The Meaning of IKYFL: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need on the acronym IKYFL, including its meaning, usage, sentence examples, and more!

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What does the acronym IKYFL stand for?

IKYFL is a social media slang term that can wither stand for “I Know You F***** Lying” or “I Know You Feel Like,” according to Abbreviations. The first definition of the phrase can be used to either mean its literal definition – accusing someone of spreading misinformation – but can also be used as an expression of incredulity, used similarly to “you have got to be kidding.”

The secondary definition of the term, “I Know You Feel Like” is most commonly used on welcome mats alongside the phrase “popping up here.” On Google Shopping, people can choose from a number of IKYFL Popping Up Here door mat options. The phrase in this context means “I know you feel like coming inside,” or “I know you want to visit” whoever the owner of the doormat is.

Is IKYFL casual or formal?

The trending term IKYFL is a very casual and relaxed phrase, and is not appropriate to use in professional or formal settings. While it is perfectly acceptable to use the phrase in a joking way between friends, one should never use in when sending business emails, writing resumes, negotiations, sending a letter, or in any other more professional setting. Below is an example of a situation in which the phrase should not be used, followed by a revised version.

Payton’s teacher Dr. Trout emails him to tell him he is missing numerous assignments, and if he does not turn them in then he should not bother showing up for the final, because he will fail anyway. Payton replies:


Dr. T! IKYFL! I turned everything in I S2G. There’s no way I cud be missing anything. Pls check again bc IK I turned it all in! Sum of it waz late, mayb thats y? IDK but I def did them all! U can’t fail me! -P


Dr. Trout,

I must admit, your email caught me by surprise. While some of my assignments this semester were late due to my emergency appendectomy, I assure you I have turned them all in on the online portal. Could their tardiness be preventing them from showing up in the system? If you need me to resend them, please let me know, but rest assured I have completed every assignment. Please let me know how I can aid in remedying this.


Payton P.

While Payton may have been shocked to receive such a jarring email about his failing grade, he should still respond with class and professionalism. His professor will be more likely to assist him if he avoids text or chat speak, or other informal acronyms. IKYFL would be extremely inappropriate to use in this scenario.

What are other similar acronyms to IKYFL?

There are many slang terms present on social media in the United States and worldwide that may be difficult to decipher. These are listed below, alongside their definitions from Cyber Definitions and Acronym Finder.

  • LOL – Laughing Out Loud – Used when reacting to something funny.
  • BAE – Before Anyone Else – This can refer to one’s romantic partner, or their best friend.
  • ISTG – I Swear to God, also seen as STG or S2G.
  • NFL – Not For Long
  • WTF – What The F***, similar phrases include WTH or WTC

How can IKYFL be used in a sentence?

IKYFL can be used in a couple of different ways, both with the definition “I Know You F***** Lying.” In this first example, the phrase is used to express incredulity or surprise. Here, Donia is surprising her best friend Sara with concert tickets for her birthday.

Donia: For your birthday, we all chipped in and got you… tickets to see Harry Styles!

Sara: OMG! IKYFL! You didn’t! I’m in shock!

Donia: We know you wanted that more than anything, so you and I will be third row center next Friday.

Sara: Wow… I was expecting, like, an Amazon gift card or something. Hashtag blessed! I can’t thank you enough! Uber, dinner, and drinks are all on me!

Here, Sara uses IKYFL to express her surprise at the gift Donia and her other friends chipped in to get for Sara’s birthday. In this next example, IKYFL will be used to accuse someone of fibbing. Tyler is bragging to Kyle about his spring break escapades.

Tyler: Yeah, so I go to get on the plane, and they upgrade me to first class!

Kyle: No way! That’s awesome!

Tyler: It was amazing! Then when we got to the beach house, they said they accidentally double booked our room so they were going to give us a whole suite for the same rate.

Kyle: OMG, you’re really lucking out!

Tyler: IKR! Then, we get up to the room and there are two models there who tell us they want to take us out on the town all expenses paid!

Kyle: Okay… IKYFL.

Tyler: What do you mean?

Kyle: The seats? Believable. The room? Believable. The models? No way.

Here, Kyle uses IKYFL to tell Tyler he knows he is stretching the truth.

Overall, the phrase IKYFL can either stand for “I Know You F***** Lying” or “I Know You Feel Like.” The first definition can either be used to express incredulity or surprise, or to accuse someone of telling an untruth. The second definition can be used similarly to the phrase “I am sure you want to,” or “I know you would like to.”  Both of these terms are very informal and should never be used in professional or formal settings.