The Meaning of Edgy: What It Is and How To Use It

What does edgy mean when it is used in different contexts? Read this article to find out everything there is to know about the meaning of edgy!

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If someone describes something as edgy, you might wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Edgy has multiple meanings, so it is important to be able to decipher which one someone is using based on the context. 

This article will begin by defining the word edgy. Then, it will provide several example sentences so that you can try your hand at learning how to use each definition of edgy. Finally, it will provide other information about the word edgy such as translations, synonyms, and more! 

This article is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

What Does Edgy Mean?

According to Dictionary, the adjective edgy has a few different potential meanings. First, if someone or something is edgy, they are irritable, impatient, or anxious. The second definition of edgy is something that is sharp-edged. Third, something edgy might be cutting edge or on the leading edge of something. 

The superlative word forms of the word edgy are edgier and edgiest, and the pronunciation of edgy is ɛdʒi. To use the word edgy as an adverb, replace the “y” with an “ily” to form the word edgily.

How Can We Use Edgy in a Sentence?

Edgy has three different definitions, which means that English speakers can use it in three different ways. As you read the below example sentences containing this word of the day, see if you can determine which definition is being used and what in the sentence is described as edgy.

Example #1: A Fashion Show

The fashions in the show were decorated with edgy things that toed the boundaries of good taste but were incredibly innovative.

Question: What definition of edgy is used in the above sentence? What is described as edgy in the above sentence?

Answer: Edgy means cutting edge or innovative. The fashions are described as edgy.

Example #2: No One Understands Me!

The edgy teenager spent all of his time away from his family, who he felt did not understand him. He spent his days listening to music and scrolling through apps.

Question: What definition of edgy is used in the above sentence? What is described as edgy in the above sentence?

Answer: Edgy means irritable or anxious. The teenager is described as edgy.

Example #3: A Bump on the Head

The toddler ran squarely into the edgy coffee table and ended up with a lump on his head. While he seemed alright, the new mother was worried about him.

Question: What definition of edgy is used in the above sentence? What is described as edgy in the above sentence?

Answer: Edgy means sharp-edged. The dining table is described as edgy.

What Are Translations of Edgy?

Edgy (ˈɛdʒi) is an American English and British English word, but you might be wondering how people around the world say the word edgy. For this, we can turn to this list of translations of edgy from Nice Translator

If you are going to be traveling to different countries or communicating with people who do not speak English, you might find this list of translations of edgy very useful.

  • Tamil: கடினமான
  • Polish: kanciasty
  • Thai: หงุดหงิด
  • Korean: 초초
  • Estonian: terav
  • Catalan: nerviós
  • Icelandic: Kveikt
  • Latvian: nervozs
  • Greek: νευρικός
  • Turkish: sinirli
  • Hungarian: ideges
  • Hebrew: עַצבָּנִי
  • French: nerveux
  • Basque: nagy
  • Swedish: kantig
  • Gujarati: ધારવાળું
  • Serbian: ошчен
  • Kannada: ಹರಿತದ
  • Telugu: ఎడ్జీ
  • Russian: острый
  • Chinese (PRC): 前卫
  • Indonesian: grogi
  • Danish: kantet
  • Portuguese (Portugal): nervoso
  • Ukrainian: роздратований
  • Dutch: gedurfd
  • Chinese (Taiwan): 前衛
  • Portuguese (Brazil): nervoso
  • Slovak: nervózny
  • Czech: podrážděný
  • Urdu: ایڈی
  • Marathi: एज
  • German: nervös
  • Hindi: नुकीला
  • Malay: tegang
  • Italian: spigoloso
  • Finnish: hermostunut
  • Arabic: منفعل
  • Vietnamese: sắc sảo
  • Japanese: エッジの効いた
  • Spanish: tenso, nervioso
  • Croatian: nervozan
  • Amharic: ዲስክ

What Are Synonyms of Edgy?

Edgy can have a negative connotation due to its association with being anxious and hostile. If you are looking for a word with a similar meaning and a different connotation, you can turn to Power Thesaurus for word lists of new words related to edgy. 

This list of synonyms will also provide other words with a negative connotation that you can replace edgy with if you feel you have overused it.

  • agitated
  • antsy
  • anxious
  • apprehensive
  • brittle
  • cranky
  • cross
  • disturbed
  • excitable
  • excited
  • fearful
  • fidgety
  • fretful
  • high-strung
  • highly strung
  • ill at ease
  • impatient
  • in suspense
  • irascible
  • irritable
  • jittery
  • jumpy
  • keyed up
  • nervous
  • nervy
  • neurotic
  • on edge
  • on tenterhooks
  • overstrung
  • overwrought
  • peevish
  • perturbed
  • restive
  • restless
  • skittish
  • strained
  • stressed
  • strung out
  • tense
  • testy
  • tetchy
  • touchy
  • troubled
  • twitchy
  • uncomfortable
  • uneasy
  • unquiet
  • unsettled
  • upset
  • uptight
  • wired
  • worked up
  • worried
  • volatile

What Are Antonyms of Edgy?

To learn how to describe someone or something that is the opposite of edgy, you can reference this list of antonyms of edgy from Power Thesaurus. Also, if you are comparing something edgy with something that is not edgy, this list may be useful!

  • aloof
  • anxiety-free
  • as cool as a cucumber
  • assured
  • at ease
  • at peace
  • blissful
  • bovine
  • breezy
  • calm
  • carefree
  • centered
  • chilled
  • collected
  • composed
  • confident
  • content
  • controlled
  • cool
  • cool as a cucumber
  • cool-headed
  • dispassionate
  • equable
  • even-tempered
  • happy-go-lucky
  • impassive
  • imperturbable
  • laid-back
  • nerveless
  • peaceful
  • phlegmatic
  • placid
  • poised
  • relaxed
  • sedate
  • self-controlled
  • self-possessed
  • serene
  • steady
  • stolid
  • together
  • tranquil
  • unbothered
  • undisturbed
  • unemotional
  • unexcitable
  • unflappable
  • unperturbed
  • unruffled
  • untroubled
  • unworried
  • zen


The definition of edgy (ˈɛdʒɪ) is threefold:

  1. If something or someone is edgy, they might be irritable or anxious.
  2. Something edgy might have a sharp edge or corner.
  3. Something edgy might be cutting edge and very innovative.

To understand what someone means by the word edgy, you can try to draw conclusions based on context or you can ask the person to clarify.


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