The Meaning of Nostalgia: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you ever feel nostalgia for something from your past? This article will teach you all about the meaning of nostalgia and how to use this word.

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Nostalgia is a complicated feeling. Sometimes feelings of nostalgia make people feel happy. Other times, it makes people feel sad or bittersweet. Do you ever feel nostalgic for the past? 

This article will define the word nostalgia, teach you how to use it in a sentence, and more! Read on if you need to know translations of the word nostalgia or synonyms and antonyms for this word of the day. 

What Does Nostalgia Mean?

According to Dictionary, nostalgia is a noun that means a wistful feeling for the past, often with the desire to return to a former time or place with a sentimental yearning. The word nostalgia is three syllables (nost-al-gia), and the pronunciation of nostalgia is nɒˈstældʒə

Nostalgia can be a complicated feeling for many people. For some, certain memories evoke a happy sense of nostalgia and gratefulness for happy times of the past. For others, nostalgia can evoke bittersweet emotions because those times are in the past. Different memories can evoke different feelings of nostalgia for many people.

How Can Nostalgia Be Used in a Sentence?

The noun nostalgia appears in many different sentences in the English language. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to use new words like nostalgia in a sentence to make practical use of your new knowledge.

To learn how to use the word nostalgia in a sentence, you can study the examples below. Then, you can try crafting your own example sentences. Finally, you’ll be able to use the word nostalgia organically in writing and speech!

Example #1: Feelings of Nostalgia

She carried bittersweet feelings of nostalgia to return home to New York on her trip abroad. Sometimes she would look up to the sky and wonder how they could be under the same moon.

Question: Who or what did the sentence’s subject feel nostalgia for?

Answer: The subject felt nostalgia for her home state of New York. 

Example #2: Carefree Nostalgia

He had a deep-seated nostalgia for the good old days when he didn’t have a care in the world.

Question: Who or what did the sentence’s subject feel nostalgia for?

Answer: The subject felt nostalgia for the good old days.

Example #3: A Wave of Nostalgia

A wave of nostalgia washed over her as she did the crossword for the first time in decades. She had done the crossword with her grandfather as a young girl and made word lists with him. 

Question: Who or what did the sentence’s subject feel nostalgia for?

Answer: The subject felt nostalgia for doing the crossword with her grandfather.

Example #4: Pre-Pandemic Nostalgia

He thought back on his great nostalgic memories before the pandemic. He missed going to concerts and feeling the crowd’s energy but understood that he had to be safe.

Question: Who or what did the subject of the sentence feel nostalgia for?

Answer: The subject felt nostalgia for pre-pandemic times.

What Is the Etymology of Nostalgia?

According to Dictionary, the word nostalgia derives from the German heimweh and the New Latin and Greek nostos, which means a return home, coupled with the suffix algia, which Latin and Greek use to form compound words from algos.

What Are Translations of Nostalgia?

People around the world experience feelings of nostalgia every day, just like those who speak American English. 

If you would like to discuss the concept of nostalgia with someone who does not speak English, you can reference this list of translations of nostalgia from Nice Translator. Then, you can talk to people around the world about your memories.

  • German: Nostalgie
  • Kannada: ನಾಸ್ಟಾಲ್ಜಿಯಾ
  • Arabic: حنين للماضي
  • Hindi: उदासी
  • Estonian: nostalgia
  • Amharic: nostalgia
  • Marathi: nostalgia
  • Malayalam: നൊസ്റ്റാൾജിയ
  • Ukrainian: ностальгія
  • Gujarati: નોસ્ટાલ્જીયા
  • Tamil: ஏவுகணைப்படி
  • Dutch: nostalgie
  • Korean: 노스탤지어
  • Norwegian: nostalgi
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 懷舊
  • Serbian: носталгија
  • Finnish: nostalgia
  • Croatian: nostalgija
  • Polish: nostalgia
  • Turkish: nostalji
  • Spanish: nostalgia
  • Filipino: nostalgia
  • Basque: nostalgia
  • Urdu: دوستی
  • Vietnamese: Hoài cổ
  • Latvian: nostalģija
  • Danish: nostalgi
  • Chinese (PRC): 怀旧
  • Slovak: nostalgia
  • French: nostalgie
  • Romanian: nostalgie
  • Thai: ความคิดถึง
  • Portuguese (Brazil): nostalgia
  • Icelandic: nostalgíu
  • Portuguese (Portugal): nostalgia
  • Greek: νοσταλγία
  • Hungarian: nosztalgia
  • Telugu: నోస్టాలిజి
  • Czech: nostalgie
  • Russian: ностальгия
  • Bulgarian: носталгия
  • Welsh: nostalgia
  • Japanese: 懐胎
  • Lithuanian: Nostalgija
  • Catalan: nostàlgia
  • Italian: nostalgia
  • Swedish: nostalgi
  • Hebrew: נוֹסטָלגִיָה

What Are Synonyms of Nostalgia?

Numerous words in the English language have definitions similar to the word nostalgia. These words are known as synonyms of nostalgia. 

Sometimes, it can be useful to know a synonym of a word like nostalgia if you feel you have overused the word nostalgia or are trying to expand your vocabulary. Check out this list of synonyms of nostalgia from Power Thesaurus!

  • bathos
  • flashback
  • fond memories
  • gushiness
  • homesickness
  • longing
  • maudlinness
  • mawkishness
  • melodrama
  • melodramatics
  • memories
  • mushiness
  • nostalgy
  • pining
  • pleasant remembrances
  • recall
  • recollection
  • regret
  • regretfulness
  • remembrance
  • reminiscence
  • remorse
  • retrospection
  • romance
  • romanticism
  • schmaltz
  • sentiment
  • sentimentalism
  • sentimentality
  • sloppiness
  • tear-jerker
  • triteness
  • wistfulness
  • yearning

What Are Antonyms of Nostalgia?

Plenty of words also references opposite feelings of nostalgia. If someone feels the opposite of nostalgia, they might constantly be thinking about the future or anticipating what will happen next. 

If you are trying to talk about feelings that are the opposite of nostalgia, you can use this list of antonyms of nostalgia from Power Thesaurus.

  • aftertime
  • afteryears
  • anticipation
  • anticipations
  • apprehension
  • augury
  • contemplation
  • course ahead
  • envisionment
  • expectance
  • expectancy
  • expectation
  • foreboding
  • forecast
  • forecasting
  • foreglance
  • foreglimpse
  • foreknowledge
  • foresight
  • foresightedness
  • forethought
  • fortune-telling
  • forward look
  • intuition
  • nostophobia
  • outlook
  • prediction
  • prevision
  • prospect
  • sickness of the present


Nostalgia is a noun that refers to fond feelings about the past or a desire to return to the past. 


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