The Meaning of IDC: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of IDC? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation IDC, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation IDC stand for?

According to Urban Dictionary and Dictionary, the term IDC is commonly used on social media and in SMS text messages to stand for “I don’t care.” This is a rather rude way of telling someone that you do not care about whatever it is they are trying to tell you. This slang term should only be used in extremely casual situations and is not appropriate for formal or professional settings. 

According to The Free Dictionary, the term IDC can stand for much more than just “I don’t care.” This acronym has a plethora of other meanings, though these are elss commonly used than “I don’t care.” Therefore, these terms should be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions, make sure that you provide the reader with proper context so that they can discern the intended meaning. When in doubt, use the full form of the phrase. 

  • Identification Code
  • Interdigital Communications
  • Initial Design Concept (Sprint)
  • Sutd-Mit International Design Centre (various locations)
  • Imperial Defense College
  • Intangible Drilling Costs
  • Industrial Development Certificate
  • Involuntary Detrusor Contractions (bladder disorder)
  • Integrated Database Connector
  • Interaction Design and Children (International Conference)
  • Isleton Development Company, LLC (Isleton, California)
  • Information Dominance Corps (US Navy)
  • Intelligent Distribution Controls
  • Interest During Construction
  • Id for a Control
  • Integrated Delivery Channels (HSBC)
  • Inter Device Communication
  • Intelligent Distributed Computing (International Symposium)
  • International Dollar Card (American Express)
  • Integrated Desktop Connector
  • Information Design Change
  • Indirect Costs (commonly referred to as facilities and administrative costs)
  • Interchange Distribution Calculator (North American Electric Reliability Corporation)
  • Instructor Development Course (SCUBA PADI course designed to train instructors)
  • In Due Course
  • Information Dominance Center
  • Internal Drive Cable
  • Initiating Device Circuits
  • Infectious Disease Consultants (various locations)
  • International Datacasting Corporation
  • Internet Data Connector
  • Institut Diplomatique et Consulaire (French: Diplomatic and Consular Institute)
  • Indicator Dilution Curve
  • International Development Conference
  • Information Development Consultants, Inc.
  • Instructional Development Center (various locations)
  • Internet Data Communications
  • Input Data Correction
  • Information Decision and Control
  • International Delivery Center
  • International Data Communications
  • Individual Defense Counsel
  • India Delivery Center (various organizations)
  • Intelligent Distribution Centre (industrial order picking)
  • Identity of Key Distribution Center (FIPS)
  • Internet Data Collection (surveys)
  • Inter-Departmental Committee
  • Integrated Door Controller
  • Interrupted Direct Current (physical therapy)
  • Industrial Development Corporation (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Interdepartmental Committee (various locations)
  • Inspection Data Code
  • Information and Documentation Center (Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Internet Data Center
  • Initial Defensive Capability
  • International Diabetes Center
  • Identifier for Cursor
  • International Documentary Challenge (filmmaking competition)
  • Initial Development Cost
  • Instructional Delivery Continuum
  • Information Distribution Company
  • Item Description Code
  • Interior Design Center (various locations)
  • Intelligent Digital Crossconnect
  • Iris Deactivation Code (Stargate)
  • Inter-Digital Capacitor
  • Integrated Digital Camera
  • Integrated Development Corporation (various locations)
  • Independent Distribution Consultant
  • Interdisciplinary Center (Herzliya, Israel)
  • Infectious Diseases in Children (journal)
  • Interactive Dynamics and Control
  • In Dwelling Catheter
  • Illinois District Council (Pentecostal Assemblies)
  • Ingenieros de Construcción (Guatemala)
  • International Driver’s Challenge (auto racing)
  • Indefinite Delivery Contract (ongoing project)
  • Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
  • Innovation Dynamics Consulting, Inc. (Matthews, NC)
  • Insulation Displacement Contact
  • Idaho Department of Commerce
  • Immature Dendritic Cells
  • Intelligent Data Cleanup
  • International Digital Communications, Incorporated
  • International Digital Center
  • Independent Democratic Conference (2011-2018)
  • Insulation Displacement Connector
  • Imaging Dynamics Company (Canada)
  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
  • Index of Dispersion for Counts
  • Integrated Demonstration Coordinator
  • Intercostal Data Corporation
  • Industrial Design & Construction (various locations)
  • Independent Duty Corpsman (US Navy hospital corpsman with advanced training)
  • Income Damages Calculator
  • Interdepartmental Communication (Memo)
  • Instantaneous Deviation Control
  • International Drycleaners Congress
  • Institute for Distributed Creativity
  • International Development Corporation
  • International Development Course
  • International Data Corporation
  • International Digital Centre, Inc. (New York City, NY, USA)
  • Isolation Dynamics Corporation
  • Information Distribution Companies
  • Instituto de Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese: Office of Consumer Protection; Brazil)
  • Initial Distribution Cancellation
  • Internet Development Consulting (various companies)
  • Inter Discipline Check
  • Innovative Developing Countries
  • Indwelling Catheter (urinary)
  • Interior Designers of Canada
  • Indigent Defense Commission (various locations)
  • Interactive Display and Control
  • Internet Database Connector
  • In-Transit Data Card
  • Inter-Dial Clock (ICAS)
  • Implementation Strategies for Knowledge Management in Banking
  • Image Dissector Camera
  • Intelligent Design Creationism
  • Internet Design Consulting
  • Infrastructure Development Company (various locations)
  • Interactive Datacom Configurator
  • Interdepartmental Correspondence
  • Insulation Displacement Connector/Connection
  • International Design Competition
  • Interconnected Duct System
  • Installation Design Criteria

How can the abbreviation IDC be used in a sentence?

The abbreviation IDC can be used in numerous different sentences to tell someone that you do not care about whatever it is they are saying. This is quite a rude way of speaking to another person, so make sure that the recipient will not take offense. This term should be used sparingly. In the below conversation, Rose’s boyfriend Garrett cheated on her and is trying to win her back.

Garrett: Please, Rose. It was a mistake. I’m sorry.

Rose: IDC. Don’t talk to me. Leave me alone.

Garrett: Please, I’ll do anything. Rose, talk to me. You block all my calls, you blocked me on all social media.

Rose: I’ll block you here too! Leave me alone!

Herem Rose uses the term IDC to tell Garrett that she does not care if he is sorry or if he feels he made a mistake. She does not want to talk to him and wants him to leave her alone. In this case, Rose is intending to be harsh and rude so it is appropriate to sue IDC.

Overall, the trending abbreviation IDC most commonly stands for “I don’t care.” This term is used in SMS text messaging and via social media to tell someone else that you do not care about whatever it is they are saying. This can be considered quite rude! If you are trying to use this term in a joking way, make sure you indicate that to the reader.