The Meaning of IKR: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know what the acronym IKR stands for? This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need on the abbreviation IKR, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation IKR mean?

According to Urban Dictionary and Grammarly, amongst other dictionary apps, the term IKR is a piece of trending internet slang that most commonly stands for “I know, right?” This term is used to express agreement to a statement that someone else has just said. It is similar to the interjection, “Totally!” This phrase is used to add emphasis and express wholehearted agreement with a given statement. While the comma is not typed out in the acronym itself, it is implied, as is the question mark. This internet slang term is used to express agreement just like the term LOL is used to express laughter, the term OMG is used to express shock, or the term IDK is used to express a lack of knowledge. Internet slang terms and text speak are very useful when needing to be brief in casual conversation, but should not be used in professional or formal settings. These should only be reserved for casual, informal conversations between friends and family on social media or via SMS text messaging. Some people believe using texter language in real life makes someone sound like a valley girl or unprofessional.

According to The Free Dictionary, there are also a few other meanings for the term IKR, though these are far less common that “I know, right?” These definitions are still valid, but should be used sparingly as to avoid confusion. If one does decide to use the acronym IKR to stand for one of these other definitions, they should ensure that they are providing proper context to the recipient as to avoid confusion. Make sure that whenever you are using an acronym that has more than one definition, you provide proper context so that the recipient knows what you mean!

  • Integraal Kankercentrum Rotterdam (Dutch)
  • International Knowledge Registry (intellectual property)
  • Institutional Knowledge Repository (Indira Ghandi Centre for Atomic Research; India)
  • Instituti Per Kerkime Rinore (Albanian: Institute for Youth Research; Kosovo)
  • Indiana Kyudo Renmei (Lizton, IN)
  • Institute of Kiswahili Research (University of Dar Es Salaam; Tanzania)

How can the abbreviation IKR be used in a sentence?

The expression IKR is very common and can be used in many different conversations in texting and on social media. You will see this term frequently pop up if someone is in agreement with you. In this first example, Raya and Anna are venting about the horrible day at school they have just had.

Raya: I couldn’t believe Mr. O’Connell actually gave us a pop quiz. On a Friday. At 7 o’clock in the morning!

Anna: IKR! It’s like, criminal. 

Raya: I mean, IG he doesn’t expect anyone to pass LOL.

Anna: FRFR! Like, he’s totally setting us up for failure.

Raya: At least now it’s the weekend and we don’t have to think about Mr. O’Connell for two whole days.

Anna: TGIF!

Here, Raya and Anna use a lot of text speak in their conversation as a shorthand way of communicating with one another. They use the acronym IKR to express agreement. They also use multiple other text abbreviations to express resignation, like IG, agreement with FRFR, and gratitude that it is almost the weekend with the acronym TGIF!

What are synonyms and antonyms for the acronym IKR?

While you might not find any outright synonyms if you look up IKR in a thesaurus, overall, the phrase is used to mean that you agree with someone. There are many different synonyms for the word agree. Someone might choose to use a synonym for agree in place of the term IKR for numerous reasons – the term IKR is not alway appropriate or formal enough for certain situations, and someone might want to use a word or phrase that is more professional. Someone could also want to avoid repeating themselves, ro they could simply want to expand their vocabulary. All of these synonyms that can be used to show agreement are provided by Thesaurus

  • comply
  • go along with
  • shake on
  • subscribe
  • see eye to eye
  • be of the same mind
  • acknowledge
  • permit
  • come to terms
  • pass on
  • bury the hatchet
  • side with
  • concur
  • admit
  • acquiesce
  • give the go-ahead
  • consent
  • buy into
  • give blessing
  • cut a deal
  • give green light
  • clinch the deal
  • accede
  • play ball
  • assent
  • concede
  • engage
  • grant
  • yes
  • make a deal
  • give carte blanche
  • sign
  • okay
  • allow
  • recognize
  • check
  • take one up on
  • settle
  • set

There are also many other words that are the opposite of the word agree. These are called antonyms. Knowing many antonyms for different words is also an excellent way to expand your vocabulary and grow your knowledge of the English language. This list of antonyms for the word agree is also provided by Thesaurus.

  • palter
  • zap
  • let have it
  • clash
  • quibble
  • have words
  • discept
  • differ
  • debate
  • divide
  • spar
  • lay into
  • rip
  • skirmish
  • contend
  • sue
  • dispute
  • logomachize
  • haggle
  • battle
  • brawl
  • altercate
  • go for the jugular
  • feud
  • argue
  • war
  • disagree
  • set to
  • break with
  • dissent
  • scrap
  • row
  • take on
  • fall out
  • bicker
  • take issue
  • quarrel
  • oppose
  • controversialize
  • wrangle
  • disaccord
  • discord
  • bring action
  • fight
  • spat
  • object
  • jump on
  • contest
  • controvert

Overall, the acronym IKR most often stands for “I know right.” This term is a piece of internet slang that is used to express wholehearted agreement with a statement that someone has just made. The expression IKR is commonly used on social media and via SMS text message in order to express agreement with someone.