The Meaning of Net Worth: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know your net worth? This article will define net worth and teach you how to calculate yours. Keep reading to learn the meaning of net worth!

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Have you ever calculated your net worth? This article will teach you all about net worth, including how to calculate your net worth, why net worth is important, and more! At the end of the article, you will learn different ways to say net worth using synonyms, translations, and antonyms. Read on to improve your financial literacy!

What Does Net Worth Mean?

According to Investopedia, a person’s net worth is the value of the assets they own minus any liabilities. The same definition applies to a corporation or business. In personal finance, people often use this to gauge their financial health. Many things can have a net worth, including an individual, a sector, a country, and a corporation. 

To understand net worth, we must first understand assets and liabilities. An asset is something that some person or company owns that has value, such as: 

  • Retirement Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Checking Accounts
  • Iras
  • Mutual Funds
  • Liquid Assets
  • Home Equity
  • Life Insurance
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Social Security
  • Collectibles

A liability is an obligation that puts a strain on resources, including a mortgage, an auto loan, AP (accounts payable), credit card debt or high credit card balances, student loans, or personal loans. Using a balance sheet, you can subtract your total liabilities from your total assets to calculate your net worth.

People can have either a positive net worth or a negative net worth. If you have a positive net worth, your assets exceed your liabilities. If you have a negative net worth, your liabilities exceed your assets. A positive net worth indicates that someone is financially healthy, and a negative net worth might be a concern.

If you have a high net worth and a high value of assets, you may be able to get lower interest rates from a lender, have a better credit score, and more. A financial advisor can help you with your net worth calculation and advise you on how to increase your net worth and get closer to meeting your financial goals.

What Are Translations of Net Worth?

Net worth is not just a concept in English-speaking countries, but all over the world! Below, you will find a list of translations of the term net worth from Nice Translator. If you are thinking about investing in something in another country, you can use this helpful list of translations of net worth to communicate.  

  • Chinese (Taiwan): 淨值
  • Vietnamese: trị giá ròng
  • Portuguese (Brazil): patrimônio líquido
  • Welsh: gwerth net
  • Swahili: thamani ya thamani
  • Japanese: 純資産
  • Russian: чистая стоимость
  • Polish: wartość netto
  • Malayalam: മൊത്തം മൂല്യം
  • Hindi: कुल मूल्य
  • Lithuanian: grynoji vertė
  • Danish: nettoværdi
  • Slovak: čistá hodnota
  • Latvian: neto vērtība
  • Norwegian: nettoformue
  • Urdu: کل مالیت
  • Ukrainian: чиста вартість
  • Malay: nilai bersih
  • Amharic: ከታክስ በኋላ የተገኘ ትርፍ
  • Hungarian: nettó érték
  • Telugu: నికర విలువ
  • Chinese (PRC): 净值
  • Indonesian: Kekhawatiran bersih
  • Bengali: নেট মূল্য
  • Czech: Čistá hodnota
  • Swedish: nettovärde
  • Romanian: valoarea netă
  • German: Reinvermögen
  • French: valeur nette
  • Hebrew: שווי נקי
  • Finnish: nettovarallisuus
  • Arabic: صافي القيمة
  • Gujarati: ચોખ્ખી કિંમત
  • Korean: 그물 가치
  • Marathi: नेट वर्थ
  • Catalan: patrimoni net
  • Portuguese (Portugal): patrimônio líquido
  • Icelandic: nettó þess virði
  • Serbian: нето вредност
  • Thai: รายได้สุทธิ
  • Slovenian: Neto vrednost
  • Estonian: netoväärtus
  • Turkish: net değer
  • Kannada: ನಿವ್ವಳ
  • Greek: καθαρή αξία
  • Bulgarian: нетна стойност
  • Basque: Balio garbia
  • Dutch: netto waarde
  • Spanish: valor neto
  • Tamil: நிகர மதிப்பு
  • Croatian: neto vrijednost

What Are Synonyms of Net Worth?

Financial professionals often use the term net worth, but what if you are looking for a more common or casual term? For casual conversations, you can use a synonym of net worth from Power Thesaurus

Knowing synonyms of terms like net worth can help clarify what you mean to someone who may not know what net worth means.

  • asset value
  • assets
  • assets minus liabilities
  • available means
  • book value
  • capital
  • cash flow
  • circumstances
  • clear worth
  • combined value of the assets
  • equity
  • funds
  • last worth
  • means
  • net asset
  • net asset value
  • net assets
  • net value
  • net wealth
  • outlook
  • pecuniary resources
  • resources
  • shareholders’ equity
  • total assets
  • value of all assets
  • value of assets
  • value of the assets
  • wealth
  • wherewithal
  • worth
  • worth of all assets
  • worth of the assets

What Are Antonyms of Net Worth?

If you have a net worth in the negative, this might mean that you have debt. If you are looking for a word that means debt, you can reference this list of debt synonyms from Power Thesaurus. Many people who have high amounts of debt have a negative net worth. 

  • account
  • accountability
  • amount due
  • arrearage
  • arrears
  • bill
  • blame
  • borrow
  • borrowing
  • charge
  • charges
  • check
  • claim
  • commitment
  • credit
  • debit
  • debt
  • debts
  • deficiency
  • deficit
  • due
  • dues
  • duty
  • encumbrance
  • fall
  • fault
  • financial obligation
  • guilt
  • in hock
  • indebted
  • indebtedness
  • liabilities
  • liability
  • loan
  • loss
  • losses
  • money owing
  • mortgage
  • obligation
  • obligations
  • outstanding payment
  • owing
  • receivable
  • receivables
  • responsibility
  • score
  • tab


Net worth is used to measure a person, business, or country’s financial health. Someone can calculate net worth by subtracting a person, business, or country’s liabilities from their total assets. People or entities can have a positive or negative net worth.

By working with a financial advisor, you can learn how to increase your net worth. For example, they might suggest paying off your debts, investing in real estate, or playing the stock market. What do you do in your daily life to increase your net worth? 


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