The Meaning of Lightsaber Color: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the meaning of the different lightsaber colors? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the different lightsaber colors, including what they mean, who carries which type of lightsaber, and more!

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What do the different lightsaber colors mean?

According to Screen Rant, Fandom, and Vox, every lightsaber color means something different. A lightsaber is a weapon from the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. This contains a blade of pure plasma that emits from the hilt. These are used across the galaxy by people and creatures on both the light and dark side of the force. The lightsabers are the primary mode of combat that are used in the Star Wars movies and television shows, from The Empire Strikes Back to The Mandalorian. It wouldn’t be Star Wars without at least one hand-to-hand close contact lightsaber battle! Each of the different lightsaber colors somehow relate to a character’s personality.

A green lightsaber signifies peace through force. This is usually used by Jedi consulars who prefer negotiation and mediation to fighting, but have strong combat force abilities. These are the second most popular among Jedi who are sent on diplomatic missions.

Red lightsabers signify power and evil. Sith and dark Jedi usually use these and they are powered by synthetic crystals. These are turned red by a process called bleeding, in which they pump hate and rage into the crystal when people turn to the dark side. 

Blue lightsabers are used by Jedi guardians who fight for the light side as well as skilled lightsaber warriors. They signify justice and protection. This is the most popular color of lightsaber. 

Purple lightsabers evoke a mood of moral ambiguity, and those Jedi who use these use an aggressive style of both light and dark techniques. This makes sense, since purple is a combination of blue (good) and red (evil.)

Yellow lightsabers signify intrigue, pursuit, and strength on the light side. These are used by Jedi Sentinels, and it is an extremely rare color. Orange sabers are also used by Sentinel class jedi who prefer stealth, ingenuity and negotiation to combat.  

White lightsabers are used by those who are calm and clear, and those who remain calm and focused on the living force. These are often used by Imperial Knights. Black lightsabers, also called darksabers, are used by people who are controlled by self-obsession.

The different lightsaber colors are each made by a different lightsaber crystal, also known as a kyber crystal. These different crystals all produce different abilities. During the Great Sith War, lightsabers were created using Kunda stones, which are a natural geologic formation from the planet Kadril, in place of crystals. They produce a broader beam than a crystal. Below is a list of all of the different crystals that can be used to make the different colored lightsabers, including blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, white, and black.

  • Ultima-pearl
  •  Relacite
  •  Durindfire
  •  Sigil
  •  Focus
  •  Nextor
  •  Permafrost crystal
  •  Mantle of the Force
  •  Barab ingot
  •  Kenobi’s Legacy
  •  Blackwing Crystal
  •  Katak
  •  Ghostfire crystal
  •  Baas’ Wisdom
  •  Luxum
  •  Dawn of Dagobah
  •  Kasha
  •  Amplification
  •  Ankarres Sapphire
  •  Corusca
  •  Kun’s Blood
  •  Phond
  •  Lorrdian
  •  Bondara’s Folly
  •  Velmorite
  •  Cunning of Tyranus
  •  Kathracite
  •  Corrosion
  •  Incineration
  •  Impact
  •  Meetra Surik Crystal
  •  Solari
  •  Ruusan
  •  Krayt dragon pearl
  •  Bane’s Heart
  •  Kaiburr
  •  Ulic’s Redemption
  •  Life Drain
  •  Heart of the Guardian
  •  Bnar’s Sacrifice
  •  Opila
  •  Bondar
  •  Synth-crystal
  •  Allya’s Exile
  •  Lambent
  •  Adegan crystal
  •  Eralam
  •  Danite
  •  Sapith
  •  Rainbow gem
  •  Vexxtal
  •  Dragite
  •  Meditation crystal
  •  Lava crystal
  •  Sunrider’s Destiny
  •  Jenruax
  •  Enhancement jewel
  •  Allya’s Redemption
  •  Compressed energy crystal
  •  Dahgee
  •  Lignan crystal
  •  Windu’s Guile
  •  Dantari crystal
  •  Upari
  •  Etaan crystal
  •  Mephite
  •  Stygium
  •  Damind
  •  Rubat
  •  Qixoni
  •  Pontite
  •  Firkrann
  •  Hurrikaine

There are many variations on the hilt and blade that one can see in different movies, television shows and comics within the Star Wars universe. You might see any of the below.

  •  Standard lightsaber
  •  Protosaber
  •  Retrosaber
  •  Double-bladed lightsaber
  •  Guard shoto AKA Lightsaber tonfa
  •  Crossguard lightsaber
  •  Curved-hilt lightsaber
  •  Long-handle lightsaber
  •  Lightsaber pike
  •  Sabercane
  •  War Dragon rider’s saber
  •  Electrum detail
  •  Training lightsaber
  •  Dual-phase lightsaber
  •  Shoto
  •  Lightclub
  •  Lightwhip
  •  Lightfoil
  •  Underwater
  •  Darksaber

Lightsabers can be used in combat and are the preferred fighting style of those who wield them. There are seven classic forms of combat style that serve as the standard which were based on ancient sword-fighting techniques. Lightsabers are also used in rituals such as the knighting ceremony in which a Padawan has their braid severed by a Jedi Master. There are also Sith knighting ceremonies. This has also been used in the Concordance of Fealty.

The lightsaber weapon was inspired by series that George Lucas liked to watch as a child. In the early incarnations of the Star Wars storyline, not only Jedi and other Force-users carried these, but many others. They decided to make them feel more unique to heighten the mystery of the Jedi. Early on, they were referred to as lazerswords.

Who carries which lightsaber?

When a person carries a certain color lightsaber, this says a lot about their specific character. Below is a list of who carries what color lightsaber. See if you can tell what this says about their character!

  •  Green
    •  Yoda
    •  Luke Skywalker
    •  Qui-Gon Jinn
  •  Red
    •  Darth Vader
    •  Darth Sidious
    •  Darth Maul
    •  Kylo Ren
  • Blue
    •  Obi-Wan Kenobi
    •  Anakin Skywalker
    •  Princess Leia Organa
  • Purple
    •  Mace Windu
    •  Mara Jade Skywalker
  •  Yellow
    •  Yarael Poof
    •  Plo Koon
    •  Rey
    •  Qu Rahn
  •  Orange
    •  Lowbacca
    •  Yaddle
  •  White
    •  Tera Sinube
    •  Imperial Knights
  •  Black (Darksaber)
    •  Pre Vizsla

Overall, the different lightsaber colors are green, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, white, and black. All of these different lightsaber colors signify something different about a person’s character and they are used as a metaphor to reveal personality and character traits about a person. 


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