The Meaning of Feeling Cute: What It Is and How To Use It

This guide will give you all of the info you need on the phrase feeling cute, including its meaning, origin, usage in sentences, and more!

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What does feeling cute mean?

According to Hi Native, “feeling cute” is an English phrase that someone uses when alongside a p they feel confident, or good about themselves. They may be dressed in a way that gives them confidence, or have just gotten a haircut or a manicure. This phrase is commonly seen on social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, and TikTok. It can be used as a caption or hashtag for a selfie or group pics alongside a plethora of emojis.

One common meme with the trending phrase feeling cute is “feeling cute, might delete later.” This is often used jokingly, but could be a caption or hashtag used when someone feels cute in the moment of a photo, but might be embarrassed and take the post down at a later date.

Know Your Meme states that the phrase can also be written as “felt cute, might delete later.” People have created a meme out of multiple images of people, animals, and fictional characters taking selfies with the caption. The first known use of the phrase “feeling cute, might delete later” comes from Twitter user PapaCone_. In 2017, they tweeted a photoshopped image of Spongebob Squarepants character Squidward Tentacles taking a selfie. The Tweet sparked the origin of the meme and has received over 40,000 likes and 7500 retweets.

This in turn spread like wildfire, and also began the #FeelingCuteChallenge that has gained a massive following, along with joke captions and humorous photos.

Where is the phrase feeling cute commonly seen?

The phrase feeling cute is most commonly seen on social media, particularly apps like Instagram and Snapchat. This phrase can be seen – sometimes sarcastically – in captions and hashtags, denoting that the person taking or featured in the photo was feeling cute when they took it.

Since the meme began to spread, this phrase has been used more often in everyday speech. If a group of friends is going out to a party or a club, they may describe themselves as “feeling cute.” The phrase could also be used after someone gets a haircut, manicure, or other luxurious pampering activity.

What is the feeling cute challenge?

The Feeling Cute Challenge is another one of the memes associated with the phrase feeling cute, like “feeling cute might delete later.” Know Your Meme states that this is also known as the #FeelingCuteChallenge and #FeltCuteChallenge. These memes are social media posts in which the caption contains the phrase “feeling cute” followed by “might ___” later. This is a play on “feeling cute, might delete later.”

For example, Facebook user Courtney Muse posted a photo of a UPS employee in uniform with the caption, “feeling cute, might deliver your package later IDK.” From here, the meme spread across the internet. 

A Columbus Water Works employee posted a selfie in uniform with the caption “feeling cute, might cut off your water later IDK.” This post got over 77000 likes and 3500 comments. While the employee deleted the post, he did not realize the significant impact it would have on social media, according to Ledger Enquirer. While the employee kept his job, he was given a talking to about social media usage.

Unfortunately, when correctional officers began to abuse the meme, things turned ugly. According to Daily Dot, some of the officers posted dark comments about planting drugem using excessive force, leaving inmates in showers, and other abusive behaviors. The Washington Post picked up the story and correctional officers in Texas, Georgia, and Oklahoma were all put under investigation for their inappropriate comments. Many of the posts were taken down, but it is unclear if the officers at all locations received disciplinary action.

This goes to show that even an innocent social media challenge can turn dark rather quickly. People should be cognizant of what they are posting on sites like Instagram and Facebook, particularly when commenting about other people or making dark humor. When one does now know what type of audience is seeing the post, intentions may not always come through. It is particularly difficult to express intention through text, especially for a challenge where sarcasm is prevalent. 

How can feeling cute be used in a sentence?

While feeling cute is most commonly seen in post captions or hashtags on social media, it is perfectly acceptable to use the phrase via text or IRL (in real life.) In the below example, Kenna has text her sister Millie a photo of the outfit she has chosen to wear out to a party on her Android.

Millie: Why r u sending me this?

Kenna: IDK (I don’t know), I was feelin cute! What do u think!

Millie: LOL (laughing out loud), cuteness! You certainly look like you’re feeling yourself. Love this eyeshadow, eyes so big you look like an anime character.

Kenna: TY! I tried!

Here, Kenna uses the phrase feeling cute to describe why she sent her sister a selfie with no other context. Millia then understands why she has received the picture, and understands that Kenna may be fishing for a compliment. In return, she comments on her eyeshadow. This is one way in which the phrase can be used outside of social media.

Overall, the phrase feeling cute is frequently used on social media sites and is used to describe when someone feels confident or good-looking. This can be used in captions or hashtags on sites like Instagram and Facebook, and started the memes “feeling cute, might delete later,” and the Feeling Cute Challenge.