The Meaning of FW: What It Is and How To Use It

Do you know the definition of FW? This article will provide you with all of the information you need on the acronym FW, including its definition, usage, example sentences, and more!

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What does the abbreviation FW stand for?

According to Dictionary and Cyber Definitions, the abbreviation FW can either stand for “f*ck with” or “forward.” “F*ck with” is an internet slang term that means to associate with or hang around with. If you FW someone, that means that you enjoy their company or like them as a person. This lingo is used frequently in SMS text messaging and on social media.

Forward is a term that is used in messaging, often in an email thread. If someone sends a forwarded message, you will often see FW in the subject line. This means that the person sending you the message received it and sent it to you. This could be a useful conversation for you to know about, or information that they need your assistance on. 

According to The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation FW can stand for much more than just “f*ck with” and “forward.” This acronym has a plethora of other definitions. While these alternate meanings are still valid, they are less common and should therefore be used sparingly. If you do decide to use one of these alternate definitions, make sure that you provide the reader with the proper context so that they can infer the correct meaning. 

  • Flat Washer
  • Fort Wayne (Indiana)
  • Flag Writer
  • Focke-Wulf (German aircraft manufacturer)
  • Fates Warning (band)
  • FinnWars (Battlefield 1942 game modification)
  • Fixed Wing
  • Firmware
  • Firewall
  • Fresh Water
  • Flood Warning (National Weather Service advisory)
  • Future Wife
  • Formula Weight
  • Forest Whitaker (actor)
  • Frostwolf Graveyard (World of Warcraft battleground slang)
  • Fighter Wing
  • FireWire (Apple/TI high-speed serial bus; IEEE 1394 standard)
  • Fusion Workstation
  • Feable Weiner (band)
  • Foster Wheeler Corporation (boiler manufacturer)
  • Faceoffs Won (hockey)
  • Feldwebel (German)
  • Feed Water
  • Fort Worth (Texas)
  • Free Weezy
  • Fresh Weigh (or whole/wet Weight of plant or animal tissue)
  • Fisheries and Wildlife (academics)
  • Flywheel (automotive)
  • Fiscal Week
  • Field Work Proposal
  • Fouls Won (soccer)
  • Florida Waterfowler (online hunting forum)
  • Forsaken World (gaming)
  • Full Wave
  • (website)
  • Field Wiring
  • Furniture West, Inc.
  • Fire Weather
  • Fire Water
  • Floquet Wave
  • White cap (or weather) correction factor
  • Flash Welding
  • Flutewise (UK)
  • Foul Water (construction drawings)
  • Field Weld
  • Filament Winding
  • Forge World (UK)
  • Far Westerns (United States Swimming meet)
  • Formula Windsurfing
  • Fairway Wood (golf club)
  • Freelance Whales (band)
  • Federal Works Agency
  • Floor Waste (environment)
  • Freeware
  • Federal Way (Washington)
  • Fillet Weld (metallurgy)
  • Fats Waller (pianist/composer)
  • Free Will
  • Fifth Wheel

How can the acronym FW be used in a sentence?

FW can be used to mean “f*ck with” or “forward.” In this first example, it is used to mean “f*ck with.”

Friend 1: Do you want to go to Kayla’s party?

Friend 2: Nah, I don’t FW her. She always talks behind peoples’ backs.

Next, the term FW will be used to mean forward.

Coworker 1: Hey! Can you FW me the meeting notes from yesterday?

Coworker 2: Sure!

What are synonyms for the abbreviation FW?

There are numerous different words and phrases that one can use in place of the abbreviation FW for both the meanings “f*ck with” and “forward.” It is very useful to know a plethora of synonyms for a term like FW because it it not always appropriate to use slang terms or internet chat speak abbreviations, especially those that contain vulgarity. Therefore, having a number of synonyms – which are words and phrases that have the same meaning as another word or phrase – in your arsenal is useful for converting the same meaning in professional or formal situations. It is also useful to know synonyms if you are trying to avoid repeating yourself as well as if you are looking to expand your vocabulary. These lists of synonyms for the term FW are provided by Thesaurus.


  • dispatch
  • convey
  • conduct
  • pipe
  • transfer
  • steer
  • radio
  • hand on
  • guide
  • impart
  • channel
  • disseminate
  • show
  • pass along
  • transport
  • ship
  • escort
  • deliver
  • bequeath
  • transmit
  • consign
  • hand down
  • send
  • translate
  • siphon
  • address
  • direct
  • pilot
  • funnel
  • relay
  • route
  • see
  • break
  • shepherd
  • bear
  • freight
  • post
  • spread
  • diffuse
  • give a ring
  • broadcast
  • issue
  • express
  • pass on
  • mail
  • remit
  • drop a line
  • lead
  • put on the air
  • transfuse
  • give a call
  • take
  • communicate
  • instill
  • carry
  • drop a note
  • send out
  • traject

F*ck With:

  • fall in with
  • pal up
  • patronize
  • get into
  • stand by
  • hang out
  • rub shoulders with
  • consort
  • team up
  • string along with
  • fraternize
  • swing with
  • get in on
  • run around with
  • tie in
  • truck with
  • club together
  • go along with
  • get together
  • bunch up
  • amalgamate
  • come together
  • case out
  • be sociable with
  • back
  • rub elbows with
  • hang around
  • hobnob
  • favor
  • gang up
  • pool
  • aid
  • socialize with
  • come on to
  • be friendly
  • sustain
  • run with
  • mix
  • take up with
  • associate with
  • advise
  • buddy up
  • play footsie with
  • confederate
  • accompany
  • work with
  • mingle
  • go partners
  • encourage
  • get chummy with
  • join
  • get in with
  • welcome
  • take under one’s wing
  • join up with
  • hang out with
  • make friends
  • help
  • mingle with
  • befriend
  • be friends
  • line up with
  • consort with
  • tie up
  • keep company with
  • hit it off
  • be in cahoots
  • go around with
  • side with
  • cotton to
  • throw in together
  • assist
  • uphold
  • benefit
  • mix with

Overall, the term FW most often stands for “f*ck with” or “forward.” The term “f*ck with” is used to mean associate with or hang around with, while forward is used in email forwarding and means to pass along a message. Make sure that you use the correct context for this trending slang word – you wouldn’t want to get these mixed up!