The Meaning of HRU: What It Is and How To Use It

Have you ever wondered what HRU means? This article will provide you with all of the necessary information on the abbreviation HRU, including its definition, usage, sentence examples, and more!

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What does the term HRU stand for?

According to Dictionary and Cyber Definitions, the term HRU stands for “how are you?” In this phrase, the letter R represents the word “are.” This abbreviation is commonly used in text messaging and on social media. This acronym does not require the use of a question mark, as its meaning as a question is implied. This phrase is used to begin a conversation via text or on social media in the same way that the phrase “how are you?” is used as a greeting when speaking with someone in person.

HRU can also stand for a plethora of other meanings. These are listed below from Abbreviations, The Free Dictionary, and Acronym Finder. These are far less common than the phrase “how are you?” One should exercise caution when using these other definitions because someone will probably assume the speaker means “how are you?” Make sure to clarify which definition you mean if using HRU.

  • Human Reproduction Update (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)
  • Healthcare Resource Utilization
  • Hydrologic Response Units
  • Hose Recovery Unit (firefighting equipment)
  • Humanities Research Unit (University of Saskatchewan)
  • HDSL Repeater Unit (telecommunications)
  • High Resolution Unit
  • Hydrostatic Release Unit
  • Health Research Unit
  • Human Rights Unit
  • Hydrogen Recovery Unit
  • Herington Regional Airport, Herington, Kansas, USA (airport code)
  • Higher Reasoning Unit
  • Hostage Resource Unit
  • Ham Radio University
  • Hospital Research Unit
  • Health Resources Unlimited
  • Harrison Russo Ullman
  • Harness Racing Update
  • Heat Rejection Unit
  • High Rish Unit

Is the term HRU casual or formal?

The slang term HRU is extremely casual and should be reserved only for informal usage. People usually use this phrase via SMS text message or over social media sites like Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. This phrase should never be used in formal or professional settings like in a business email, on a resume, in negotiations, or in a letter. This piece of internet slang would never be appropriate to use in a scenario in which one should steer clear of abbreviations.

The below is an example of a situation in which it would not be appropriate to use the phrase HRU, followed by a revised version of the same message. In this example, Norah is reaching out to a recruiter she met via LinkedIn about a potential position at the recruiter’s company. She sends the below message via LinkedIn.


Hey A.J.,

Nice 2 meet u. HRU 2day? Thx 4 accepting my msg – I kno it’s weird to meet ppl on LinkedIn! Would love 2 kno more abt the positions the company has posted n see if I cud b a fit 4 one of them. Talk soon. Thx!



Hi A.J.,

So nice to meet you. Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for accepting my LinkedIn message; I know it can be a little strange to see an invite from a stranger. I would love to connect about open positions at your company and discuss if my skills and experience could be a good fit. Let me know when you have availability to discuss. Thank you!



In a message to a potential employer – whether on social media like LinkedIn or not – Norah should be sure to use professional language and steer clear of slang terms. 

What are synonyms for the term HRU?

Cyber Definitions lists numerous different ways that someone may begin a conversation via text messaging or on other internet forums or social media sites. These are all common phrases in internet slang and are listed below alongside their definitions.

  • WUWU – What’s Up With You?
  • WU – What’s Up?
  • HIH – How’s It Hangin’?
  • HBU – How About You?
  • HBY – How About You?
  • HDYD – How Do You Do?
  • HGI – How Goes It?
  • HIG – How’s It Going?
  • HOWDY – How Do You Do?
  • HWYD – How Was Your Day?
  • HYB – How You Been?
  • HYD – How You Doing?
  • HAY – How Are You?
  • HAYD – How Are You Doing?
  • HAYT – How Are You Today?

How can HRU be used in a sentence?

HRU can be used in numerous ways as a casual greeting and to start a conversation. It can be used with friends, acquaintances, family, and romantic partners, but one should avoid it when talking to colleagues or other professional contacts. In the below example, Natt is texting her boyfriend Ted who is out of town.

Natt: Hi babe HRU?

Ted: I’m ok, rly tired from the flight. HRU?

Natt: I’m good, work felt so slow without hearing from u! Happy u landed okay. How’s the hotel?

Ted: It’s rly nice. Wish u were here! I miss u.

Natt: I miss u too. I kno it’s late there so I’ll let u get some sleep before the convention. 

Ted: I love you!

Natt: ILY2 <3

Here, Natt and Ted use HRU to ask the other how they are. In the next example, Cherie texts her friend Kristen after school. Kristen found out she failed two tests and left school very upset.

Cherie: Hey dude, HRU?

Kristen: Fine I guess. Today was the worst.

Cherie: It’s nothing u can’t come back from, I promise. R they gna let u retake it?

Kristen: Yeah, next week.

Cherie: Well we r gna make sure u ace it. I am already planning a study party complete with snacks!

Kristen: Ur the best 🙂 

Overall, the abbreviation HRU most commonly stands for “how are you?” This is a very casual phrase that is usually used in texting and social media. This can be used to begin a conversation with someone over text, and is used to ask how the other person is emotionally and physically.