The Meaning of Lush: What It Is and How To Use It

What is the difference between the adjective form and the slang term lush? This article will cover the various meanings of lush and how to use them.

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What is the difference between describing someone as lush and calling a person a lush? This article will cover the meaning of lush and teach you how to use each of these different forms of lush in sentences. Then, you will learn about where the word lush comes from, how to say lush in different languages, and more!

What Does Lush Mean?

According to Dictionary, lush can be used as an adjective or as a noun. As an adjective, lust means succulent, tender, or luxuriant. It can also mean opulent or luxurious.

As a noun, lush is a slang term that refers to a person who is often drunk or intoxicated. If you call someone a lush, you are calling them an alcoholic. This is not a kind term, so use it with caution.

The adverb form of lush is “lushly.” The superlative forms of lush are lush, lusher, and lushest. The noun form of lush is lushness when not used as a slang term.

What Is the Etymology of Lush?

Dictionary states that the word lush has been used since the 1400s as the Middle English lusch. This word comes from the Old English lysu and lēas, meaning bad and lax. 

These words are related to the Old Norse lǫskr, Gothic lasiws, Old French lasche, and Middle Low German lasch. These words share a common root in the Latin laxus, making them cognates!

How Can We Use Lush in a Sentence?

Lush has two distinct definitions as an adjective and as a noun. Remember, lush can be very offensive as a noun! 

Take a look at these example sentences and see if you can determine when it is used as an adjective and when it is used as a noun.

Example #1: The Lush Rainforest

We frolicked through the lush grass and luxuriant vegetation to the secret oasis in the middle of the rainforest. It was like we were in a fairytale.

Example #2: A Lush at the Party

When we arrived at the party, the local lush greeted us at the door, double-fisting glasses of wine. They were already several drinks in at the 5 PM start time.

Example #3: Lush Vegetation

The lush vegetation of the community garden inspired all those who participated in it. 

What Are Translations of Lush?

If you are trying to describe something as succulent or luxuriant in another language, you can use a translation of the word lush! For example, let’s say you are looking at Brazil’s beautiful rainforests and want to describe them as lush. You could use the Portuguese translation of lush, “exuberante!”

Knowing different translations of the word lush from Nice Translator can help you communicate with many more people than you already can. How many of these translations of lush do you already know?

  • Indonesian: subur
  • Amharic: love
  • Finnish: rehevä
  • Tamil: லஷ்
  • Thai: เขียวชอุ่ม
  • Japanese: l
  • Latvian: sulīgs
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 鬱鬱蔥蔥的
  • Slovak: skrývať sa
  • Norwegian: frodig
  • Kannada: ಸೊಂಪಾದ
  • Swedish: frodig
  • Estonian: lopsakas
  • Dutch: weelderig
  • Bengali: লশ
  • Bulgarian: буен
  • Basque: leun
  • Catalan: exuberant
  • Czech: bujný
  • Telugu: లష్
  • Korean: 풍부한
  • Danish: frodig
  • Hebrew: סומק
  • German: üppig
  • Serbian: бујан
  • Hindi: रसीला
  • Greek: πλούσια βλάστηση
  • Portuguese: exuberante
  • Urdu: لشکر
  • Ukrainian: пишний
  • Malay: subur
  • Marathi: लश
  • Russian: пышный
  • Hungarian: buja
  • Arabic: الوفرة
  • Welsh: laswch
  • Italian: lussureggiante
  • Swahili: lush
  • Chinese (PRC): 郁郁葱葱的
  • Croatian: bujan
  • Gujarati: રસદાર
  • Vietnamese: tươi tốt
  • Malayalam: സമൃദ്ധമായ
  • Turkish: gürlemek
  • French: luxuriant
  • Spanish: lozano
  • Polish: bujnyfsh

What Are Synonyms of Lush?

Since the word lush has multiple meanings, it is useful to know different ways to say it. That way, you can be clear about whether you are using the word lush as an adjective or as a slang noun. This can help you avoid confusion or offense. 

All of the below words from Power Thesaurus have meanings akin to lush. Which one of these would you choose to use in a sentence?

  • abundant
  • alcoholic
  • alky
  • barfly
  • blooming
  • boozehound
  • boozer
  • bountiful
  • delicious
  • delightful
  • deluxe
  • dense
  • dipsomaniac
  • drinker
  • drunk
  • drunkard
  • elaborate
  • exquisite
  • exuberant
  • fecund
  • fertile
  • flourishing
  • fruitful
  • green
  • inebriate
  • juicy
  • lavish
  • leafy
  • lovely
  • luscious
  • luxuriant
  • luxuriousness
  • opulent
  • overgrown
  • palatial
  • plentiful
  • plush
  • plushy
  • problem drinker
  • prodigal
  • productive
  • profuse
  • prolific
  • rampant
  • rank
  • rich
  • riotous
  • ritzy
  • sensuous
  • soak
  • soaker
  • sot
  • souse
  • splendid
  • succulent
  • sumptuous
  • tasty
  • teeming
  • thick
  • tippler
  • toper
  • verdant
  • voluptuous
  • wino

What Are Antonyms of Lush?

To reinforce the definition of the word lush, you can study these antonyms of lush from Power Thesaurus. Learning antonyms can expand your current vocabulary, too. All of the below antonyms are opposites of the word lush. 

How many of these antonyms of lush are you familiar with? 

  • appalling
  • arid
  • as plain as a pikestaff
  • as ugly as sin
  • awful
  • bad
  • bad-looking
  • bankrupt
  • barren
  • bleak
  • blighted
  • boring
  • desolate
  • disagreeable
  • disgusting
  • displeasing
  • distasteful
  • dowdy
  • drab
  • dreadful
  • dreary
  • dry
  • dull
  • foul
  • frumpish
  • frumpy
  • grim
  • grotesque
  • hideous
  • homely
  • horrible
  • ill-favored
  • inelegant
  • inferior
  • infertile
  • juiceless
  • misshapen
  • monstrous
  • nasty
  • obnoxious
  • off-putting
  • offensive
  • ordinary
  • plain
  • poor
  • repellent
  • repugnant
  • repulsive
  • revolting
  • scarce
  • shabby
  • sparse
  • stark
  • styleless
  • tasteless
  • teetotaler
  • ugly
  • ugly as sin
  • unappealing
  • unattractive
  • undesirable
  • unlovely
  • unpleasant
  • unsightly


The word lush has two definitive meanings. First, the word lush is an adjective that means succulent or luxuriant. This is often used to describe vegetation

Lush can also be used as a slang term to refer to a person who is a heavy drinker. Make sure that you do not get these two words confused or muddled because you do not want to offend someone by calling them a lush!


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