Legit Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How to Use It

Are you too legit to quit? Do you know what legit means? This article will give you the inside scoop on the word legit.

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Between the simple yet cool phrase “that’s legit” and the name of MC Hammer’s iconic hit “2 Legit 2 Quit,” you’re likely familiar with the word legit, but what does it mean? And where did it come from? We’ll tell you.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about legit’s definition, origin, synonyms, and more. 

What Is the Definition of Legit?

As stated by Collins English Dictionary, legit can be used as an informal use of the word legitimate, meaning done in conformance with rules or laws.

Legit —pronounced “luh-jit” — is also commonly used as a slang word for “the real deal” or “cool.” 

Alternatively, according to Dictionary, legit can also be used to describe an operatic or classically trained singing voice. 

Other Common Slang Words

In an attempt to keep up with the cool kids, we have compiled a list of the most commonly used slang terms or expressions for you to review below: 

  • Clap Back — A verbal retaliation to criticism and originated from a Ja Rule song related in 2003 aptly named, “Clap Back.”
  • Slay — Gaining popularity as far back as the 80s in the LGBTQ community, this slang word is used to express that something was done exceedingly well. 
  • Cheugy — This Gen-Z slang word (pronounced “chew-gee”) gained popularity through TikTok and was even featured in the New York Times. The term describes anything that’s considered to be untrendy or uncool.
  • Squad — Your buds, your besties, your close friends, or close group of loved ones are all proper definitions for this slang word.
  • Vibe — A term that can be used as both a verb and a noun, it describes the feeling you get after you leave and you begin to reflect back on what had just transpired. This slang word is used to depict the unmistakable emotional impression of a gathering, person, or place.
  • Damn, Gina — This throwback to the 90’s sitcom Martin starring Martin Lawrence can be used to express approval or surprise. 
  • SUS — Simply a slang term or shortening of the word suspicious, which gained popularity through the party game Among Us. 
  • Tea — This slang term for juicy gossip is interchangeable with the letter “T.”
  • Bye, Felicia — Used as a way to dismiss a request and diss the requester at the same time, or simply used to dismiss the person altogether. This slang term was seen in Ice Cube’s 1995 hit, “Friday.”
  • No Cap — A slang term used to stress that a statement is not a hyperbole or is simply not a lie.

What Are Synonyms and Antonyms of Legit?

Now that you understand what our word of the day means let’s take a look at a few synonyms and antonyms. 

Synonyms of legit include:

  • Card-carrying
  • On the level
  • Of right
  • Ruled
  • Vested
  • On the up and up
  • Ordered
  • Warrantable
  • Bonafide
  • Ordained
  • Due
  • Mandated
  • Enacted
  • Innocent
  • From the horse’s mouth
  • Respected
  • Well-founded
  • Scholarly
  • Documented
  • Solid
  • Authenticated 
  • For real
  • Able to hold water

Antonyms of legit include:

  • Unreliable
  • Deceptive
  • Fake
  • False
  • Unreal
  • Contraband
  • Unjust
  • Banned
  • Forbidden
  • Trashy 
  • Bogus
  • Manufactured
  • Supposititious 
  • Spurious
  • Illegitimate
  • Put on
  • Phony
  • Knock off
  • Pirated
  • Fraudulent 

How Can You Use Legit in a Sentence?

Wondering how to use our word of the day in a sentence? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Here are some example sentences for you to review:

“We were studying the etymology of legit today, only to find out it is merely a clipping of legitimate: a slang word, nothing more.” 

“The taxman can poke around all he wants. This business is legit, and there’s nothing they can do to us.” 

“I just binged the show up until the part where Boyd is trying to turn his empire into a legit business.” 

“I really am no connoisseur of English grammar, but I am fairly certain her use of the adverb legit was way off the mark earlier.” 

“Honestly, I understand your caution about the deal, but I assure you everything is legit. Everyone here wants to play this by the book.” 

What Are Translations of Legit?

Did you know that the word legit can be said in more ways than one? Yup, it’s true — here are the top translations of legit:

  • Thai — ถูกกฎหมาย (T̄hūk kḍh̄māy)
  • Hungarian — legális
  • Korean — 합법적인 (habbeobjeog-in)
  • Japanese — 合法 (Gōhō)
  • Turkish — yasal
  • Finnish — kunnollinen
  • Ukrainian — законний (zakonny)
  • Arabic — قانوني (qanuni)
  • American English — Legit
  • Burmese — တရားသော (tararr saw)
  • Dutch — rechtmatig, echt toneel, klassiek stuk
  • Russian — законный (zakonny)
  • Portuguese — legítima (feminine), legítimo (masculine)
  • British English — Legit
  • Macedonian — легитимни (legitimni)
  • Swedish — äkta
  • Danish — lovlig
  • Italian — legittima (feminine), legittimo (masculine)
  • Chinese (simplified) — 合法的 (Héfǎ de)

In Closing

If you describe a person or thing using our word of the day, you mean that they are in accordance with the law or with a particular set of rules and regulations. When used as a slang word, however, the word legit translates to “true” or “for real.”

We hope after reading this article, you feel comfortable using the word legit as a part of your everyday language. To discover more interesting terms, feel free to check out our website, where you’ll discover informative blogs, helpful tools, useful tips, and more. 


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