The Meaning of MSM: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of MSM? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation MSM, including its definition, usage, and more!

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What does the acronym MSM mean?

According to Healthline and WebMD, MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. This supplement is a chemical that is found in humans, animale, and many plants, and many people use it to treat arthritis. People often take capsules by mouth or apply MSM to the skin to lessen inflammation. MSM can be produced in a lab and is often combined with other supplements such as glucosamine or chondroitin. 

People take MSM as a dietary supplement to treat a wide variety of pain and swelling from problems such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, or tenosynovitis. It can also be used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as chronic constipation, ulcers, hemorrhoids, or the bowel disease diverticulosis. People also take it to help with obesity, liver problems, HIV, rosacea, cancer, joint pain, allergies after exposure, repetitive stress injuries, certain bladder disorders like interstitial cystitis, wounds, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, snoring, gum disease, infections and lung problems.

There have been numerous studies odone with MSM in which participants experienced a significant increase in energy compared to those with the placebo. The FDA recognizes MSM supplements as safe, generally. Some people may experience mild potential side effects like nausea, bloating and diarrhea. This anti-inflammatory can help support joints, aid stiffness, and boost your immune system. It has proven helpful for knee osteoarthritis. You can also find MSM as a powder that you can mix into a liquid such as a protein shake. Usually people take around 1500 mg per day. Some people take up to 3 grams of MSM per day in a capsule or powder form.

This form of alternative medicine can help relieve inflammation from an allergen or allergic reaction to things such as animal dander, pollen, molds or mice by reducing oxidative stress, allergy symptoms and allergic rhinitis. These symptoms include watery eyes and reduced physical function. It can help with pain in the hips and knees after you run a half marathon. People usually have minimal side effects or adverse reactions and high efficacy.

According to The Free Dictionary, the term MSM can stand for much more than just methylsulfonylmethane. This acronym has a plethora of other definitions. However, these are less common and should be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions in the same context in which you would use MSM to mean methylsulfonylmethane, make sure that you provide the proper context or use the full form so that the listener is not confused. 

  •  Multiple Subcarrier Modulation
  •  Master of Security Management
  •  Multiservice Module (Anymedia)
  •  Major System Mode
  •  Middle School Matters (education)
  •  Mobile SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Maintenance
  •  Mid-Span Meet
  •  Mobile Suit (Marine; Gundam gaming)
  •  Minimum Science Mission
  •  Mid-State Machine (various companies)
  •  Mitsubishi Steel Manufacturing (Japan)
  •  Microwave Switch Matrix (satellites)
  •  Multi-Layer Stream Mapping
  •  MegaRAID Storage Management (various companies)
  •  Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (conference)
  •  Mission Space Model
  •  Micro Station Manager
  •  Miami Science Museum
  •  Mainstream Media
  •  Master of Science in Marketing
  •  Marine Safety Manual
  •  Mobile Station Modem
  •  Memory Stick Micro
  •  Mexican Silver Mines Ltd. (Canada)
  •  Memory-Space-Memory
  •  Management/Switching Module
  •  Multilayer Switch Module (Cisco)
  •  Magnetic Shape Memory (physics)
  •  Mid-Systolic Murmur
  •  Morehouse School of Medicine
  •  Modern Stress Mangement (various organizations)
  •  Morning Star Mine (Mojave National Preserve)
  •  Maritime Safety Management
  •  Mission Services Manager
  •  Multiservices Storage Manager
  •  Maintenance Support Material
  •  Muscle Stangs of Miami (automobile club; Florida)
  •  Monthly Survey of Manufacturing (Statistics Canada)
  •  Master of Science in Management (academic degree)
  •  Minimal Standard Model
  •  Master of Strategic Management (various schools)
  •  Merit School of Music (Chicago, IL)
  •  McAfee System Management
  •  Meta Script Master
  •  Microsoft Solutions for Management
  •  Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd
  •  Message Stream Modification
  •  Multiple Space-Mapping
  •  Multi Shelf Management
  •  Mobile Staff Management
  •  MSM Security Services Inc.
  •  Manned Support Module (US NASA)
  •  Metal Semiconductor Metal
  •  Microsoft Merge Modules
  •  Military Service Medal
  •  Media Session Manager
  •  Merchandising, Sales and Marketing
  •  Mazda Speed Miata
  •  Multilayer Switch Module
  •  Motion Sensor Monitor
  •  Mass Storage Module (IBM)
  •  Mercator School of Management (Germany)
  •  Multi Segment Model
  •  Mario Sports Mix (gaming)
  •  Mount Saint Mary’s School (Delhi, India)
  •  Mount Saint Mary’s College and Seminary
  •  Men who have Sex with Men (also Males who have Sex with Males, health/medical, used in public health to describe sexual practices or behavior or such sexual orientation that is more at disk for HIV prevalence and need HIV prevention strategies from the HIV infection such as bisexual men, certain transgender people, or gay men. Condoms were sent to sub-saharan Africa, the Middle East and central Asia by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to help end the HIV epidemic.)
  •  Masters of Science in Management
  •  Marché Suisse des Machines
  •  Mobile Station Modem (Qualcomm)
  •  Microsoft Media
  •  Manhattan School of Music
  •  Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (photodetector)
  •  Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
  •  Movimiento de los Sin Miedo (Bolivia, Movement Without Fear)
  •  Miami Sound Machine (band)
  •  Micro Station Modeler
  •  My Sainted Mother
  •  Maktab Sains Mara
  •  Maintenance Service Module
  •  Militant Socialist Movement (Mauritius)
  •  Media Support Module
  •  Mobile Software Management
  •  Mechanically Separated Meat
  •  Multi-Site Management (software)
  •  Methodist Student Movement
  •  Muscat Securities Market (Oman)
  •  Madras and Southern Maratha (railroad)
  •  Meritorious Service Medal
  •  Multiple Session Menu
  •  master-slave manipulator
  •  Married Single Mom
  •  My Singing Monsters (gaming)
  •  Marketing Strategies Management
  •  Marketing and Solutions Management (Sabre Airline Solutions; Southlake, TX)
  •  Matrix Switch Module
  •  Management Switch Fabric Module (Extreme Networks)
  •  Move & Store Material
  •  Master in Services Management
  •  Morning Star Music
  •  Men Seeking Men
  •  Minesweeper, River
  •  Medical Science Monitor (journal)
  •  Munition Service Magazine
  •  Memory Seat Module (General Motors)
  •  Master Structure Management
  •  Missouri School of Mines
  •  Minnesota Science Museum (St. Paul, MN)
  •  Mode Select Mechanism

How can the acronym MSM be used in a sentence?

Overall, the abbreviation MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, which is used to alleviate arthritis symptoms or other discomfort caused by inflammation. MSM can also stand for Men who have Sex with Men whien discussing HIV prevention strategies.


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