The Meaning of GGG: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of GGG? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the abbreviation GGG, including its definition, usage, examples, and more!

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What does the word GGG mean?

According to Psychology Today, the term GGG is an acronym coined coined by sex-advice columnist Dan Savage that stands for good, giving, and game. These are the qualities that he thinks make a good sexual partner. One can break this term down further: it means one is good in bed, or “good in the sack” as one might say. They are also giving, which means that they give equal time to them and their sexual partners, as well as equal pleasure. Game means that a person is “game” to try things within the partner’s sexual interests within reason. This internet slang word is often used on social media and dating apps to describe a sexual behavior. The GGG acronym might be used in someone’s bio on a dating app to show that they are seeking healthy sexual relationships and care about a partner’s pleasure. Someone could also describe themselves by the nickname “Triple G.”

The meaning of GGG abbreviation can also refer to the full form meme character Good Guy Greg. According to Urban Dictionary, this is used in the Reddit community to refer to someone who does nice things but doesn’t broadcast that fact for attention. This internet meme refers to the classiest guy you know.

According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym GGG can stand for much more than just good, giving, and game. This term has many other alternate definitions which are used last commonly. While these definitions are still valid, since they are not used as often, it is important that you provide a reader or listener with the proper context if you are going to use one of them. They should be standard practice for any acronym that has more than one potential definition. Use the full meaning of GGG rather than the shorthand if you are unsure.

  •  Gino Green Global (clothing)
  •  Gold Glass Group (Bohemia, NY)
  •  Giggle (email, USENET, chat slang)
  •  Geneva Group Graphics (graphics library for creation of PostScript files)
  •  Ginza Graphic Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
  •  Golden Gate Garrison (Star Wars group; California)
  •  Gimme Gimme Gimme (TV show)
  •  Gegengeist Gruppe (BloodRayne game)
  •  German Goo Girls (pornography website)
  •  Gadolinium Gallium Garnet
  •  Glacial Geology and Geomorphology (journal)
  •  Going, Going, Gone
  •  Gonzo Guano Gear (Llano, TX)
  •  Girls Go Games (online games)
  •  Grinding Gear Games (est. 2006; studio; New Zealand)
  •  Giant Global Graph (World Wide Web)
  •  Longview/Gladewater/Kilgore, TX, USA – Gregg County (Airport Code)
  •  Growing Greener Grant (Pennsylvania)
  •  Girls, Girls, Girls
  •  Gina Gaudio Graves (marketing)
  •  Gravity Gun Grenadiers (gaming clan)

What are other acronyms you might see on a dating site or app?

There are a ton of slang terms you might see on a dating site. Expand your knowledge with this list from Cyber Definitions.

  •  BACKSLIDE (Return to a Former Partner)
  •  RTS (Real Time Sex)
  •  TEXTLATIONSHIP (A Relationship Based Only On Digital Contact)
  •  MOTOS (Member Of The Opposite Sex)
  •  E-FIT (Careful Editing of social media posts so they serve as an online dating profile.)
  •  ISO (In Search Of)
  •  IRL: (In Real Life)
  •  Y/O (Year-Old)
  •  SLAY Get A Lot Of Dates)
  •  LTR (Long Term Relationship)
  •  PEACOCKING (Dressing Up For Social Media Photos)
  •  V CARD (Virgin Card)
  •  CAR (Catch And Release)
  •  Q (Cool)
  •  NETFLIX AND CHILL (Chill With Someone In Front Of The TV. (In dating terms, it is usually an invitation to have sex.))
  •  AFF (Adult Friend Finder)
  •  FTTB (For The Time Being)
  •  COTD (Catch OF The Day)
  •  SI (Stop It or Similar Interests)
  •  LDH (Long Distance Hug)
  •  WTR (Willing To Relocate)
  •  FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  •  FTA (Fun, Travel, Adventure)
  •  BFWB (Best Friend Forever With Benefits)
  •  OAT (On A Thing)
  •  R-BOMBED (When Your Love Interest Ignores Your Messages)
  •  CUFFED (Married Or Already In A Relationship)
  •  FYI (For Your Information)
  •  MOTSS (Member Of The Same Sex)
  •  DOB (Date Of Birth)
  •  KRAY BAE: (Crazy Baby)
  •  WUW (What Are You Wearing? Who Are You With?)
  •  ND (No Drugs)
  •  MONKEY (Someone who moves quickly from one relationship to the next.)
  •  LFG (Looking For Group)
  •  C (Couple)
  •  DTR (Define The Relationship)
  •  NSA (No Strings Attached)
  •  RL (Real Life)
  •  SLOW-FADING (Slowly Winding Down Contact (with someone you have been dating))
  •  CPL (Couple)
  •  JBY (Just Be Yourself)
  •  S/O (Significant Other)
  •  X-FACTOR (A Very Special Personal Quality)
  •  BFWB (Best Friends With Benefits)
  •  LSA (Limited Strings Attached)
  •  GHOST (Someone who drops contact without explanation.)
  •  POF (Plenty Of Fish)
  •  GF (Girlfriend)
  •  MM (Marriage Minded)
  •  MTAF (More Than A Friend)
  •  ISOLTR (In Search Of Long Term Relationship)
  •  THIRST TRAP (Picture Posted To Attract Attention)
  •  CU (See you)
  •  WLTM (Would Like To Meet)
  •  TLC (Tender Loving Care)
  •  LDA (Long Distance Affair)
  •  DEEPLIKING (Scrolling back through someone’s old social media posts and liking them.)
  •  VBD (Very Bad Date)
  •  SWS (Sex Without Strings)
  •  JELLY (Jealous)
  •  IPT (Is Partial To)
  •  POSSLQ (Person Of The Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters)
  •  FBO (Facebook Official)
  •  AFF (Adult Friend Finder)
  •  H/O (Hang Out))
  •  TYVM (Thank You Very Much)
  •  AKA (Also Known As)
  •  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  •  THIRSTY (Desperate For A Relationship)
  •  ACA (All Calls Answered)
  •  BREADCRUMBING (Sending flirty messages to keep a potential lover interested.)
  •  OSO (Other Significant Other)
  •  ASL (Age? Sex? Location?)
  •  FWB (Friends With Benefits)
  •  LAYBY (Someone You Are Dating While Waiting For Better Options)
  •  STR (Short Term Relationship)
  •  Y (Why?, You or Yours)
  •  ASF (As F**k)
  •  OTH (On The Hook or Off The Hook)
  •  YODO: (You Only Dump Once)
  •  NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth)
  •  NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)
  •  NON-DATE DATE (A Date Arranged As A Social Get-Together, Rather Than A Romantic Event)
  •  IRLY: (I Really like You)
  •  LDR (Long Distance Relationship)
  •  CMIYC (Catch Me If You Can)
  •  MEET CUTE (A Romantic First Encounter)
  •  MLTR (Multiple Long Term Relationships)
  •  WAA (Will Answer All)
  •  ZOMBIE (A Ghost Who Reappears In Your Life (Online Or Real))
  •  UNCUFFING (Ditching A Long-Term Partner)
  •  CATFISH (Someone Who creates A False Identity Online)
  •  AF (As F**k)
  •  GOWM (Go Out With Me)
  •  C2C (Cam To Cam)
  •  SO (Significant Other)
  •  ONS (One Night Stand)
  •  GTSY (Good To See You)
  •  BF (Boyfriend)
  •  F2F (Face to Face)
  •  BAE (Baby, Before Anyone Else)
  •  ASL (Age? Sex? Location? Picture?)
  •  HAUNTING (When An Ex-Partner Reappears In Your Life (Online Or Real)

Overall, the acronym GGG means good, giving, and game. This term was coined by gay author and sex columnist Dan Savage. It can also stand for Good Guy Greg.


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