The Meaning of GRWM: What It Is and How To Use It

This article will provide all of the necessary information on the acronym grwm, including its meaning, origin, example uses, other internet acronyms and more!

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What does grwm stand for?

According to Social Media Perth, grwm stands for “get ready with me,” a common type of video content found on platforms like YouTube. These videos are typically created by beauty or fashion YouTube bloggers or influencers and feature their morning routine; in these vlogs, the viewer is “getting ready with” the content creator. Urban Dictionary states that a grwm video is a vlog in which one films everything they do in their morning or night routine. These can also be more specified, like a grwm video for someone’s wedding, birthday party, travel, or other special event. This is also a way that social media content creators can show the products they use, particularly if they have a brand deal or if they are creating sponsored content. In these, they can review multiple products at the same time and give the audience a sense of the products they like and use frequently.

Grwm videos are a popular type of content and can be seen anywhere from YouTube to Instagram, TikTok, and more. A search for grwm on YouTube’s search engine returns nearly 250,000 results, which shows how many content creators make these types of videos, and how many people watch them. The most popular grwm video on YouTube has over 12 million views. The video is titled “GRWM: Get Ready With Janhvi Kapoor | Brunch Makeup Look | Janhvi’s Easy Daytime Look | Nykaa” and was uploaded by the channel Nykaa, which has over 1 million subscribers, in March of 2019. The video has over 6000 comments, and over 169,000 likes.

According to Abbreviations, the definition of grwm can also be for “getting ready with me,” “get reading with me,” “get right with me,” “get ready with mom,” or “get ready with ma.” None of these are as popular as the classic and ever-popular get ready with me video.

How did grwm become popularized?

Grwm videos grew to popularity on YouTube, where hundreds of thousands of people enjoy watching their favorite influencers get ready. Some of these influencers also use the opportunity to make “chatty” grwm videos, where it feels like they’re just talking to the audience, and that the viewer is getting a closer look into their personal life, like a friend more than just a subscriber.

How can grwm be used in a sentence?

Grwm is commonly used in titles and hashtags. An influencer could title their video any of the following:

GRWM First Day of College!

A Chatty GRWM – Sunday Brunch

Leaving for Australia! A Travel GRWM

They could also use grwm as a hashtag so that others could find their content more easily by a search for grwm. This way, the algorithms of the different social media accounts will return results for grwm. They can put #grwm in the title or description of the post of video.

What are other acronyms and videos like grwm?

There are many other acronyms like grwm, which is a type of content uploaded by beauty and fashion influencers and YouTubers. These influencers may publish or post any of the below types of content. According to MagicLinks, Social Media Perth, and Content Career, all of the below are popular types of beauty YouTube or other social media content these influencers commonly create.


·      AMA: This acronym is short for “ask me anything,” and is commonly used on Reddit. However, influencers on sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube can also create AMA videos or psots.

·      TBT/FBF: These stands for “throwback Thursday” and “flashback Friday.” Most commonly used on Instagram, these are used for people to have the space to post old photos or videos for a “throwback” or “flashback” in their life.

·      OOTD/OOTW: These stand for “outfit of the day,” and “outfit of the week,” respectively. Outfit of the day is most common on Instagram, particularly Instagram stories, where one can post a photo of themselves in what they are wearing that day with the hashtag #ootd. On YouTube, outfit of the week videos are very popular. In these, the influencer shows all of their outfits for the week in one video to show the audience what they wore and where the audience can purchase the items.

·      WCW/MCM: These stand for “woman crush Wednesday” and “man crush Monday,” respectively. These are commonly hashtagged on social platforms as #wcw and #mcm and give space for influencers to highlight other influencers whose content they enjoy.

·      WIMB: This stands for “what’s in my bag.” This ever-popular style of YouTube video is where and influencer shows the audience everything they carry around in their bag, whether that is a purse (most common), tote, backpack, suitcase, or any other type of carrying item they cart around with them. In these, they show the audience what they consider to be essentials and what they carry everywhere.

·      FMA: This acronym stands for “follow me around,” and is used to describe a first-person view of a day or event, like planning a birthday party, attending an awards show, or even just a lazy Sunday. These can also be called day in the life videos.

Other types of popular beauty videos that do not have acronyms are below:

·      Haul: In haul videos, influencers show everything they purchased on a recent shopping trip, usually consisting of makeup, skincare, and clothing. They usually show themselves unboxing the products, and if it consists of makeup, “swatching” the products, where they create small swatches of color on their arm to show the color payoff of the makeup.

·      Challenge: Challenge videos span far and wide on social media, but a few beauty specific ones consist of the 3 Minute Makeup Challenge, where the influencer tries to do their full face of makeup in three minutes, the $20 Makeup Challenge, where the influencer attempts to purchase a full face of makeup for under $20, or the No Mirror Makeup Challenge, where the influencer attempts to do their makeup without a mirror.

·      Reactions: These are also popular videos in many genres of YouTube videos, but some common ones in the makeup community are Reacting to My Old Videos, where the creator rewatches their old videos and reacts to them, or reacting to other peoples’ videos, in which they may watch fail videos of people doing their hair or makeup and reacting to them, or offering advice on how the person could do better next time.

·      Favorites: In these videos, the influencer discusses their favorites in a certain category, whether it be monthly, their all time or “holy grail” favorite products, or favorites of the year. They assert that they love the mentioned products, and you will too.

·      Makeup Tutorial: In these videos, the influencer will do their makeup with specific instruction to the viewer so the viewer can recreate it at home.

Overall, grwm is an acronym meaning get ready with me. This is a common title of posts and videos on YouTube and other social media sites, and is also frequently used as a hashtag.