The Meaning of NVM: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of NVM? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation NVM, including its definition, usage, origin, and more!

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What does NVM stand for?

According to Cyber Definitions, the term NVM is a slang term that means nevermind. This can also be abbreviated as NM, and can be written in lowercase as nvm. This term is used to tell someone to disregard whatever it is you have told or asked them in the last message. This and other slang terms are often used in an SMS text message, in internet chats like WhatsApp or chat rooms like Slack or AIM, and in online chat conversations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and more. This is a very common abbreviation and you will see it a lot in internet slang in both the UK and United States.

NVM is a very casual abbreviation and should only be used in formal or casual settings. It is inappropriate to use the internet slang word NVM in a professional business email, formal letter, or other professional or formal circumstance. If you are in a situation that is more formal, opt to use the full form of the word or try using a synonym. 

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation NVM also has a plethora of different meanings outside of “nevermind”” While these are all still valid definitions, they are far less common and should be used sparingly to eliminate any confusion. If you do plan to use one of these different definitions for the acronym NVM, ensure that you are providing the reader or listener with the proper context to be able to decipher your intended meaning. This should be standard practice with any acronym that can have more than one definition – you wouldn’t want someone thinking you mean “nevermind” when you really mean “National Volcanic Monument”!

  •  Not Very Mature
  •  Never Mind
  •  Nonvolatile Matter
  •  New Vision Mortgage, LLC
  •  Nist Virtual Museum
  •  Node Version Manager
  •  Network and Voice Management (CA Technologies)
  •  Network Virtual Memory
  •  National Volcanic Monument
  •  Nascere Vivere Morire (Italian: Born Living Dying)
  •  Non-Volatile Memory
  •  Not Very Manly
  •  Not Very Much (chat)
  •  New Vessels Ministries (Muncie, IN)
  •  Noe Valley Ministry (San Francisco, CA)
  •  Non Volatile Memory
  •  Northwest Vision and Media (UK)
  •  Night Vision Monocular
  •  Network Virtual Machine
  •  Nordiska Veterinär Mästerskapet (Swedish: Nordic Veterinary Championship)
  •  NewVoiceMedia (Hampshire, England)

What is the origin of the word nevermind?

According to Etymonline, the word nevermind is a conjunction of the words never and mind, and was initially spelled never-mind when it was first used in 1935. The original phrase never mind it was attested by 1775. 

How can the acronym NVM be used in a sentence?

The acronym NVM can be used in many different sentences in the English language. Using words or abbreviations in a sentence is a great way to memorize their meaning. You can also try making flashcards or quizzes for yourself to test your knowledge. Below are several examples of NVM to get you started. Try using this abbreviation of the day in a casual sentence today! 

Person 1: Hey, did you say you were going to Austria in April or June this year?

Person 2: June, why?

Person 1: NVM, my mom confused Austria and Australia. She’s planning a trip and wanted to see what travel agent you used, but wrong country! LOL, thanks anyway!

Person 2: LOL, YW and NP!

In this example, person 1 tells person 2 “NVM” because they were going to ask them about their travel booker, but it ended up being irrelevant because it was regarding the wrong country.

Person 1: Hey, were you able to complete the summary of key points and categories section for the project?

[1 Hour Later]

Person 1: Hello?

[1 Hour Later]

Person 2: Oh sry, um no I didn’t but I’ll do it now. When’s it due again?

Person 1: NVM, I did it myself. It’s due tomorrow. And don’t think I’ll be giving you a good partner evaluation.

What are synonyms of nevermind?

There are many different words that can be used in place of the word NVM. These are called synonyms, which are words and phrases that mean the same thing or have the sem definition as another word or phrase. Synonyms are useful to know if you are looking to expand your vocabulary or if you want to avoid repeating yourself. The below list of synonyms for the word NVM is provided by Word Hippo Thesaurus

  •  forget it 
  •  de nada 
  •   it makes no odds
  •  don’t bother 
  •   of course 
  •  you’re welcome, and here’s a dollar
  •   it’s all right 
  •  let it go 
  •  you’re more than welcome 
  •  that’s alright 
  •  you’re welcome 
  •   don’t take into consideration 
  •  it makes no difference
  •  that’s okay
  •  no matter
  •  no worries 
  •   no problem
  •   don’t worry about 
  •  sure 
  •  think nothing of it 
  •  don’t bother about 
  •   it’s ok 
  •  it was nothing 
  •  stop 
  •  it’s unimportant 
  •  don’t mention it 
  •  not at all 
  •  nothing 
  •  it’s nothing
  •  don’t give a second thought to
  •  my pleasure
  •  it’s a pleasure
  •  don’t concern yourself
  •  it doesn’t matter
  •   forget about it 
  •  it’s not important 
  •   ignore it 
  •  don’t think twice about
  •  it’s no trouble 
  •  it’s the least I could do 
  •  certainly 
  •  don’t apologize 
  •   you bet 
  •  don’t worry about it 
  •  don’t concern yourself with 
  •  no mention 
  •  you are welcome
  •  drop it 
  •  don’t be silly 
  •  it is unimportant 

Overall, the abbreviation NVM means nevermind. This shorthand is used like many additional terms found on the internet, as a slang word. This has a very common definition and you may see it frequently on the internet and in SMS text messages or other online conversations.


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