The Meaning of FRFR: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will provide you with all of the knowledge you need on the acronym frfr, including its meaning, origin, appropriate use, example sentences, and more!

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What does frfr stand for?

According to Linguaholic, frfr stands for “for real for real.” It is commonly used in textspeak and chat speak, and is used for emphasis and a way to show the person being spoken to that the speaker is being honest and level with them.

Frfr started out as just being fr, meaning for real. This was also a common abbreviation used online on different social media sites or instant messengers. Over time, the second fr was added to create emphasis—it’s not just for real, it’s for real for real. The difference is merely a matter of emphasis though it may seem pedantic to some.

Frfr is used for emphasis to imply honesty and sincerity. It can also be used to express something genuine, or to drive a point home. It can be used to show agreement, or to express disbelief. In this context, it is similar to using the word “seriously” if someone hears something surprising.

This term, according to Daily Rap Facts, has been frequently used by rappers like Wiz Khalifa. There is even one rapper who has put frfr into his name – Kalan.frfr, who has been featured on websites like Pitchfork.

Additionally, as it relates to audio and guitars, FRFR stands for full range, flat response, according to Andertons. This means that this type of speaker can handle any range of tines or frequencies and attempts to project the signal cleanly and accurately. They are very versatile and guitarists ten to like that they can plug in anywhere and produce the same sound every time. However, compared to a traditional guitar cab, an FRFR speaker may sound a bit naked or flat. It does not provide a warm tone. However, FRFR speakers definitely have a place in the music industry.

Carvin Audio states that the most obvious difference between FRFR speakers and PA speakers is that for FRFR speakers, they are marketed to guitarists and designed to look like a classic guitar cabinet or speaker cab. PA speakers, on the other hand, are meant to be inconspicuous.

How can someone use frfr in a sentence?

Frfr can be used to express honesty. If someone is being accused of something, someone could use the phrase frfr to insist their innocence. For example, Jane was house sitting for Marie. After Marie returned home, she could not find her laptop anywhere. Marie texts Jane:

Marie: Hey I can’t find my laptop. Did you put it somewhere? Even if you took it, if you just tell me and return it I won’t be mad.

Jane: What? Frfr, I did not take it. I didn’t see a laptop there all weekend. Want me to come help you look for it?

Marie: Sure. Maybe Rick took it with him on his trip and didn’t tell me. Sorry!

Here, Jane is using frfr as a timeout to insist to Marie that she isn’t lying.

People can even have an entire exchange existing of only fr and frfr! In this example, Tony just got out of the same math class Isaiah has after lunch. He decides to text him a warning:

Tony: Yo dude, pop quiz in Hopkins’ class. Get ready.

Isaiah: No way! Fr?

Tony: Frfr.

Isaiah. Ugh, there goes my lunch break. G2g (got to go) study. Ttyl (talk to you later).

Below is an example of frfr being used to convey agreement. Maisie and Larry each just went on the new rollercoaster at the amusement park near their house. Larry texts Maisie:

Larry: Hey! Did you go on that new coaster at the park?

Maisie: Of course! I went opening day! It was so awesome.

Larry: Frfr! As soon as the tourist traffic dies down I’m going to go like ten more times.

Maisie: Same! Let me know when you plan on going and we can go together!

Is frfr casual or formal?

Frfr is a casual internet slang term and should never be used in formal contexts. It is not appropriate to use frfr in professional interviews, emails, letters, or other formal settings. One should never say on a resume, “I worked there, frfr!” Below is an example of an email in which frfr would be highly inappropriate, followed by an appropriate way to phrase the email. Here, an HR representative, Connie, reached out to Steve about a potential job. She is asking him to clarify the duties he had at his previous job, and this is his response:


Hey Con,

Thx for the email. At that gig I did everything frfr. I was management, front of store, even the janitor lol! Lmk if that makes sense.



Hi Connie,

Thank you so much for reaching out. At my previous place of employment, I wore many hats. While my official title was store manager, I frequently assist with customer service and point of sale, as well as keeping the store clean and presentable—even if that meant doing it myself. Let me know if I can provide any further clarification on my duties there. Thank you.



What are related acronyms or synonyms to frfr?

According to SlangIt, there are many related acronyms to frfr, which are listed below next to their definitions. These are also common slang terms used in text messaging and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, amongst others.

·      Fr – A shortened, less emphatic version of frfr, this simply means “for real.”

·      4rl – Another abbreviation for “for real.”

·      Frealz – A third abbreviation for “for real.”

·      Ayfr – An acronym meaning “are you for real?”

·      Rus – An acronym meaning “are you serious?”

·      Srs – An abbreviation for “serious.”

·      Srsly – An abbreviation for “seriously.”

·      Bst – An acronym for “but seriously though.”

Overall, frfr means “for real for real.” This casual phrase is commonly used in texting or over social media for emphasizing honesty or sincerity.