  •  maidenly
  •  pure
  •  unsullied
  •  chaste woman
  •  stainless
  •  virgo
  •  fresh
  •  chaste  

Overall, the word nymphomaniac means  a female sex addict. This word cannot be used for males. Try using this new word of the day in a sentence today! It can help expand your vocabulary. 


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