Holler Meaning: Here’s What It Means and How to Use It

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Some folks use the word holler (/ˈhɒlə/ /ˈhɒl.ə/) in lieu of the word hollow, but what exactly does it mean? Where did this interesting term come from? We’ll tell you. 

In this article, we’re exploring the word holler to uncover its definition, origin, usage, and more. So, if you’ve ever been curious about holler and its meaning — keep reading. Here’s our complete guide on the word holler. 

What Is the Definition of Holler?

As per Lexico, holler is an informal verb for those times when you need to shout or call out to others. Holler can also be used as a noun in reference to a loud cry that one would use to express surprise or pain, to call for help, or to attract attention to oneself.

That being said, holler does have a few other definitions, albeit slightly less used than the first:

  • Holler can alternatively be defined as a small valley, depression, or dip in the land found chiefly between mountains; a colloquial form of the word hollow. 
  • Holler is also a type of work song that was originally sung by black slaves in the United States. This variation of singing would later play a part in the development of the blues. 
  • Holler can also be used as a noun to reference a very loud manner of speaking (think the sound of an animal).

What Is the Etymology of Holler?

Believe it or not, our word of the day dates all the way back to the 17th century. In short, holler is a colloquial form of hollo (meaning to shout) — which itself is a variation of hello

Additionally, around 1936, holler was also noted as a style of singing, which originated out of the Appalachian region of the Southern U.S.

What Are the Synonyms and Antonyms of Holler?

When looking to understand the meaning of a new word, it can be especially helpful to review its synonyms and antonyms. That said, what are synonyms and antonyms?

Simply put, synonyms are terms with exact or similar meanings to another word, while antonyms are words that convey opposite meanings. 

What Are Synonyms of Holler?

  • Halloo 
  • Cry out
  • Whoop 
  • Hoot
  • Call at the top of one’s voice 
  • Bellyache 
  • Gripe 
  • Make a sign to 
  • Sing out 
  • Yell 
  • Beck and call
  • Yammer 
  • Clamor
  • Sound off
  • Flag down 
  • Hail 
  • Set free 
  • Whistle down
  • Yoo-hoo 
  • Call out to
  • Razz
  • Go ape
  • Let loose 
  • Boo
  • Jeer 
  • Scoff at
  • Howl down
  • Blow raspberries 
  • Call out
  • Squall 
  • Gesture to stop
  • Bellow 
  • Squawk 
  • Vociferation 
  • Yowl 
  • Set loose 
  • Caterwaul
  • Yawp 
  • Loud cry
  • Yaup 
  • Grouse 

What Are Antonyms of Holler?

  • Whisper
  • Praise
  • Get a thrill out of 
  • Take pleasure in 
  • Big up
  • Crow
  • Quiet 
  • Low voice
  • Soft voice
  • Hushed tone
  • Sigh
  • Speaky highly of
  • Pay tribune to
  • Approve
  • Speak in hushed tones 
  • Be quiet
  • Speak softly 
  • Sing the praises of
  • Let go
  • Surrender
  • Go along
  • Speak clearly
  • Be happy
  • Talk to oneself 
  • Grunt
  • Speak in muted tones
  • Mutter
  • Say to oneself 
  • Speak indistinctly 
  • Susurrate 
  • Mumble 
  • Say under one’s breath 
  • Speak sotto voce 

How Can You Use Holler in a Sentence?

Holler can be defined as a loud shout or cry, but how is it used in a sentence? Here are some example sentences for you to review:

“Did you know that the word holler is a variant of holla?”

“I think I just heard someone holler my name across the courtyard.”

“When you feel like you’ve had enough, give me a holler.”

“I will give you a holler as soon as I get home!”

“Just holler if you need anything, okay?”

“Look, I really don’t appreciate you hollering at me.”

“The toddler let out a loud holler as he fell off the swing.”

“I could hear my best friend holler and cheer as I crossed the finish line.”

“He was hollering so loud that I was honestly shocked upon discovering that the baby was still fast asleep.”

“It’s hard for Suzie go outside without getting cat-called or hollered at because of her insane beauty.”

What Are Translations of Holler?

By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of our word of the day — but what if you’re trying to say “holler” in a different language; would you know how? Not to worry! 

Here are some common translations for you to review:

Translations of holler provided by Nice Translator.

  • American English — holler 
  • Brazilian Portuguese — berrar 
  • Chinese — 喊叫
  • Czech — křičet
  • Croatian — vikanje
  • Norwegian — rop
  • Greek — Φωνάζω
  • Dutch — schreeuwen
  • Russian — вскрик
  • Arabic — صاح
  • Italian — urlare 
  • Japanese — 叫ぶ
  • Korean — 고함지르다
  • European Portuguese — berrar 
  • Spanish — gritar 
  • Thai — ตะโกน
  • British English — holler
  • Bulgarian — Крещя
  • European Spanish — gritar 
  • French — brailler 
  • German — brüllen
  • Finnish — huutaa
  • Ukrainian — Холлер
  • Swedish — Ropa


To sum it up, holler is an intransitive verb meaning to give a person a loud cry or a loud shout. However, as we previously discussed, our word of the day is also an alternative form of hollow— a small valley between mountains. That said, it should be noted that this use of the term holler is primarily a dialect in Southern US, Appalachia. 

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