The Meaning of LMFAO: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you heard the acronym LMFAO being used as an internet slang term? This article shows you the meaning LMFAO and the best ways to use it.

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Have you ever heard a funny joke and not known how to respond? Does “LOL” no longer have that same “Rolling on the Floor Laughing” punch? The slang term LMFAO can help you show your friends just how funny they are, if you know how to use it correctly. 

What Does LMFAO Stand For?

LMFAO is an internet slang word that stands for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off”—or “Laughing My Freaking Ass Off,” as a more polite version. Of course, the literal meaning of this funny expression is not that your rear-end would cease to be but that you are laughing with the highest degree of reaction. 

The term LMFAO can be used in a variety of informal situations, but it should be avoided at all costs in professional situations. Avoid using this term with supervisors, colleagues, or co-workers, and opt for similar expressions in its place. 

Similar internet slang words include LMAO (laughing my ass off), LOL (laugh out loud), and ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). Sometimes, these acronyms are combined in digital communications to form phrases like ROFLMAO, which stands for rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

You’ll usually see the term LMAO online or in text messages. This term might be used on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In British English, the alternate term is “laughing my feckin’ arse off.”

How Can LMFAO Be Used in a Sentence?

LMFAO should only be used in extremely informal conversations. This term contains excessive vulgarity and should be avoided at all costs in formal scenarios and professional communications. 

However, when you are texting with a close friend or posting on social media, it can be an appropriate way to share an intense reaction of laughter. Study the below examples to see how you might be able to use the term LMFAO in conversation:

OMG, when we were in Los Angeles in September, we went to the beach in the Pacific Palisades. These dudes were walking by, and one of them tripped and brought down the rest of the group LMFAO! It was like hot dude dominoes.

Holy cr*p, Dave was able to totally prank Suzy! LMFAO! I haven’t laughed this hard at something in a long time!

My grandmother got a lawyer and is suing my cousin for using her likeness in his band name and album. LMFAO hope my cousin has an attorney.

LMFAO, I can’t believe my boss just called me his wife on an email by accident instead of his assistant. He truly never thinks before he hits send! I am sure he is horribly embarrassed.

Remember that horribly mean teacher at my school I was telling you about? Well, she got nominated to be the person in the dunk tank at the school carnival, so now all of her bitter students get the opportunity to dunk her in a tub of ice cold water, LMFAO!

What Are Synonyms of LMFAO?

It is not always appropriate to use a term like “laughing my fu**ing ass off” in professional scenarios or formal forms of communication. If you are looking to have the same effect as something like LMFAO without the informal connotations or vulgarity, you can use one of the below synonyms from Power Thesaurus. Using synonyms for different words is also a great way to change up your writing or conversation styles and a fantastic way to grow your vocabulary:

  • be doubled up
  • be in stitches
  • be rolling in the aisles
  • burst out laughing
  • cackle
  • card
  • chortle
  • chuckle
  • clown
  • crack up
  • deride
  • die laughing
  • express joy
  • gag
  • giggle
  • grin
  • guffaw
  • ha-ha
  • have a good laugh
  • hoot
  • jape
  • jeer
  • jest
  • joke
  • joker
  • kidding
  • laughter
  • make fun
  • make fun of
  • mock
  • poke fun at
  • prank
  • ridicule
  • riot
  • roar
  • roar of laughter
  • roar with laughter
  • satirize
  • smile
  • smiled
  • smiling
  • smirk
  • snicker
  • snigger
  • tee-hee
  • titter

What Are Antonyms of LMFAO?

There may be situations in which you need to know terms that mean the opposite of the term LMFAO. For this, you can turn to an antonym from this list from Power Thesaurus. Learning the antonyms of a word or phrase can be a great way to quickly grow your base vocabulary exponentially:

  • ache
  • agonize
  • anguish
  • bawl
  • bawling
  • be cut up
  • be in distress
  • be in pain
  • be miserable
  • be upset
  • be wretched
  • bemoan
  • bleat
  • blub
  • blubber
  • boohoo
  • burst into tears
  • calm
  • cry
  • cry down
  • cry your eyes out
  • cry-baby
  • crying fit
  • cynical laugh
  • deplore
  • endure agony
  • experience hardship
  • feel pain
  • frown
  • grieve
  • groan
  • hurt
  • keen
  • lament
  • mewl
  • moan
  • mourn
  • pout
  • pule
  • scowl
  • sigh
  • snarl
  • snivel
  • sob
  • suffer
  • wail
  • weep
  • whimper
  • whine

What Are Other Meanings of LMFAO? 

Most times, the word LMFAO will stand for the internet slang term “laughing my f*cking ass off.” However, there are select situations in which a person might use the term LMFAO to stand for something else. Have you ever heard someone use the term LMFAO for one of the below alternate definitions from this list from The Free Dictionary?

  • Laughing My Fat A** Off
  • Laughing My Flat A** Off
  • Laughing My Friggin’/Freakin’ A** Off (polite form)
  • Loving My Friends and Others (band)


Overall, LMFAO stands for laughing my f*cking ass off. This is a very vulgar and sometimes offensive internet slang term that is used as a strong reaction to something that is funny. This term should only ever be used on the internet in a casual setting or in a text message between close friends. Never use this term in settings in which vulgarity and slang are inappropriate. 


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